2019 most controversial: Don’t believe the keto hype | Jillian Michaels

2019 most controversial: Don’t believe the keto hype | Jillian Michaels

JILLIAN MICHAELS: How do we really decipher
the thousands of studies that are out there on all of these diets? And the problem is what people will do to
try to sell you a false bill of goods is take one study and blow that study out as though
it’s the entire picture, when of course it isn’t. Imagine you have a massive painting but I
only showed you this tiny piece of the painting but you had no idea what the hell else was
going on over here there, there’s no way you could get an accurate read on if this is a
sad picture, a happy picture — like there’s no way you could know, correct? So when we look at keto here’s why we’re saying,
or not me, but here’s where some of the advocates are espousing benefits. Well, what are we doing with keto? We’re removing carbohydrates, anything that
elevates you got about 20 grams of carbohydrates a day that you’re ingesting, which is essentially
nothing, it’s about 80 calories worth of carbohydrates out of what could be anywhere from a 1600
to 2500 calories a day diet so that’s nothing. And it throws your body into a state of emergency
that’s what ketosis is. And because we don’t have any glucose or glycogen,
any blood sugar or stored blood sugar, we turn to fat quickly. We produce ketones and the idea is we burn
through fat and we lose fat fast. And that is true and you would think that
would be a good thing. And in addition, people will say well I reversed
my type two diabetes. Of course, your insulin level was through
the floor, you’re consuming zero carbohydrates so you have no blood sugar so your pancreas
is not releasing insulin. And this can also affect conditions like polycystic
ovarian syndrome and by virtue of that connection, it can also affect fertility. Fair. Let’s give it that. But here’s what we’re not talking about, there’s
zero calorie restriction on a ketogenic diet so you have a massive amount of oxidative
stress, there’s no consideration of timing with regard to food so your autophagy process
is totally out of whack In addition to that, it’s very high in animal
fats and animal proteins. So we’re seeing that diets rich in saturated
fats are poor for our telomeres oxidative stress, increased inflammation, your nutrient-sensing
pathways that are related to the health of your metabolism are overrun with constant
food, heavy fats, lots of animal protein and we know it hurts your telomeres and on and
on and on. Now, what about the benefits? Is it worth it? Let me tell you, the number one way to sensitize
somebody’s body, again to insulin, is exercise. I’ve been doing this a heck of a long time,
I reversed type two diabetes, I’ve helped people get off all medications for type two
diabetes and POCOS and get pregnant after years of trying and failing through a commonsense
diet where we don’t eat too much, we eat real food and we have balanced macronutrients. So I can give you all those benefits with
none of the negative side effects of keto. And last thought on keto, we’re stripping
our body of certain fruits, which have a ton of antioxidants and polyphenols in them. So again, when we look at oxidative stress
and free radicals and how they’re aging us we need to look at antioxidant foods that
help to combat that. When you start cutting out digestive enzymes
and papaya and pineapple and mango and all the beta-carotene, which is one of the top
things to help keep your telomeres long, something like keto is detrimental on so many different
levels. And the amount of benefit is so small when
we can take a completely different path get all the benefit over here, none of the negatives
over here and all the benefits over there.


100 thoughts on “2019 most controversial: Don’t believe the keto hype | Jillian Michaels”

  • Jillian Michaels will peddle anything. She doesn't care about you or your health, she cares about taking your money. She even is a spokesperson for Soda Stream.

  • Here are 3 "real" nutritional experts you can find on YouTube who have debunked Jillian Michael, exposing her unfortunate lack of knowledge on the science of nutrition:
    1. Dr. Berg
    2. Ken Berry MD
    3. Thomas DeLauer

  • Christopher Campbell says:

    You can use a targeted keto diet, or a keto diet except for the weekends.
    The inclusion of exercise is always good.
    You get the best of everything.

