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healthy inspiration and let’s get into the healthy swap so the vs. swaps to
make is to swap mustard for mayonnaise mayonnaise has lots of saturated fat and
sugar and mustard has neither of those and most of them are like zero calories
not that like you need to worry about calories but I’m just saying that like
in terms of if you count your macros or something like that
mustard is good and has a lots of flavor the second one is to sub ice cream for
what they call an ice cream which is made from bananas I did a whole video
where I made strawberry shortcake mint chip and when I make peanut butter
chocolate so I’ll leave that down below that’s a great way to satisfy your sweet
tooth you can make it at home and you can control the sugar and the fat going
into it the next one is to sell pink salt or Himalayan salt for normal table
salt that’s because a pink Himalayan salt actually has PD essential vitamins
and minerals in it more minerals not violent is also a good source of
magnesium because of it healthier basalts is putting something on your
food you might as well be putting in that on instead of normal table salt the
next one is to sub vegetable or canola oil for coconut oil and that’s because a
canola oil is one of the most genetically modified like food products
little oils and coconut oil actually has a medium chain triglycerides and it was
are better for your body next one is to sub your milk for the unsweetened nut
milk or even four if you’re using like a sweet nut milk make sure you get an
unsweetened version that’s because it can actually have a lot of added sugars
in it that you don’t realize and you’re better off controlling the sugar by
yourself and adding sugar to whatever you’re making on its own next one is to
substitute a milk chocolate with dark chocolate and that’s because a dark
chocolate with no sugar added make sure you get one with no sugar added actually
it’s more antioxidants it has more fiber and it has more iron so it’s going to be
better off for you it may not be like less calories but in this case it’s
about quality of what the food is versus the
calories of the food if that makes sense but dark chocolate is a healthier tree
next one has to do with baking and that’s the substitute sugar for
applesauce or mashed banana either of them will work it’s a great way to add
sweetness but also to add vitamins and minerals through the sweetness of it
through the banana or through the apples into whatever you’re baking it works
really well plus it adds a lot of nice moisture to
the recipe most the time it’s not one for one if it’s like 1 cup sugar is like
3/4 cup of applesauce or banana so don’t do one for one I would do one to three
quarters but it is a great substitute for sugar in rest my next one is to
substitute pop with either vivia or Lacroix I think that’s how you
say it it’s not sponsored by any of them but I have truly been drinking vivia for
many years now I love the cream soda flavour which is weird because I didn’t
really like cream soda pop but I like stevia it’s sweetened with stevia so
it’s better than like the highest birth those corn chips and a like weird
coloring our official colorings that they use and pop um so if you have a
sweet like you can’t get off pop you want to pop reaches a vsi and next one
is to substitute sour cream with yogurt or a Greek yogurt which will also have
protein or either a coconut yogurt or any other kind of yogurt my next one is
to substitute white rice for something like quinoa it’s more of a complex carb
it actually has 100 percent more protein then with white races and it has 150
percent more in 5 my next one is the substitute avocado for butter in like
baking recipes it has a less saturated fat more fiber and a lot more vitamins
and minerals my and next step is to substitute the chocolate chips for cacao
nibs or they’re like also small little things they’re more bitter but they have
more antioxidant more fiber and of course no sugar because cacao is
naturally unsweetened they add sugar in it to make chocolate but naturally
doesn’t have any sugar and has a ton of antioxidants pie and next one is to
substitute pureed black beans for white flour in recipes it has a lot more
protein and it’s also going to allow your body to digest it more slowly high
index one is probably one of my favorite ones and that is substituting whipped
cream for coconut milk so what you do is you take the coconut milk like you
take normal whipping cream that’s like loose already and you just blend it like
with it with beaters and then I gets into like a whipped cream consistency
when you once you do it for a few minutes and you can use that like as
whipped cream you can put it on fruit in desserts it’s just a really good
versatile good pantry item to have my and next one is the substitute candy
with dried fruit yes they both have sugar in it but the fruit the sugar and
like the vitamin C you actually get from the fruit and it’s better than just
chewing on candy that’s made with fake chemicals fake sugars and fake colors so
this would be like dried strawberries taste just just like candy like N or
chewy so you get that kind of like candy chewiness but you might not get if you
just eat normal fruit like before it’s dried if that makes sense because it
doesn’t have that kind of candy consistency and next one is to
substitute croutons with almonds or walnuts but almost specifically have
three times the fiber and two times the protein so getting a nutrient boost in
your salad but you’re still getting something crunchy I feel you guys if you
like crunchy things in your salad I love having something crunchy in my salad so
that’s why I reach for nuts and seeds it’s a really great healthy swap to get
more like nutrients out of yourself my next one is a substitute fruit juice
with just water with the fruit you like in it video – orange juice that is a lot
of sugar without the fiber from the fruit to kind of slow down the breakdown
of the sugar the support orange slices in your water you’ll still get a hint of
that flavor and it’s a lot healthier than having like a sugar bomb of just I
and next one is the substitute potato chips before air-popped popcorn and that
is because it has a lot more fibers when you eat the popcorn a you’re going to
get more full quicker than if you were to eat potato chips she’ll end up eating
less but it also has nine times less saturated fat which is amazing my next
one is to substitute your sports drink for coconut water and that is because it
has half the sugar and the sugar is all natural sources of sugar because it’s
naturally occurring in the coconut and actually 16 at times more than potassium
which is with the electrolytes that you’re looking for in the sports drink
and it’s all natural it gets real it’s just coconut it’s not fake colorings
fake when my last one is the substitute oats for breadcrumbs in your recipes and
that is because it has more B vitamins it has
fiber and it has more iron so just a higher nutrient profile than normal
broadcast so I hope you guys enjoyed this video and some of these swaps and I
hope you guys implement some of them into your recipes and your cooking and
your life and everything like that if you enjoyed it give it ate up don’t
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