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is already available here on the channel So let’s go to today’s news. According to a magazine called Diet of the green juice published quite a news
interesting. Check out: Can I keep the green juice in
refrigerator? A very common question about the green juice and you can make it bigger
amount to take later. And the answer is yes. You can keep the green juice in the fridge but you have to keep an eye on some factors. Everyone gets stressed when the subject whether or not to keep the green juice in
refrigerator to take later. Know that from the moment you started to
make your juice it’s already in the process oxidation, and for this reason, the best is
consume soon after. According to Dr. Max Gerson’s therapy, which uses the
green juice for cancer treatment to consume the most enzymes
vitamin c all the nutrients present in juice, it is necessary to consume it in until
20 minutes after preparation. So for your body to absorb the
maximum nutrients from your green juice, Try to take it as soon as possible. Don’t just keep it, too lazy to do it on time. Now if you don’t have the time, the better. drink the juice in the refrigerator
not to take. I particularly always try to take
my fresh detox juices but neither This is always possible. Also try to use organic foods therefore, it has more nutrients than non-organic ones. Green juice case does not fill the container, add filtered water to fill it. You can also squeeze 1 lemon, as
The acidity of the fruit will help preserve the juice. Factors to be evaluated in the
Time to conserve the green juice. Juicer Type The shelf life for your juice is not oxidize also depends on the machine that
you use. Blender Shakes made in a blender can be stored for 1 to 3 days because of insoluble fiber. Centrifuge Juices made in
Centrifuge can be stored for 1 to 2 days. Chewing or Slow-Juicer They can be stored for up to 3 days at
refrigerator. Remember that these are estimates. Can
your juice or SMOOTHIE lasts longer time less time in the fridge. If your green juice has changed color or is with a strange taste, it is better to play
out so as not to risk getting sick. Keep the juice in the coldest part of the refrigerator because the cold also keeps the
green juice. Another tip is to leave a little on
freezer but not to the point of freezing and yes
cool before placing it in the refrigerator. In the latter case, to keep the juice
conserved for much longer you You can choose to freeze it or make jellies. However, this should be your last option. For the freezer
further harms nutrients. But it’s still better to freeze it to keep it
cool than leaving the juice for a week in the fridge that sure will
screw up. I hope this article has clarified
your doubts and that you have understood that the best option is without a doubt. And take
a green juice just as it was made. So that’s it for today! We hope this
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