  • she is clueless, she just assumes her 'big food' endorsed nutrition education is the only way. that is what made us an obese nation. maybe she should actually try it before she bashes it. carbs are not an essential macronutrient and you don't need fiber. #meatheals

  • So, um, "controversial" is now code for "wrong?" You know, that makes this entire channel make so much more sense. Thank you.

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  • Make Rhino Smaller says:

    I've been doing it since September… obviously I'm not eating the garbage I used to eat and eating much cleaner… BUT I've tried just about every other option (non surgical) out there… and this is the only one I've stuck with thus far, and I'm NOT! buying anything anyone's selling… just eating the diet… no shakes/drink mixes/ etc… and down almost 80 lbs… so I couldn't be happier. I have a ways to go BUT this seems to be the only thing that's really helped thus far.

    YES it may not work for everyone, but it's damn sure worked for me.

  • Which Big Pharma paid you to make this video. They're loosing lots of money because they can't sell their type 2 diabetes drugs anymore.

  • She says all this like people just go on a Ketogenic diet with zero plans. And that people just eat whenever they want, with zero thought into their normal diet.

    The irony is that until Keto, that is the way most people eat. Anyone that has every told me about this diet has made it very clear that I should do my homework, I should count calories, I should watch the saturated fat, and the sugar. That I should exercise and go with healthy lean means and veggies, particularly ones that will suppress free radicals.

    This woman clearly isn't paying attention to the average Keto diet, but instead just saying what the normal dumbass does on their diet, and putting that on Keto. Anyone that acts in that way is responsible for themselves, it has nothing to do with "keto hype", and everything to do with their incompetence, especially when the Keto advocates are doing their due diligence and telling people about the cons, and what not to do.

    Her show, and way of dieting causes more stress, and yo-yoing that than keto ever will, and has resulted in people who have a horrible relationship with food. Which is why people go right back to what they were doing after they leave her show.

  • Keto wasn't Jillian's baby, therefore she's not making any money… She should do a biggest loser keto version if she really wants to prove she knows what she's talking about. Hire the biggest keto youtubers to coach individuals on nutrition. How about it Jillian, put non keto against keto, and go for broke on the next biggest loser.

  • Keto is the latest extreme version of Atkins… horrible for the body.. many studies show it raises all cause mortality considerably… think whatever you want. Meat is never going to be good for you, I don't care where or how it was raised or fed… animal protein causes a LOT of our health problems

  • Does anyone have a more solid track-record for temporarily “helping” people and having them go backwards and into a worse situation, after she’s not there to degrade and ridicule them?

  • Jack HeadshotsRaleigh says:

    She doesn't know the research. Part of the problem. Saturated fats? That old nonsense again? She is clueless. Provided zero evidence of anything negative about keto. Just bullshit dated opinions with no reference to real research. Clueless.

  • Not saying I believe the keto hype, but my fat friend did and after losing about 50kg I'm starting to suspect it might be helping him lose weight.

  • I did Keto and lost 15kg in next to no time. I'm currently eating a regular diet as its the festive season but I feel like s**t. I'm looking forward to Boxing day when I can get started again as I felt I had a certain X factor when I was in full flow keto.

  • Why would anyone believe her?  It's obvious she's put her body through toxic hell.  I've never seen such unhealthy hair, skin, eyes, nails, and an overall projection of a lack of any vibrancy in my life!  Have you?   Kudos to you Jillian.  It's not easy going up against the army of YouTube experts sometimes.  Do you think maybe looking into a balanced life and researching and consistently living healthy exercise and diet habits may not be quite as appealing as shortcuts?

  • You can do a ketogenic diet without eating animal products if you really wanted to, I'm not really sure why she insists on dying on this hill. Many vegetables contain similar or more antioxidants than the fruits she's saying we're missing out on. Funny she tries to rail on misleading data in the beginning and then goes on her own tirade where she does the same thing.

  • Say what you will but I feel much better when I eat less carb. Took on Keto last year and I lose 22lbs. I wasnt that consistent even. Of course Exercising is always necessary regardless of any diet.

