5 Foods You’re Eating Wrong #5 (Ft. YouTubers)

– This is the best React video
you’ve ever seen. – Nothing falls out!
It’s amazing! ♪ (accordion intro) ♪ – (FBE) So today, we are
going to be showing you five foods that you have been eating wrong.
– Oh, come on! You don’t even know
how I’ve been eating these foods. Don’t be presumptuous.
– I’ve seen a lot of those hack videos of things
that you can do more effectively. And I’m like, “You’re right.
I do do most things ineffectively.” (laughs)
– I love to be told I’m wrong, I’ve never said.
If you give me a banana, I’m gonna be offended that you think
that I’m eating a banana wrong. – I feel like there’s
all these fruit hacks that I was just not aware of
that might make my life easier. – It was like a kiwi.
I didn’t know you could peel it. You’re supposed to peel it
a certain way. I was like… just buy it
already sliced up, pre-sliced. – I’ve produced a lot of content
on the internet about food, right? And I’ve written a lot
of these you’re eating things wrong. And my biggest thing is a hamburger.
You should be flipping upside down before you eat it, because that
reverses the flow of the juice. So, I have a lot of stupid,
hard-held food opinions, and I cannot wait to see
what other people think I’m doing wrong, ’cause I’ve been on
the other end of this so many times. – “Genius tip for keeping caramel
on candy apples.” – A frickin’ Halloween apple! (laughs) – (snorts) Wha?
– What? What?! – She is gonna pierce her hand!
If anyone’s watching this, don’t do it like that.
You’ll stab through the apple and stab your hand! – “Most apples are sprayed
with a wax coating to keep them shiny and flawless.”
Like me? Hooo! ‘Cause I’m shiny and flawless.
Yeah, okay. – What do you mean that my apples
have been coated in wax? I feel upset.
I feel mad. (laughs) – (FBE) Wait. Did you
not know that in general? – No! Gotta pick my own
apples now. I trust no one. – I would never go,
“Yeah, sandpaper, that’s part of
a food process. Okay.” Wait. So, are you about
to show me a candy apple that has been sandpapered?
– (FBE) No. I’m gonna give you a candy apple
and a piece of sandpaper and a skewer.
– (laughs) – I’m so excited.
All I had today was trail mix. – Oh, this is everything.
Are you kidding me? Oh my gosh!
This is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.
I can’t believe you’re filming the most positive moment
of my actual life. – Okay, so step one.
– Feel the wax and moisture start to come off.
– I feel like I’m being just messed with.
– I feel like I’m in woodshop, just, “Oh yeah, use the sandpaper
to blah, blah, blah.” – If I was gonna be like a PTA mom,
yeah, come through. My apples will be the best. – I’m gonna do it better
than that video. You wanna know why? Because she did it like this, right?
What happens when you do that? Goes through your hand!
Shoots through! Ah, infection! Boils!
– I could see this just– oh! (chuckles) – Ah! (laughs)
It’s crooked. Oh, crap. – This part, you just give it
a classic October Halloween dip. – Swirling it. The caramel
doesn’t necessarily seem to be sticking to it anymore.
– Okay. And it exists. And then you just– ahhh!
Boom. Nailed it. – (“English” accent) I will name him
Herbert, and he’s beautiful. I’m proud of that.
That looks like it’s staying on. It’s not sliding off too much.
It did it. I forgot a step where
you’re supposed to dust it off to make sure that there’s no more…
of this on there. You know… – Mmm! Mmm! Mmm. (coughs)
Just like Grandma used to make. – I just got an idea.
Oh! Like that. (gasps) You didn’t see that
in the video. This is the best React video
you’ve ever seen. ♪ (upbeat guitar music) ♪ – Ohh, you put the lettuce in. Okay. – They need to work
on that meat, though. – I can’t agree with this. – So, they used the tortilla
as the backup plan for if it breaks. You still got something
holding the troops together. – I honestly don’t eat tacos
like tacos because of that issue. I just break it and eat it
with a fork. – It’s not like the lettuce
is a glue that all of a sudden (laughs) connects these two
previously connected pieces of taco. – When you put the lettuce
on the bottom, I don’t doubt that it’s gonna create almost even
like a slightly water-tight, semi-permeable membrane
that’s not only gonna prevent, you know, breakage and spillage,
but also prevent the actual taco shell from getting soggy.
