6 Cavities & Changing Diet | Vlog

6 Cavities & Changing Diet | Vlog

Hey guys, so this past week, I went to the
dentist and I got my teeth cleaned. I also got an x-ray and dental exam done.
And he’s saying that I have six cavities and I just don’t understand. I follow
exactly what the dentist tells me to do, which is to brush my teeth twice a day
for at least two minutes each time. I floss my teeth every single night. On top
of that, after I finish eating anything, I always head to the bathroom and I
rinsed my mouth vigorously with water just to get all the food particles out.
Why is it that I can have good oral hygiene habits and still get cavities,
but then people in my office that I work with, they don’t have hygiene habits as
good as mine, and they don’t have a single cavity. Like, what is wrong with me?
I am just so shocked. Look at these prices for six fillings. It ends up being
over $1,300 paying out of pocket. I don’t understand guys. Like, I think getting
cavities isn’t necessarily from not cleaning your teeth long enough. It
probably is from diet, but not in the way that you think of sugar, but maybe, just
maybe, you know, even if I’m eating healthy, I may not be getting a certain
nutrient in my food that my body desperately needs to grow and build
strong healthy teeth. So I’m gonna try to figure that out. I did some research on
what might be the cause of tooth decay and probably how to prevent or cure
tooth decay and I came across this book. It’s called,
Cure Tooth Decay. According to this book, I’m not getting enough fat soluble
vitamins in my diet so that would be vitamins A, D, E, and K. And I might be eating
too many grains, you know, carbohydrates in my diet that aren’t sprouted properly,
so I’m going to have to cut back on pasta and bread. But I also have to
incorporate more foods that do have fat soluble vitamins in my diet. And I
realized that I do not already eat those foods. The book recommended that I buy
this cod liver oil. And this brand doesn’t have any synthetic additives in
it, so that’s why I got it. It’s a bit more expensive than others, but
apparently it’s a high quality brand. It was like $20 something for an 8oz bottle and I’m going to start eating 1 teaspoon of this every single day and
see how that works out, because it does have vitamin A and vitamin D in it. I
also want to incorporate more organ meats into my diet, so things like liver,
heart, kidney, tongue. Those are really high in fat soluble vitamins, but I
called around and I checked out my local Whole Foods and Stop&Shop, Star
Market. Well, Stop&Shop does sell heart and gizzards, but they don’t
sell liver. I don’t know guys. Why don’t Americans eat this stuff? The reason they
don’t sell it is because you guys don’t eat it, right? So I have to go all the way
out to this farm that I found. It’s in West Groton and it’s a one-hour drive
away from where I live in Boston. They have really high quality meats and it’s
from locally sourced animals. They’re not grass-fed necessarily. Let’s go check it
out and see how this goes. I was just driving by to get to the farm
and I came across this. I’ve been looking for a duck eggs and wow
I just came across some. So this is a guinea. The grey one.
What about the brown one? They’re all just different kinds of chicken. And the black one?
Rhode Island Red, Black, Australorp, Plymouth Rock… And there’s a duck. [quack, quack, quack] Is that what determines what color egg they lay? So most of them lay brown eggs. But the yellow one right here, she lays a green egg. I’ve never had duck egg in my life ever and my first time seeing a duck egg in real
life. I just bought half a dozen for $2. Look at the size of it. It’s like the
size of the palm of my hand. Chicken eggs I just bought for $3 a dozen.
It looks like this. I just got back from the blood farm and
I’m in my car right now about to head into my apartment. And man guys, today was
my lucky day because not only did I get to buy liver, bone marrow, and soup bones,
I stumbled upon the person selling fresh duck eggs for only $2 for six!! I was just
driving by… he lives a mile or two down from the Blood Farm. And there it
was, I saw the sign, I was like, “Oh I gotta buy this!” Duck eggs are actually really
nutritious and they have more nutrients compared to chicken eggs. Normally if you
eat two chicken eggs, just one duck egg is enough because they’re really big or
at least that’s what the farmer told me. Today, I’ve decided that I’m gonna go
there once a month. I’m going to make it a part of my lifestyle to buy this, buy
enough for a month and just keep going back because it’s better quality. It’s
fresh. It’s much healthier for my body. I have to tell you guys, like, I have no…
like here’s the thing… I’ve lived in three cities by now, right?
This is actually something I’ve always wanted to do: buy fresh meat from
