135. Kunci Utama Penetasan Telur – Ilmu Dasar Penetasan Telur

hello breeder see me again, “PRESIDENT CEKER” today I want to share a little information about how to hatch eggs this is basic knowledge when friends want to hatch eggs the first, what friends must pay attention to is temperature temperature, must be set appropriately, so that the embryos in the egg can develop and live perfectly temperature settings on manual hatching machines can be done using a capsule thermostat then still needed the name thermometer it must be placed inside the machine so that we can read the temperature in the incubator’s engine room if in an automatic incubator Temperature settings are also done automatically using special elements too usually the automatic incubator uses a digital thermostat the second is that we often have to turn back the eggs the position of the egg must often be reversed so that the embryo can still supply nutrients optimally from egg white at the same time the embryo will prepare the position when it’s time to hatch So, these eggs have to be returned often changes in egg position also to reduce the occurrence of embryos attached to the eggshell for my friends, I am sure I have found an embryo problem attached to the egg shell it means sticking to the egg shell if that happens, it indicates that we are late turning eggs when late turning eggs also risks making crooked chicken feet well, for the tetas machine that I use this is a semi-automatic tetas machine with a sliding rack system, so just move it right or left when the reversal process I usually turn the eggs 1 day 2 times, even better if my friends turn the eggs 1 day 3 times the third is humidity regulation here you need friends to know, that each egg will lose water coming out of the pores of the egg shell so that the humidity level in the incubator must be maintained to ensure the egg evaporation process runs normally also for evaporation of water in the egg may not be too fast or too slow


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