But at that point, what’s the fun? You’re just changing up the entire
mouthfeel of that taco. – (FBE) You wanna give it a try?
– Yeah, I would love to try. I love tacos.
– Wow! You guys! This is so cool! – It’s got a strong stem.
– It’s like when people go to Chipotle and they get a bowl
and then they’re like, “Give me tortillas on the side,
’cause I’m being today.” – Let’s see.
– Taco shell. And then I lay him down inside.
– Use the lettuce as a foundation. – It looks silly to me,
but it’s so useful, so I’m really… I’m torn.
– Those rice are like best friends. They’re like, “We stick together!” – All right. This is cool.
And you’re seeing me eat my first vegetable.
(laughs) This is great. I’d be shocked if anything
came out of the bottom of this. – It’s not spilling. That’s good.
This is the spill test. Nothing falls out!
It’s amazing! – I’ll test it since the person
in the life hacks– Oh. I just broke it in half. (laughs) Wowww. (chuckles)
– It’s the stem. It’s the stem!
I’m not gonna crap on this one. Makes sense.
– You know what I can do? Look at this. (chuckles) Mmm!
– The whole thing’s gone. Boom shakalaka.
That’s pretty dope. 10 out of 10.
I would definitely try it out the next time I’m making tacos
in this configuration. – I hate how my mind
can be changed like from just the hardest held, stupidest opinion
to then immediately going like, “Oh, it cracked,
but nothing’s falling out!” I’m actually gonna do this,
and I kind of hate myself, and I’m worried for my future
because of it. ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ – I’ve been pouring juice wrong?
– Sandora?! Why’d they have to get juice
I’ve never heard of before? (chuckles) – What’s so complicated?
What’s the hack? – (chuckles) Oh, no!
How is it working? – Okay. They did make that
look very ineffective. – That’s not gonna–
that’s not gonna do anything! – Is that legit?
– That’s not a hack! – Ehhhhhh, that’s debatable.
– I like that I’m trying to figure out the math of the situation.
I’m like, well… No. Yes. No.
– If you just pour it slow, there’s no problem with pouring ju–
where’s the juice at? Where’s the juice?
– I’ve gotta try this. I don’t understand
how that happened, but I’m willing to
put my life on the line. – (FBE) All right.
Let’s give this a try. – I’m trying to feel the–
’cause it’s like a violent pouring motion
to go from there. It almost seems like
it hits the lip and bounces up. But if you’re going from this way… – It’s the same thing! – Okay. I kinda see it.
– I mean, it does seem a little bit easier.
You know, if you just kinda– yeah, it seems smoother.
It seems like there’s less of a chance to spill.
– I feel like it’s that specific, like, European-style container,
you know, that really causes all the spillage problems,
but I believe the video. I believe that I have been
pouring my delicious Armenian sour buckthorn juice wrong,
and I’m open to changing. – (man) Can I get ketchup?
– “How to ketchup your fries.” ♪ (lighthearted music) ♪
– (laughs) Who does that? – I kind of have been there, though.
– No, bro! You can’t do it like– Oh. (laughs) – What are you doing?!
(buzzer) – I’ve actually done
that previous one. (laughs) The ketchup hack I’m about.
I hated all the other ones. ♪ (suspenseful music) ♪ – Okay. Okay.
– That was a very light coating. I need way more ketchup
than that to be happy. – So many times I’m trying
to open a ketchup packet and it either gets the tiniest hole
or you’re just ripping the whole thing down, you know,
the entire spine of it. So, I think anything that requires you
to have finger dexterity, you know, more than the average person,
I’m already skeptical of. – That one is interesting, though.
You know, you just hold it and you just dip.
Hmm, hmm. But does it work? – (FBE) Let’s find out!
– (laughs) Such an infomercial.
– So, the hack is that you just– where it says “Tear here,”
you’re like, “No, no. No, wait one second.