the farm. And when I was living in Brooklyn, first of all, I didn’t
know how to drive and even if you do know how to drive, it’s really hard to
get out of the city because New York City is huge, right? And there’s tons of
traffic and if you wanted to buy something like this, you just head into
Manhattan and you go to the farmers’ market or go to like a
specialty store, right? Everything is just so expensive. I don’t even know how
people can afford to eat this stuff in Manhattan, unless you’re like rich and
you come from money, or you’ve made a ton of money and you just don’t have to
worry about money anymore, like budgeting or anything like that. I don’t know
how a normal person like me or, you know, at the time, low income person, could
afford to like that. I just thought this kind of lifestyle was for someone
who is upper-class. I was much closer to having this kind of lifestyle
in Texas and I would see grass-fed cows when I’m driving by and I see these
farms. So clearly, I had more access to it, but
I just… I guess I didn’t prioritize it. I think I made an excuse and I justified
it to myself that I can’t afford it, even though I didn’t even bother to look at
the price. I never bothered to do the cost comparison of my local grocery
store to what the farmer would sell it for. Now that I’m here and I have
this teeth issue, and I’m like well I really do want to have more of this in
my diet, here I am again… I was just about to make another excuse, which is…
well this place is one hour away. It’s pretty far and I don’t want to do it.
It’s not worth with my time. I decided I need to stop living my life with excuses.
If I have an excuse for why I can’t do something that I want to do, I just need
to drop it, because I’ve realized after the 3rd time, I’m always going to have
an excuse. I’m always going to come up with a new one for why I can’t do
something. And I hope you can take that away from this video. Whatever you want
to have in your life, you’re always going to come up with an excuse for why you
can’t have it. And you’re not going to give yourself permission to have it.
You’re going to wait for someone else to give you that permission. No one is going
to give you that permission. All the choices you make in your life are yours.
That’s my message for today. So here’s a price list that I got from the Blood
Farm. And I got pork pork liver for 99c/lb. I really wanted beef but
they didn’t have any available when I got there, so yeah, but I think 99c/lb for liver is a great price actually. And let’s see… so for their beef section, they have a lot of organ meats available and bones. They have beef bones, soup bones, marrow bones… great price and liver, tongue, kidney, heart… look at these
prices! I think they’re great for what you get, especially considering the
quality of the meat. And in the lamb/goat section, there is liver for $1.99, but their tongue is a bit pricey, because I
you know every lamb and goat only has one tongue! Haha, and well their heart and
kidney, I think is a good price. Chicken does not have any organ meat available.
And they do have veal liver for $4.99, which I probably won’t get because
that’s a bit out of my price range, but they do have soup bones for $1.99. I do want to head over to my local Stop&Shop and compare the
prices of their muscle meats even though I’m not necessarily buying muscle meats.
But I do want to see how their prices for these cuts of beef compare to the Blood
Farm. Let’s head over there and check it out. I just left the Stop&Shop and I
was recording some of the prices while I was there on camera… and then this
employee who was looking at me came up to me and asked me if I found everything
okay. And all of a sudden, I felt really awkward and uncomfortable because I
didn’t know what to say to him, so then I stopped recording and, you know, I was just looking at the prices with my eyes so I don’t really have a record
aside from what I already recorded. I got over the fear of talking in front of the
camera, but I think the fear of recording in public in front of other people, which
is just really awkward!!! I’m still not over that fear. I’ve never vlogged before.
It’s weird. I’m sorry. Please excuse me for that. So if the price of meat at my
local grocery store is on sale, then that price is cheaper than what I would find
at the Blood Farm. If it’s at the regular price, then actually the price that I get
at the Blood Farm is $1.00-$2.00 cheaper per pound and it is a
higher-quality cut compared to my local grocery store and much more fresh
because at the Blood Farm, they will package it and seal and freeze it
immediately, so you know it’s really fresh, but as for the grocery store you
actually don’t know just how long it’s been sitting there on a shelf or like
when was this animal killed. Anyway yeah… 馃檪


