10 Self Love 2019 New Year Resolution Ideas

10 Self Love 2019 New Year Resolution Ideas

– I hope you guys are all ready for 2019, and I hope that 2018 was
a great year for you. But if it wasn’t, guess what? A new year is starting
in just a few weeks. I want to lose weight. I am finally doing it. (upbeat pop music) Hey goalie squad, welcome
back to 70 Pounds of Life, my weight loss journey
to lose some weight. My name’s Marissa Dawn
and I am down 90 pounds since starting my weight loss journey, and I have learned, through
my weight loss journey, how important self-love is. A lot of people don’t associate the two. In fact, they feel that going
on a weight loss journey is kind of, or could be seen
as the opposite of self-love. But for me personally, I combine self-love and my weight loss journey, and I go through my weight loss journey while giving myself a lot of self-love and learning about self-love. So, this video is going to be some ideas for new year’s resolutions
in regards to self-love, basically how to set your new year up in a positive and a kind way to yourself. So, some ideas to focus on self-love for new year’s resolutions for 2019. Number one, the first idea that I’m going to throw at you guys is to think about maybe
taking care of your body more than you have in the past, adding in some nutrient-dense food that’s going to be great
for your mind and your body, maybe adding in some movement, get some endorphins going. When I first started
my weight loss journey, I hated exercise, and I looked
at it in a negative light. So, for me, movement equaled
negative experiences for me, but it doesn’t have to
be that way for you. You can do something that you enjoy doing, even if it’s just going for a walk, getting your body moving, going out into some fresh air. You’ll be surprised at how much just being outside and getting
some endorphins flowing will make you feel a lot better, not only about yourself,
but just your outlook and your energy. Endorphins are real. I can attest to that. Number two, journaling. This is a great way to build
a relationship with yourself. I personally started journaling about a year into my weight
loss journey about self-love, and it has been extremely helpful. Just in the past few months of 2018, I have been making it a habit to wake up in the morning
and write in my journal, and it’s basically a
really, really great way for me to get my thoughts down on paper, and I can go back and reflect
on those thoughts later and kind of make sense of them. You can also follow self-love prompts. You can find a bunch of
self-love prompts online, and you can start implementing
those in your daily life. A lot of them are meant to
be written in a journal, so you can definitely
do that in your journal. But also just, I have to
throw it out there, guys, I just finished writing my own personal fitness/self-love journal,
and there are weekly self-love prompts throughout the journal. It’s a 90 day journal, so I will link it down below in the description if you guys wanna check that out. Number three, clean up your social media, and what I mean by this is how many people are you following that,
when they post something, it makes you feel bad about yourself? You’re comparing your body or
your state of mind to them? Yes, they can be inspirational, but also, there’s a fine line between
inspirational and comparison. So, go through your social media, and if you’re following anybody that makes you feel any type of negative feelings towards yourself, just click the unfollow button. You don’t have to see that. You can find other people to follow who are more like you,
have similar bodies as you, who are in a similar mindset as you that you can learn and grow from. So, I just think that
it’s really important that you’re not following people that are making you
feel bad about yourself, because we’re on social media so much, and without even thinking about it, we can scroll through and see a post and automatically think, ugh, I wish I looked like
that, or she’s perfect, and you don’t even think about it, it just happens as
you’re scrolling through. So, a great way to start
working on self-love and how you feel about yourself is to stop following the people who subconsciously make you
feel negative about yourself. Number four, this is something that I did over the past few months,
the last few months of 2018, and that is removing energy vampires. If you don’t know what
an energy vampire is, it’s basically someone who it sucks all your energy to be around. So, it can be something as simple as you have a friend and whenever you go out, they’re constantly
talking about themselves, and what they’re dealing with, and they don’t take a moment
to even acknowledge you, to see how you’re doing or
what you’ve been dealing with. These are energy vampires. An energy vampire can also be someone who just makes
you feel not that great once you’re done interacting with them. And if you have anybody
like this in your life, it is okay and it is not selfish to draw back and either, one, just eliminate the time
