3 Healthy Meals in 5 Minutes (Vegan/Vegetarian Friendly)

What’s up beautiful people? It is your
homegirl Chef Shameless, all up in the building! And I’m going to
break it down for you, 3 quick meals in
under 5 minutes. Because I do not like
wasting my time in their, because I would rather be doing
something else like eating. So, I’m going to break down
3 quick meals that you can eat: breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and they’re healthy,
and they’re vegetarian. Let’s get started.
[bing] First meal
of the day I have is a frozen banana
smoothie with the works. So it’s frozen banana,
almond milk or soy milk, a couple dates, peanut
butter or almond butter, it’s topped off with granola, and you just need to
blend it all in here. I’m going to make
enough smoothie for two, so cut it in half if
it’s just for yourself. So one full banana, woo-hoo. And then some butter. Just drop it in there. Dates. So just make
sure you take the pit out. You can skip this if
you’re not into coffee, but I love coffee,
especially in the morning, so I put some of the
coffee grinds in here. And then you can use milk
if you’re a milk drinker, almond milk, soy milk. You’ll need a few ice
cubes, between 3 and 6. And then blend it. It should be
thick like ice cream. So it’s like ice creamy. OK, now you put it into a bowl. Because it’s not officially
a meal until it’s in a bowl. There! And then
what you want to do, [bing] is get your
granola, so it’s like cereal. Go ahead and add
some sliced almonds, which I like to do. And then shredded coconut,
because I love coconut. Boom! And then chia seeds. That’s basically
why you garnish things, because it’s pretty. It’s so good! Especially
in the summer when it’s hot. So this is really
fast and simple, all you need is
cucumber, carrots, avocado, ginger, woo-hoo, seaweed, rice, oh throw some greens in
there, baby spinach, yes. Soy sauce, sesame seed oil, some actually sesame seeds, I’m going to cut
these cucumbers lengthwise. Then you’re going to
put it on your bowl, your sushi bowl. Add some color, carrots! So you throw in some color. More greens. Same thing with
the seaweed. [bing] I used to not understand
why people would eat this, and now I love it. Grr! Damn Maya. OK, this is the avocado, just hit that pit,
and then twist it out. You just cut this
and spoon it out. And if you’re lucky
you can like fan it out. I’m trying to look cute, let’s see how that goes.
[clears throat] You take your sesame
seeds and you sprinkle it. And I love ginger, so
you put in ginger slices. So you have your bowl and then you’re going
to put in sesame seed oil, not regular oil, sesame seed
oil, and then some soy sauce. [stirring] And that’s your sushi bowl! Oh hold on, wait a
minute, speaking of which, [bing] I need to take
an Instagram photo. This is sesame
oil and the ginger, and the avocado and the seed. And then the third and final
meal of the day is dinner, and I like to throw it down with
some pesto pasta in a bowl. While you’re making all
the pesto and all that stuff, you’re going to boil pasta. Or you’re going
to get leftovers, because this can be eaten cold. So while that pasta
situation is boiling, you’re going to make pesto. So you need fresh basil, Trader Joe’s sells them
in a big thing like this, instead of like three little
twigs, you need a lot. You need a food
processor for this. Then you need one
clove of garlic, whoop. You get your pine nuts in there. And then olive oil, lots of it! And then pepper. And then if you’re fancy, and into trends [bing] pickup
some pink Himalayan sea salt, because it’s pink. Now blend.
[blender whirring] You blend it, or you mix it. And then cucumber, because this is like
a pesto pasta salad. Then your tomatoes. And then you mix her
up, she’s looking pretty cute! And then you could put whatever
else you want in there. [♪] Yes! And that is your 3
meals for the day: breakfast, lunch,
and dinner in 5 minutes, how you like me now?
Go eat, be merry. Take a photo, oh take a photo, and use the hash tag
#chefshamelesstaughtme, so I can find it, and then
feature it on my Instagram page, holler! Oh, and comment below, and let me know what your
favorite dish is in life. Share you recipes
and your secrets, because sharing is caring, OK. Peace! That’s it for moi, make sure you guys
remember to do you, be you, and stay
true, boo. Be shameless. [♪]


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