$15K Challenge Project: Tamil Health Association:  Healthy Food Program

$15K Challenge Project: Tamil Health Association: Healthy Food Program

The Tamil Health Association was established
in 2013. Our vision is to be at the forefront of
health promotion education and research within the Tamil
community. Tamil Health was one of 25 organizations funded by Women’s College
Hospital to improve the health of Women in our community The Healthy Food program was created with
the hope of improving the health of families by increasing their access and use of healthy eating and food
preparation resources The Healthy Food project was one of 25 projects funded by the Women’s Xchange program. The goal of this project was to improve the health of families by increasing their access and use of resources about healthy eating We first conducted a needs assessment to determine the needs of the community in regards the healthy eating 100 surveys were collected in 5 locations across the GTA over a month with the help of 10 volunteers. We developed the program using the results of the needs assessment survey and input from
the registered dietitian for example forty-four percent of
individuals identified that one of the barriers to healthy eating is that healthy food is expensive so we created a “Shop Smart” booklet with tips to help them access healthy food for low prices. Although seventy-seven percent of individuals said
that they knew about The Canada Food Guide, only 45 percent said that they had actually
used it therefore we had a section in the program
to help individuals learn how to use this appropriately. My name is Thevaki Kulendran and I am a registered dietitian and
certified diabetes educator I had the pleasure of working with the Healthy Eating Food Program in developing workshops and delivering
them. It was a lot of fun we had a really good
time but most of all, it was great to see participants engage with ethnic foods and understand that their cultural foods are actually very healthy Um, thank you for getting us involved in the Healthy Food Program. I found it to be very informative; what I’m going to take away from the program is the correction and alignment around a lot of the myths around healthy eating and, um, and I found it very fun, cooking with my mom and friends, and once again, thank you This was definitely an interesting program, I definitely learned a lot of stuff, I learned what to do and what not to do and learned that basically, everything that we’ve been doing all along has been wrong, um, its okay to eat whatever you want just as long as its in moderation, and that you continue to have breakfast I think that’s a key, a lot of people don’t. Um, I like how she incorporated how to have healthy foods with your busy lifestyle and I think that was the key that I will take away from this program. {music}


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