that you spend with them, or two, limit the amount of time that you’re spending with somebody. It is possible for a member of your family to be an energy vampire,
and I’m not saying cut off ties with your
family and your loved ones, but maybe limit the amount of time that you’re spending with them. Number five, forget about yesterday. This is such a huge thing for me. Your past does not define your future. It doesn’t define what
you’re doing right now, so don’t let what happened yesterday, or weeks ago, or years ago define how you’re feeling
about yourself currently and the actions that you’re
taking on a daily basis. Focus on the now, focus on
what you can do right now to better your relationship with yourself, or to do something that’s
going to make you feel good and make you feel happy. Number six, morning affirmations. Ooh, morning affirmations! Guys, if you don’t do this, I’m telling you right
now, you need to start. I just started about, mm, two weeks ago doing morning affirmations, and I am feeling fantastic. If you don’t know what an affirmation is, it is basically a, and I’m
gonna put this in, like, bro-science for you, because I don’t know technical terms when it comes to this, but affirmations are basically phrases, or sentences, or statements that you are saying to yourself. So, you can write your
morning affirmations down in your journal, but also, you wanna say them out loud to yourself. So, what I’ve been doing every morning is, when I wake up, I come
to my little mat area, and I meditate, and I breathe, and then I do my morning affirmations and write in my journal. So, I will write out my
affirmations into my journal, and an example of an affirmation, what was my affirmation this morning? Oh, what was it? Hold on, let me look, I have to look. So, one of this morning’s affirmations was I am stronger than any excuse, and I sit right there, behind the camera, you guys can’t see it,
I look into the mirror, and I say my morning affirmations 20 times while looking at myself in the mirror, and it’s just you putting positive vibes into the universe and
speaking positive things. And by the time I’m done
with my morning affirmations, I am feeling so empowered, and
just so great about myself, and it reflects in my day. It reflects how I feel
going through challenges throughout my day, and if I need to, I’ll go back to my
morning affirmation midday and I’ll say it a few more times. It’s just a really great way to get you in a positive mindset, because your mindset dictates how your day is going to be. Number seven, meditation and breathing. I feel like meditation
has really changed my life over the past six months, and when I first started meditating, I had it in my head
that I needed to, like, sit with my legs crossed,
and do this with my hands, and have serene music,
and some incense burning, but no, that’s not the case. Sometimes, I just lay in
my bed and I meditate. There’s no wrong way to meditate, and it doesn’t have to be perfect, and it doesn’t have to be pretty. If you are on the train
going to work in the morning, sit there and meditate. Just close your eyes gently, or just find a spot on
the floor to stare at, and just go through breathing. Focus on your breathing. So, meditating and breathing. For me, whenever I’m feeling stressed or I have any type of anxiety building up, I will stop what I’m doing,
and I’ll just breathe, and I’ll focus on my breathing, and it brings me back to my center, and it’s a really great
way to kind of stay calm and avoid having high anxiety. The thing about meditation, and I think a lot of
people, including myself, get this wrong when they first start it, is that they think that meditation is a way to kind of avoid the
emotions that they’re feeling, but what I personally have learned over the past six months is
that meditation is not that. You don’t want to ignore those
emotions that you’re having. The point of meditation is
to be able to sit there, acknowledge those emotions, sit with them, and still feel at peace. Basically, you’re telling yourself, okay, yep, there’s that
anxiety that I’m feeling, yep, there’s that
depression that I’m feeling, yep, there’s the feeling of negativity because I didn’t accomplish this goal. You’re acknowledging them,
but you’re telling yourself, okay, there it is, I see it, but I’m gonna focus right here, and I’m gonna come back to my center, and I’m gonna feel at peace, even though there’s a whole
bunch of BS flying around me, because you don’t want to
let your emotions dictate how your day’s going to be, or dictate what actions
you’re gonna take in the day. So, you want to be able to
acknowledge those emotions, feel at peace with those emotions, they’re valid emotions, but
don’t let them dictate your day, or what you’re going to do, or the actions that you’re
gonna take throughout your day. Meditation and breathing is a great way to kind of get comfortable and
embrace those sucky emotions. Number eight, commit to better sleep. This one is especially important because, when you get better