  • Nayden Spirdonov says:

    This women doesn't make sense!
    Please talk about this thousand studies, give names of the researchers what type of study and be f*cking factual. Don't talk sh*t.

  • Jillian has no objective critic of keto her argument is based on opinion and a misunderstanding of metabolism and diet that she can't monetize "common sense diet" lol

  • https://nutritionj.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12937-016-0157-x

    I have not been able to find any studies which show any correlation between a keto diet and shortening of telomeres.. actually research seems to show that pre-diabetic and diabetic people have shortened telomeres.. so it would seem that a diet that can reverse such conditions would be beneficial.. Jillian sounds like she's reading from a teleprompter and doesnt know what the fuck she's talking about. There have been studies that show a connection between consumption of processed meat and shortened telomeres.. perhaps that's what she is referencing. Which is to say she's misrepresenting the facts. Animal products are not inherently bad for you, it's about the quality of them. Caloric restriction, coupled with repeated exertion (as in the biggest loser) has been shown in studies to have a negative effect on metabolic function.. probably why they all rebound and gain the weight back afterward. Taking nutritional advice from this idiot is the same as going to your local 24 hour fitness and getting it from the person working the front desk.

  • This is not controversial because of Jillian's ideas, but because the title of the lecture is misleading and her arrogant presentation of the facts. (Example at 3:18 – She looks profoundly perplexed that common folks don't consider the antioxidants and polyphenols found in fruits and how they are beneficial to them)

    Jillian didn't address people with lifestyles that require them to lose fat quickly which is a lot of the keto audience. Going on a keto diet for a lot of people is not about being "healthier", per se. For these people it's about going from bulked to toned or average to thin. Healthiness isn't the top concern for everyone that wants to lose fat. That said, "don't believe the keto hype" is a baity title that doesn't reflect the fact that her lecture is directed firmly at people that only want to be healthier which is not all of the "keto community".

  • I think keto is best used when you're a lard ass who needs to lose weight. The improved health you'll experience from the weight loss outweighs any negative effects from the diet. Once you lose the weight, you switch to a more normal diet.

    I know a woman that has lost 100lbs in a year from doing the keto diet and put on lean muscle mass. She's still big, but she looks amazing now compared to what she used to be. You can't say that it doesn't work or that its all hype. Keto isn't a diet that you stay on for the rest of your life in my eyes. You use it to hit a weight goal and then eat a balanced diet of macros after.

    I've personally tried it and felt like absolute shit. Why? Because I weigh 150lbs and don't have that much fat for my body to burn. I have a physical job and I also work out at home. I need the carbs for energy and b/c I'm constantly burning calories I use them all and don't gain fat. I feel way better on a balanced diet of macros.

  • Don't follow that fad diet!
    Follow my fad diet instead.
    And buy my book.
    And my suppliments.

    Big Think still giving a platform to con artists I see…
    Finally time to unsubscribe I think.

  • Ok there is loads on it, but there are plenty of peer reviewed studies stating the opposite, and for me feeling full, pre diabetes gone, fat gone, muscles growing daily, I'm fifty two, was losing muscle always hungry and fat, and could not stop binging, have no desire to binge now, yes I'm actually building muscle just doing press ups and pull ups, I thought I couldn't build because I'm old and probably have no testosterone, this way of eating has changed that, so I shall cherry pick the peer reviewed articles that best suit my bias.

  • Bodyknowledge 77 says:

    This is a better way to involve ketosis…Workout and/or exercise 3-4 times a week and ingest carbs on those days because you need the fuel (carbs are the preferred fuel source) and do keto on the days you don't workout/exercise. *Everyone needs to workout if they are physically capable*…so you need adequate amounts of them(carbs) when necessary..