31 thoughts on “6 Cavities & Changing Diet | Vlog”

  • Alton Mccruse says:

    This girl is so authentic, intelligent and of course beautiful, no doubt she鈥檚 my fav YouTuber 鉂わ笍

  • I do well on a "whole food plant based diet". Eat plenty of greens, spinach, kale, cabbage, like the 1940s Japanese, Okinawan's. Many eat natto, loaded with vit K2 a fermented soy bean and they live to 100 with good bones and teeth. You can make your own or try to find it or order it, much more costly. It looks kinda nasty like beans with snots dripping all over it…lol
    Vitamin K2 is crucial to preventing tooth decay. The fat-soluble vitamins are key factors for strong, naturally healthy teeth. Without enough Vitamin K2, our teeth are susceptible to tooth decay. They lose the ability to both defend against bacteria and heal and remineralize teeth from the inside.
    Good luck

  • That's a Wrap says:

    I'm not wasting my money on dental work, or any doctors, ever. Hopefully when my teeth rot out I'll have a massive fatal heart attack. I really don't care. Let it go

  • Omg Annie, I went for a dental cleaning recently too. No more coffee and soda for me as I want to keep my teeth bright white..lol Here's some tips I learned that you might find helpful:
    To scrub away plaque/natural cleaners: eating fresh celery, apples, carrots, cucumber, radishes. To protect tooth enamel: cheddar cheese, it neutralizes the acidity caused by eating and drinking. It's a good source of calcium, phosphorus, and casein protein, to strengthen tooth enamel. As well as almonds, milk, tofu and yogurt.
    Gum guarders: Red bell peppers, broccoli, kiwifruit, oranges, and peaches are packed with Vit C, necessary for the production of collagen, a
    structural protein that maintains the gums' tight shape
    around teeth. Good luck, I am totally with you on being diligent about our teeth!

  • Plan a vacation to Los Algodones Mexico, very safe dentist city, just west of Yuma Arizona, Amtrak station location. Quality dental work at 80 percent discount, you are talking 50 to 100 bucks per tooth or less. I had my whole mouth rebuilt for 7k, 28 zircon caps at 220 each, part ceramic. Root canal to save my molar was 150 dollars. Peruvian specialist woman saved it, they subbed that job out. Three other dentists said to pull it. 3 years later……..no problems at all. This was 32k worth of dental work in the states.

  • Most important advice even for Mexican dentists, the dentist must be over 40. Do not ever let a young dentist work on you because they over drill the holes and make small mistakes often. You want a dentist who has seen 5000 mouths. Navy dentists are the best in the USA. Then older grey haired Mexican dentists who are wealthy and use top notch technology that us dentists can't afford. They have x-ray machines that use almost no gamma radiation, levels very safe. The one used on me was 50k and the wand to hold inside my mouth was 10k. The assistant never wore lead bib, she just held it up and all my pictures were up on the screen and the experts were talking about it for 10 minutes. They took a lot of time with me. 15% of the Mexican older dentists are top notch experts, 50% are OK fine, and the rest are scammers. Yeah 35% are cousins who learned it and want money, or too young and don't care that much. But most dentists in the US are stuck with loans and debts so bad that they have to overcharge to be able to sleep at night. Mexican dentists are all funded by their government and they graduate with no debt so they charge cheaper than an oil change in the states. But……only the older ones are good, really good. You take a week tomfind a good one and let them bid on your mouth like it was auto repair. You must know your own mouth and what is wrong and what are the solutions, then it's by price. Price is last. First you use the free bids to learn what's wrong with your teeth. That takes a week. One week to find a good dentist. One week to get the work done, over a few visits. One week to kick around and try the restaurants and buy cheap leather goods and hats and tee shirts. Stay away from rhymes with swami.

  • Hi so i have cavities and in my teeth there is a large hole and when food goes in it hurts since it touches something deep down so i use a toothpick and get the food out but sometimes i poke the inside of it and it hurts do you know why food going in makes it hurt and what procedure i will need

  • I feel like my dentist is scamming me. I just had deep cleaning and now they are saying that I have 7 cavities.