sleep, your mood improves, you can think much clearer, your interactions with
other people improves, your energy is better,
you just feel fresh, you feel like you’re
ready to take on the day. So, trying to get, for me, I need a solid seven hours of sleep, at least. I know that there’s some
people who say, like, oh, you should have at least, like, I don’t know, whatever that number is, but I think it’s different for everyone. So, figure out what that
sweet spot is for you, and then make sure that you’re getting a good amount of sleep every night. And one tip to help you get better sleep is to put your phone down
an hour before bedtime. Most of the time, there’s
blue light on your phone, and that blue light, they’ve done studies, and it’s shown that it
increases your brain activity, and it’s harder for you to fall asleep or to get your brain to
go into relaxation mode because of that blue light. So, there is a setting on most smartphones where you can set a timer
to turn the blue light off and to go into the other light setting. I can’t remember what the
other one is called right now. But you can turn the
blue light setting off and have the other one come on. But I think it would probably be best to try and eliminate using your phone an hour before bed. Number nine, do more of what you love. So, write out a list, right, list out everything that makes you happy, or everything that you love. It can be going for a walk, spending time with family,
watching Netflix, cooking, anything that you love or like to do. Write it out, and then figure out a way to implement doing at least one
of those things once a week. I think that that is a
beautiful New Year’s resolution, to be able to make time for yourself to do the things that you love. And lastly, number 10, unplug. So, we are always on social media, we’re always doing something
digital or watching TV. Maybe it would be really good for you to take one day a week,
so maybe every Sunday, you’re just offline, you’re unplugged, your disconnected, you’re
focusing on the now. Get out and go and do
something with your family instead of being in front of
the TV or on social media. Unplugging is something that
I’m going to be implementing in my New Year’s resolutions this year, and I think that it’s going to be very helpful for me,
considering this is my job, social media, and just being online all of the time is my job, so I think that’ll be
really helpful for me to spend some quality time with myself, and not focusing on
what’s going on online. Also, there’s a lot of negativity in the news, and just online
with articles and stuff, so it would probably
be beneficial to unplug at least once a week. And if you can’t commit to an entire day, then commit to a few hours once a week. I’m gonna put a link to a video where I talked about how to create realistic and obtainable
New Year’s resolutions, so if you want to do any of these ideas that I threw at you guys today, make sure that you go
and watch that video, and you set yourself up for success. You wanna make sure that
the goals are specific, they’re obtainable, you can
do it in a timely manner. It’s all in that video. Make sure that you’re
thinking about those ideas whenever you are deciding on what your New Year’s resolutions
are going to be. I hope that you guys
maybe got some good ideas for some self-love resolutions. Start small, work your way bigger. Just remember that you
don’t have to be perfect. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Any type of little baby steps
that you make is progress, and a bunch of baby steps
lead up to big steps and reaching your goals
or your resolutions. So, I hope this video was helpful, and I hope you guys are
all doing fantastic. Remember, if you guys want to purchase the journal that I created, I will put the link down below. This journal’s great for planning out your weight loss journey while
also focusing on self-love. There is 30 day habit trackers in here, there’s a monthly goal where you can track your measurements, you can track your weight,
non-scale victories, but also, I think my favorite thing about this journal is that I made sure to include some self-love
prompts in there. So, for every week of this journal, there are self-love
prompts for you to follow and to implement weekly
into your plan for the week. So, if you guys are interested in this, it will be for sale. I’m so proud of it. This is basically the
journal that I always wanted when I was first starting
my weight loss journey, and it just didn’t exist. There’s not many weight
loss journals or planners that focus on self-love and fitness, so I went ahead and just wrote my own. So, if you guys are interested in that, I’ll put the link down
below in the description. I’m very proud of it, and I’m very excited to introduce it to you guys. I hope you’re all doing
well, and remember, as always, guys, you hold
the power in your hands to make any changes in your
life that you wanna make, and I will talk to you guys later. Happy 2019, bye guys.


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