  • Because our ancestors were climbing the trees in tropical climates eating all the exotic antioxidant rich fruits. Derp derp. This is absurd and laughable. Remember when you're looking at a fit healthy Jillian Michaels attributing her looks and health to her diet that it is her job to look healthy and fit it is her brand. If it was your job you'd look like this too because you would be paid to do it and could afford plastic surgery to keep that youthful face. BTW I was willing to listen until she said eating animal protein causes inflammation. That is so incredibly wrong and leads to people making very bad choices. Animal fat and protein has rid me of inflammation completely. Vegetables, especially eaten raw, cause severe inflammation because they have toxins that protect the plant from predators like humans and insects. Look up lectins aka anti-nutrients. Decide for yourself. Or buy some Jillian Michaels Bootcamp DVDs. YOUR CHOICE!

  • I don't understand all these stupid diets out there claiming bullshit and misleading people. The one and only right diet is the balanced diet containing whole fresh foods of all types! Anything to the contrary that limits your diet to the selected type of foods is just not the way to go.

  • small benefits??? i have diabetes, i decreased my insulin intake 90 percent without working out, ! i can go days w/o insulin with light workout a day with keto…

  • Very misleading. She doesn't even mention the loads of leafy green vegetables and nuts berry's and fish you eat. So what I cut out Bread. Sugar. Pasta. Rice. Starchy Veg. I look what hidden carbs are in food. 10 months later 20 kg lighter. No gout. No arthritis. Skin never looked better. Urinary problems gone. Not hungry. It's simple if ya fat, going to the gym every day is a struggle with all the problems above but once the weights gone with the problems, exercise feels great. Ps your willy looks bigger to.

  • I don’t think she’s incorrect. I think everything she’s saying is correct. However, I’ve heard a lot of great keto success stories. I think both work; as long as you just do it

  • You can literally see how this woman feels offended bc people are on this diet lol. It‘s funny how the people who judge the keto diet are always the ones who haven’t tried it long enough. I did it for 100 days and I could focus very well in school, it stopped my sugar addiction, I lost weight and had a MUCH healthier sleep cycle than before.

  • "Don't buy that diet! Buy MY diet!" Sounds like someone is upset over lost customers. My wife lost 40 lbs in 5 months with keto.

  • Workofheart_fitness says:

    She made some decent points but keto is just like going vegan or vegetarian etc. You can be vegan and still eat nothing but junk food, but your vegan 😉 to stay truly healthy doing keto for more than a short period to lose weight, you have to do it right. Time what you eat and yes people pay attention to calories. That’s how you don’t get fat instead.

  • I feel like she says these big words without actually knowing their relation to the keto diet. Her justification of ‘ive done this a long time’ being her ultimate argument. A well done, well thought out keto diet has everything.

  • A few things are not clear.

    – She talks about how keto comes with oxidative stress whereas beta-hydroxibutirate is known to have strong anti-oxidant properties. Then she goes on about how you need fruits because of anti-oxidants. 🤷‍♂️

    – She says “there’s no consideration with timing with regards to food so your autophagy process is out of whack”.
    Really? Keto has nothing to do with timing, keto has to do with nutrient intake. It is true though that there is overlap between people who do keto and intermittent fasting as they seem to work well together. I’m not sure if she is talking about this here but if she is then my question is: what the hell, lady? Practice of intermittent fasting is by definition “consideration for timing with regards to food” specifically to regulate your autophagy process in a way that is studied and shown to be beneficial. If that’s not what she means – sorry, my bad.

    I’ll go, eat a steak now and try to have a stroke.

  • Suraj Radhakrishnan says:

    If i've understood this correctly, i think keto is a prescription. It works but you can be healthy even without it. A healthy life comes from a healthy body and mind. For that you need a diet with all the macro-nutrients… that which is sustainable. Humans are designed to eat anything. Vegetables, grains, dairy, meat. Along with that you must do the following. No sugar, no junk food, no alcohol, no smoking, no caffeine, at least 1.5 liters of water a day, only 2-3 meals with 4-5 hours gap in between, an hour of exercise, practice a hobby, do some meditation, be compassionate, good sex with a loving partner, critical thinking but be positive, wise with your money, have some goal in life. What all these small things achieve is happiness from the inside. It all boils down to one thing… discipline. If you cannot abstain from everything then remember moderation is key.

