12 signes indiquant que votre corps se dégrade lentement et que vous avez besoin d’aide

12 signes indiquant que votre corps se dégrade lentement et que vous avez besoin d’aide

12 signs that show that your body is
in the process of slowly deteriorate to live the beautiful life is something of
very funny , do not take care of your body
eat what you want, to sleep when we can
drink alcohol and other excess and you spend your life like this, but it comes
a a moment when life sends us the
bill and very often it is salty, usually we do not expect it But just before we get there, the
body sends you signals and warns you because of his language, the body will show it on your face, the
feet, hands, skin, short, you will all these signs e deteriorations If you want to know when the body is
warns, what do you have to stop consuming
or even do to take care of your body Watch this video and discover the 12
signals that your body shows you but before entering, do not forget
to subscribe to our channel and activate the
notifications to keep you informed of our new videos In number 1
The bad appearance of your skin when you look bad
, do you say that the things are not going the way they should
inside your very body Donate if suddenly you have symptoms
like acne, dry skin, stretch marks , orange peel, pimples, and of course
problems not visible to the naked eye as Subcutaneous pain, you must do
be careful when you find that that you do not have a smooth, smooth skin Makeup greatly influences the skin
of the face Because it clogs the pores and causes
comedones and premature wrinkles in addition to hypersensitivity the lack of
care, exposure to the sun Skin spots,
prolonged dehydration and loss of elasticity , signal number 2 if you have trouble
to fall asleep it happens that the night goes super bad
because you can not sleep, you you are returning to yourself and you are
wake up a lot this can to be a sign that something in your
body is not doing well because someone who has a
normal metabolism respects the following schema ,
to be sleepy, then to lie down and soon fall asleep going through the stages of
traditional sleep, because if you you wake up this can be a sign of
that something is wrong in your body maybe because of many reasons, Did you drink a lot of coffee during the
day? Do you eat too much
Are you obese Do you eat too late Because sleep disorders not only
are a consequence of a problem medical or emotional but also can
cause deterioration of your physical appearance, and even at
mental level in these cases we have some difficulty concentrating,
tendency to anxiety and depression attention problems, irritability, and
chronic fatigue signal number 3
change in the urine if do you have trouble going to the bathroom,
or conversely when you go, your urine Is very black or the frequency with which
you are going to urinate is not as frequent that it should, all this can be a sign that
something is wrong inside from you the urine should not be too dark sometimes
he is pale yellow or colorless, too fragrant then
please do too Because this happens because you are dirty
inside , if you notice that your urine is very
Sparkling and condensed is because you do not drink enough water you must take at least 2
liters a day, there are other elements,
it can also manifest problems in your body, in addition to the elements
mentioned above it can also be reddish when there is blood or brown orange or
almost black as a glass of cola is a sign that you have an excess of bilirubin
, also if the urine very foamy
can reveal that there is a loss of protein signal number 4
the nails give you a lot of signs , they are a window for
our interior when the nails have a bad health it’s because you’re
in poor health Because if you see crests like this
then, put all your lights red Because these express some
chronic diseases or deterioration of health status or nutritional status,
Color changes, shape presence of a thickened surface and
descamative, scratches, fragile nails and very brittle
So look at these details constantly the signal number 5 mind obscured I want
talk about permanent stress Studies reveal that the health of the
brain and cognitive abilities for example if you suffer from weight problems,
obesity and body fat, without treatment, the mind and the
ability to concentrate may be compromised, which is why the
positive thinking is very important, move away to the maximum stress of you by doing
sport, yoga fitness, anything that can keep away black thoughts and harm your
Mental Health In number 6 we have itching Constant itching, even if you
do not hold account can be another factor where
the body tells you that things are not going very well, I’m not talking about itching
related to insect bites and the like but if you scratch for no reason
and without any sign of an insect Who bit you or something like that
, perhaps that your body is suffering from an allergy or
you have a skin problem but also excessive itching is
because you may have problems
hepatic because of dehydrated skin, some
types of renal dermatitis, Thyroid problems some diseases
neurological and even original psychogenic when you start
constantly scratching you without any reason, do not hesitate to consult signal number 7 Body Deterioration If you know the strange story of
Benjamin Button, you stop aging but on the contrary, look younger, more
leaner frailer, you have to take it seriously
because this could be the alert that some thing
happens inside you and that you must consult immediately, this
happens is because you are losing of bone mass and one of the reasons
it’s because you do not receive these of nutrients to survive you, not enough
calcium protein and necessary nutrients this can lead you to have
fractures and other serious problems , it is important to emphasize
that physical activity has a lot influence on the health of your bones, the
sedentary lifestyle is damaging your bones a lot
faster than you imagine too It is advisable to reduce consumption
of Coffee or alcoholic beverages
which also influence bones Number 8 signal, premature gray hair
you feel that you have a little more gray every day
even if you are still a young person, especially if the wrinkles are saddled
and that you are given an age that you do not have not, talk to the doctor to make sure
that it’s not just a whim of genetics Because you could even have
deficiency problems and thyroid abnormalities because the color
hair is related to proteins that are released into the follicle
Pilous of your scalp and with melanocytes, provide the right color
to the hair, so if you start to observe
some gray hair, if they appear between 20 and
30 years old then they are considered very early it may be due to vitiligo which is a
skin discoloration, or of the
nutritional deficiencies, stress, a use of excessive hot water for
washing hair or chemicals from
of dyes
smokers have a double probability of having more gray hair
precociously that those who do not smoke beware of this so pause and
run and watch your hair on the ice Number 9 your legs are
inflate there are many reasons why
people have their legs swollen, it’s a sign that something is wrong
inside when it starts without reason, feel that your shoes are squeezing you and
the tights give you warmth it’s because something
Happens in your body according to the experts, one of the reasons why
The legs swell it’s because you have thyroid problems
this can also happen because he a overweight or clots in the legs or
you are in old age, You could also have
infection or a vein that does not pump the blood as it should, the
water retention in the legs and ankles can be the
manifestation of heart problems, Kidneys, liver problems, hormonal
metabolic among many others if this happens
form isolated and not repeated probably it’s
not important but if the problem is
frequent and recurrent, it’s time to See the doctor In number 10 strange wrinkles
although sometimes they will start going out on certain parts of the skin and these parts
will become more sensitive and delicate,
It’s a sign that you have to see if something is happening
inside your body, wrinkles premature in unexposed places
at sun can be signs of problems
the experts say that if you have wrinkles
in arms
This could be a sign that you have blood pressure problems
so pull up your shirt and check your arm in number 11 the bad breath maybe
you do not have good oral health and that is why
you have bad breath, but sometimes it happens when you have
of the teeth and mouth in good condition
but in fact the bad breath, the bad odour
comes from inside your body this can be a sign that you have
breathing problems or gastrointestinal;
metabolic problems like diabetes , liver problems Finally signal number 12
Yellowish eyes when the white area of ​​the eyes
called sclera has a a slight yellowish tone can be reported
that something is wrong inside of your body this can be a problem
Seriously like jaundice it is translated for those who do not know
not the term to serious liver problems
your eyes are starting to appear yellowish in the white area
we recommend going to the doctor as quickly as possible,
to check you and determine that everything happens
well in your body, you usually have take care of your body so that you
do not do it nothing unusual happens but yes
you let your body reach this point where these signals appear
unequivocally that things are not we hope this video has
been helpful if you have anything to add or a
share it with us do not hesitate to put in the
comments section Think to share
This video with your family friends so that they also know this
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