  • My first question is do you trust this dentist, as in do they have good reviews (plus good BBB rating) and no complaints of padding extra charges? Some unscrupulous places will tag you with cavities (false report) to raise their payday. If you have any reasonable doubts, get a second opinion.
    Do you manually brush or use an electric? Your gums shouldn't feel pain from brushing- it's easy to over brush when doing it manually. I recommend using Sonicare Electric Brush, which can be had for about $20 on sale for their base models. You don't have to use any pressure and let the brush do all the work.
    Cavities are due to bacteria acid eating away at the enamel. Sometimes food can get stuck between the teeth and flossing may not remove all particles. One good secondary measure for cleaning is to use a mouthwash like Listerine daily and swish it around for at least 20 seconds. That should help kill any developing bacteria. Another good product is a fluoride wash that helps build up your enamel.

    Women in general are usually low in calcium and iron, so make sure you take a vitamin supplement that helps.

    Lastly, strength on enamel is a genetic trait. Some people can eat sweets and never take care of their teeth and no get cavities while others seem to be cavity magnets despite proper dental hygiene. Don't blame yourself – it's all a luck of the draw. =) The good news is you inherited a great mind for realizing value. 馃憤
    One last thing- with flossing- be careful not to snap the floss into the gums when fitting it between teeth, as that will hurt the gums and make them sensitive.

  • You have to eat to build up your teeth. Eat liver, gelatin, bone broth, egg shells (you can get that kind in pill form, but Bruce Lee used to put whole raw eggs with the shell in his blender for shakes) and seaweed. Your teeth need a lot of minerals. Also my cousin used to have a lot of cavities, but his dentist drilled holes when there where no cavities, that dentist got in trouble. Maybe get a second opinion on your cavities.

  • I am right here where you are, can I just cry a little, I am trying to order cod liver, to my country, and it's is so expensive, I wish I had another way to bring it to Namibia.

  • Please dont go the meat route! It麓ll make your body acidic and thats even worse for your teeth! Just be plant based and add Vitamin D, K2 & Magnesium as a supplement, it works wonders 馃檪

  • I would love to have you as a customer for my Kansas grass fed Galloway beef. Put my first side in the freezer 3 months ago and sold the other side to a coworker. Even though it was a bit too young, I wish I could have put on 6 more months of growth, finishing it on green grass it still had a nice healthy amount of fat, was aged 21 days and turned out very tasty considering the butcher rated it Selects+. Have had lots of duck eggs from my khaki Campbell ducks too but this year , my first year raising beef cows , the lower horizon on my pasture allowed my duck to see the pond and my hens decided to nest out in the wild. They in turn fed the coyotes, shunts, opossums, and I ran out of eggs. I got my first cavity 4 months later. I love your perspective. Just careful and figure out the best balance of organ meats as Utica acid levels without proper balance can go high. Wish you well.

  • That's cheaper than my cavities to get filled. They are charging me $550 per tooth and I have 4 that need to be filled. Smh… it's ridiculous!

  • Nicholas Anderson says:

    Your wicked beautiful 馃槏 ..you live in boston? That's really close, I live in worcester. Do you have a ig or sc I could follow you on maybe we could meet up one day : )

  • Thanks for sharing your experience! I'm having the same problem now. I've tried supplementing though I have not changed my diet since its really hard to do it here without breaking the budget. Can you please share updates on whether it is working for you? Cheers and thank u

  • I've always believed it is your genetics and the bacteria in your mouth, that determine if you are cavity prone.
    Yes, you do need to have good oral hygiene but I'm 35 and I've only had about 4 cavities in my life. I had two in 2017. I just went back to my dentist (October 2019), after not going for two years and I somehow had no cavities. (They did have to scrap a lot of buildup off my teeth and I got a lecture on flossing because I rarely floss.) For someone who will go days without brushing her teeth (due to depression), and eats a lot of sugar, I should have more cavities! This is not to brag, it isn't fair! And, I don't think I was just lucky. I think it was just due to the following reasons, 1.) I have gaps between my teeth, 2.) cavities don't run in my family (my mother and sister never get any) and 3.) I don't have an abundance of the cavity causing bacteria in my mouth.

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