  • This coming from a Biggest Loser coach who put her contestants in harms way with extreme weight loss methods. Nah, I'll keep my Keto Carnivore. And you keep your stupid lies. Do you even have a clue?

  • so, she complains about keto citing one study, while she herself isn't citing any studies? got it! also, what is a relevance of mentioning there's no calorie limit on keto? have you tried overeating on meat and animal fat? it's not something that would naturally occur. I guess you could, if you forced your self, but after one meal, you're gonna be satiated for way too long to even consider another meal. again, unless you force your self to eat again just to prove the point. also, I've never heard of this notion you can't eat fruits and vegetables. it's more anti grain oriented.

  • She says right at the start don't listen to the studies they are only a small piece… Then expects you to listen to her instead…. One person. Contradicting much

  • I have so many friends that have tried to peddle Keto products and lifestyle to me because like Avon they have financial incentives to. Very little confirmed research lots of claims relying on people’s gullibility. I’m glad you made this video so others can learn that as well.

  • Don't listen to those whom are paid to trash talk the greatest eating habits on earth. My biggest take is no heart burn ever since day one. 65 pounds weight loss in 5 months and no more need for energy juices. I eat real foods. I feel the greatest I ever felt. Steady energy all day. Keto enriched my life. No sugar is a blessing. Even your brain thinks better.

  • All the debate over which diet is best is pointless. It's a simple, intrinsic truth of our ecosystem that healthy soil grows healthy plants, which can be eaten to make healthy animals, which can be eaten to make healthy animals higher on the food chain. If every part of the foundation is healthy, the whole structure will be healthy, period. No science, studies, theories, assumptions, beliefs, or dogma required.

  • Keto success story here: lost 40 pounds reversed my inflammatory conditions and have the best health of my life at 40.

    I won't be listening to Jillian "sad" to say

  • Dr Berg is the best .I learnt lot from him on my to 55 kg lost on my jounery with my weight loss and methods I try now I just do intimate fasting

  • Solomon Wai-Chu Wai says:

    Bullshit talk! Total rubbish coming from Jillian Michaels, who so unqualified to discuss this topic from the look of it.
    Empty, no substance and no scientific evidence that keto is detrimental!
    This is the most uninformed and unqualified talk on dieting I've ever heard!

  • Exactly! Finally some common sense. I agree that we consume too much carbs in general and many consume the worst processed kind of carbs in their daily diet but full keto seems like an overkill to me. A well balanced seasonal diet with intermittent fasting IMO hits a sweet spot. And if you throw in some physical activity you're going for gold.

  • The video is wrong
    1. Keto reduces inflammation massively
    2. It is not a state of emergency, it's just a different state
    3. Beta-Carotin is in 🥕 and it's keto
    4. Lots of other vegetables deliver important anti oxidants

  • AlwaysSmellGood 83 says:

    Mostly nonsense. Keto (which I only need to practice cyclically now) completely changed my health and my life. I'll be sticking to my current routine, and information, help, and advice from the brilliant Dr Berg.

  • Keto is not recommended by most doctors because there's a consensus that saturated fat is not healthy to eat lots of. A balanced diets with less garbage like junk food and McDonald's, and more beans n veggies is ideal

  • A lot of Straw Manning going on here. The KETO diet does not say you can eat as much as you want; having your macros balanced is super important. Also, you can get plenty of antioxidants, polyphenols, and digestive enzymes on KETO through vegetables. She really doesn't seem to know what she is talking about.

  • Yeah, Don't believe the Keto hype. Believe the girl who made all the biggest loser contestants go fat again after the show finished.
    Only one contestant kept the weight off. He went on the Keto diet.

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