7 Anti-Aging Foods For Men

7 Anti-Aging Foods For Men

Hey there, health junkies! Have you been feeling
insecure about your age lately? It’s a drag for everyone. But for men in particular, aging
could mean hair loss, less energy in the gym and weight gain. Let’s discuss 7 Foods That
Slow Down The Aging Process. Can avacado do the trick? How about tomatoes?
Maybe a cup of green tea each day? We’re talking about all these foods AND more…
Let’s begin shall we? Sardines Alright, I know. We’re not starting this
video off on a high note. But don’t turn it off just yet. Sardines are a nutrient goldmine
that can slow down the aging process for even the most skeptical of men. When you bite into one of these tiny fishes,
your system is greeted with a wave of protein. Just 2 sardines from a can equal 6 grams.
That is 12% of your daily intake. Protein is used by the body to build and repair tissues.
It also makes up your hair and nails. When you eat protein, you are supplying your body
with the tools to maintain healthy bones, cartilage and skin. This protein contains essential amino acids.
Your body needs this in order to feed new cells.
On top of great protein content, sardines are one of the richest sources of omega-3
fatty acids, which can lower your cholesterol. Another secret weapon of sardines is their
Vitamin B12 content. This is crucial for the maintenance of healthy hair, eyes and skin.
Over 40% of Americans are not receiving proper B12 nourishment, so you may want to have a
look at this amazing fish. Does the sheer thought of digesting a sardine
make you ill? Well here’s another food worth thinking about. Avocado This is for all you fruit fiends out there.
A steady diet of avocado is one of the smartest choices you can make for your health. They
can be eaten with a variety of different foods. From the guacamole dip with your nachos, to
avocado toast, a new way to eat this fine fruit is being invented everyday. Avocado contains high amounts of fiber, which
can contribute to weight loss as it makes you feel full for an extended period of time.
Fiber also feeds your healthy gut bacteria, allowing your body to properly function. Just
a single avocado holds 13.5 grams of dietary fiber. This equals about 54% of your recommended
intake for each day. It’s also important to mention the power
of antioxidants in avocados. This includes carotenoids like lutein and zeaxanthin, which
assist the health of your eyes. Particularly the prevention of cataracts and macular degeneration. Did you know that those who eat avocados on
the regular tend to be healthier? In 2013, a study showed that those who ate it had a
higher nutrient intake. They were also at less risk of heart disease and diabetes. You
become much more vulnerable to these illnesses as you get older. So if you’re looking for a new addition
to your toast, add avocado to your grocery list. Oysters No, ingesting their pearls won’t make you
live longer. Poetic as it may sound. But oysters do have amazing nutrients that can slow down
a man’s aging process. We know they seem gross, but consider this… Like it’s seafood buddy sardine, oysters
are a rich source of protein. Just a single serving of oysters equals about 9 grams of
protein, which comes to about 18% of your daily intake. A diet that is high in protein
is proven to be more effective in weight loss than low fat diets. It can also lower your
risk of heart disease. Another great age-fighting benefit for men
is oyster’s zinc content. Your body needs this mineral in order to produce testosterone.
This hormone plays a key role in increasing your muscle and bone mass. It can also help
to develop male reproductive tissues as well as promote a healthier heart. A medium oyster holds about 5 mg of zinc.
For men, your recommended intake is around 11 mg in total. So if you’re searching for
the proper food to increase your heart health and stamina, you may want to give oysters
a shot. Are you finding this interesting so far? This
next point should definitely have you on board. But before we continue, we would like to thank
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Nuts Eating just a handful of this delicious snack
will have your body fighting the realities of aging almost instantly. This is another
protein jackpot that you need to consider. A single cup of nuts contains 27 grams of
protein. That’s 54% of your daily intake. Nuts also contain healthy levels of fiber,
magnesium and vitamin E. In fact, let’s take a second to discuss the ladder. Vitamin
E is a popular ingredient in many anti-aging products. It can increase the functionality
of the immune system, as well as prevent heart disease. Those who eat nuts are more likely
to have healthier eyes. Since nuts help to lower cholesterol, studies
have shown those who consume them on the regular are less likely to suffer strokes or heart
attacks. Their antioxidant game is also off the charts. These antioxidants fight against
oxidative stress, repairing the bodies damaged cells. If you would like to consider eating nuts,
experts recommend as much as a small handful in a day. This alone will reduce your risk
of developing various age-related diseases. Blueberries This is another food that you can eat a minimal
amount of. Keep in mind, it should be a little more than a handful. Just 2 ounces a day can
make a difference. Why, you ask? Blueberries play a massive role in reducing
blood pressure. In 2010, an eight week study was conducted on obese people. After eating
50 grams of blueberries for eight weeks, researchers noted that the subjects experienced a 4-6%
decrease in blood pressure. A blueberry’s antioxidant supply will fight
against DNA damage slowing down the aging process. It does this by fighting off free
radicals in your system. Research has shown that drinking blueberry mixed with apple juice
everyday can reduce free radical damage by 20%. If you’re losing a bit of hair, you’ll
be happy to know that blueberries can help with this also. Their polyphenols work to
accelerate the growth of hair follicles. Blueberries also slow your hair down from going grey.
So you may still have a few years left of a darker scalp. Enjoy it. Before we continue, are you concerned about
the state of your overall health? Perhaps you’d enjoy our recent video discussing
18 Healthy Snacks That Can Help You Lose Weight Fast. Also, if you’re trying to improve your hygiene,
check out our clip listing 8 Personal Hygiene Rules We Break Everyday! Now back to our discussion of Anti-Aging Foods
For Men. Green Tea Green tea is among the most popular beverages
around. There’s nothing quite as relaxing as sitting back with a warm cup after an exhausting
day. But this drink also has great aging benefits. Most of us have heard how green tea assists
with weight loss efforts. That must not be brushed aside. Green tea helps to burn body
fat. The drink is also proven to lower the risk of various diseases including cancer,
Alzheimers, Parkinsons and Type-2 diabetes. Research has pointed towards green tea actually
increasing your longevity. A study of 40,000 Japanese adults showed that those who drank
green tea daily were less likely to die over the course of 11 years. The heart disease
rate in men lowered by 12%. Not to mention a 35% lower rate of strokes for male subjects. These are all things we must consider when
aging. The less we take care of our health, the more vulnerable you are to dying early. Tomatoes You already like putting it on your burger.
Is it really too much trouble to add more of it to your
diet? Did you know that tomatoes have the perfect amount of anti-aging benefits? Tomatoes carry something known as carotenoids.
This compound can protect your skin from damage to the sun. It has been shown that those who
ingest 40 grams of tomato paste in a day will get less sun burns than those who don’t. Lycopene, a particular carotenoid, is the
name of the bright red substance found in tomatoes and other fruits. This allows your
body to stay youthful. It also protects your body from harmful toxins. Tomato-based products
such as ketchup and tomato sauce make up 80% of America’s lycopene consumption. Healthy tomato consumption is said to help
prevent the development of various cancers. So if you’re one of those people who says
“Hold the tomato” when ordering a sandwich, you may want to stop that. Do you eat any of these foods? Would you consider
trying them after hearing about their anti-aging benefits? Let us know in the comments below,
fellas. We would love to hear from you!


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