I’m going double the distance.” – You can’t be deliberate about it,
’cause you don’t wanna waste time when you’re eating fries in your car,
so you’re just gonna grab the ketchup, just gonna kinda tear it open.
And that’s kind of a perfect little french fry pocket.
– You know, sometimes how it just goes all the way? – (snickers)
– I kind of– here. It’s already falling apart a little.
– Hopefully, it’s big enough. Boom. (whispers) Here goes. – Hoping it fits. I’m excited. (rumbling)
(kaboom!) Genius. I’ll be introducing it
into my life for sure. – Oh, you know what I ran into?
Look what happened. It’s not deep enough,
so I’m smashing the fry into the bottom of it.
It’s kind of working, though. – I mean, it is a slower process,
but it’s a cleaner process, so I would try to use this
at some point. – I’d probably try it,
but then I’d probably end up pour the ketchup on the fries.
– Stupid. (chuckles) Stupid. It’s just not necessary! ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ – Ooh, this is how
I start with a lemon. – I didn’t think
friction was involved. – “Roll horizontally and vertically
an equal amount of times.” Yeah, very easy. – Okay. – Ooh, okay. Looks
pretty easy on this side. – Do people just open it
from the side? I thought you always did it–
like, the top knob is where you started.
Maybe I’ve been doing it wrong. – Huh. – (snickers) That’s like saying, “Hey,
you wanna know an easy way to dice up an avocado?”
and then you start throwing it against a wall.
– (chuckles) I can’t with people trying to make it look like
it’s really difficult to do super easy things.
– I’m open to it. Maybe it’s helpful.
– Let’s do it. (chuckles) – Am I gonna change my mind
in 30 seconds when I actually do this? Of course. I’m sure
I will knowing me. – Four, five, six, seven, eight.
This is like exercise. – I’m giving it a nice massage.
You know, that’s how you get your oranges to open up to you
is start with a nice massage. – Okay. Have I done it long enough?
– Let’s see if it works. Here we go. Okay.
– And just get it started that way. And then it’s a fun little
bitter appetizer, like drinking a Negroni
before a nice plate of lasagna. – I got a paper cut. It stings.
– Yeah! Oh! (chuckles) – I would say that that is
a very valid hack. I mean, this is like butter.
This is ridiculous. – This is just madness.
So, that’s just a piece of orange. – I guess in certain parts
it’s coming off in one piece. – It’s peeling pretty easy,
but again, there’s no scientific control in this.
– Other people doing this might be a lot worse
than I am at it. And it could just be
’cause I eat oranges, like, every day. And I peel ’em really quickly,
so I’m a pretty good orange peeler is what I’m trying to see.
– I don’t want it to be this rainmaker hack, where it’s like,
“So, you do this little dance, and then you peel the orange,
and the dance did it.” I’ll put this up as a maybe.
It worked for us now. I’m not fully against it.
– I think it works, but again, as a fancy
young Victorian boy who is his own manservant
and cuts up his oranges for him, this is not particularly
helpful to me. – I’d try it again for sure.
I would wanna see if it worked well later.
– (FBE) Of all the five food hacks that you tried today, which, if any,
are you the most curious to try at home on your own?
– I wanna get weird with that taco hack, man.
I wanna get weird with the tacos. I wanna start lining my tacos–
you don’t even need to use lettuce just anything you can
line your taco with. – I think I’m really excited
to try the french fry one at home. I really wanna be able to eat my fries
and have my ketchup too and not spill it all over myself.
– The orange one! Oranges! Quick, fun, nutritious, breakfast.
I love it. They’re great. I think it actually worked.
Easily, the orange one. – Definitely the orange hack.
That was pretty mind-blowing. – The lettuce.
The lettuce makes sense. – I wanna try the taco one.
Put the lettuce at the bottom. All the technology we have,
and we’re just now finding out about the lettuce at the bottom
of the taco? Mm. Our priorities aren’t in order. – Thanks for watching YouTubers
try food hacks on the React Channel. – Subscribe to all the creators
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– We’re gonna see you guys next time. Peace!
– Hey, guys! Ethan here from the React Channel.
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