7 Foods You Should NEVER Eat On A First Date!

There are foods you should never ever
order on a date. My name is Anna and I run an online finishing school called School Of Affluence. I teach women high society’s skills and
how to become a more elegant and refined version of yourself. So if you want to start your
transformation just visit www.SchoolOfAffluence.com So the number one thing
and this is definitely on my top two list. So here it goes. Do not eat raw onion, anything will raw onion
when you are on a date with a man. It is pretty self-explanatory. You have to avoid things like ceviche,
like guacamole. They even put raw onion in the salads,
which I absolutely dislike. What happens is that raw onions
have a very strong and particular smell. A smell that doesn’t really go away instantly,
even if you brush your teeth. This also goes along if you’re cooking with raw onion. If you, for instance, chopping a raw onion, you should always wear gloves because your fingers are going to smell for days. Well if we’re having a conversation about Mr. Onion,
let’s talk about his smelly relative too, which also is in my top two of no-no foods to eat. Actually, I never eat raw onion or at number two, we have garlic. Yes ladies, I do not eat raw garlic either because that’s another extremely smelly food
that you must avoid because this is a smell that is going
to really stick to you. It’s going to evaporate through your skin
for days after you eat garlic. I know that in some cultures,
you cook everything with garlic which is nothing that I’m trying to dismiss. Because I’m not saying your food is wrong or anything but cooked garlic is a little bit more okay
than raw garlic. If you can avoid any garlic,
you’re really going to stay safe. Because like I said, garlic is very very smelly
and it evaporates from your skin. It really sticks to your skin, it smells. I mean, this might not be the most elegant
conversation we’re having on this channel. But for instance, when your food is
digesting well after you have eaten Then you might come up a bubble in your throat, something that we call a burp, right? But it may be a small silent little one. But if you have eaten garlic,
that bubble in your throat ladies, are going to have a very unpleasant smell. So when you are in the company of a man,
you do not want to have any body odors, any smells coming from you. And that’s actually the issue with garlic and onion. I’m sorry to say it but if you want
to leave a good impression, you better think about what you eat. The number three might actually surprise some of you Because I would not advise you to eat salad
on your first date or whenever you’re trying to eat elegantly. For the simple reason, that salad is actually
almost a tricky food to eat. Depending how it is prepared,
depending how big the salad leaves are, it might be very hard to take a bite-sized piece and put it in your mouth
without everything just unfolding in the air and splashing dressing on you and so on. And the number-one rule with eating salad is that you are not allowed
to cut a salad with your knife. Salad is supposed to be eaten the way there. So oftentimes, salad is actually only eaten with fork. So you are going to be in a hard situation if like I said, the leaves are huge, there is plenty of dressing. How are you gonna put that a big piece of salad
into your mouth without making a total mess? So don’t take that risk because we don’t want you to be all stained and lose your elegance while you’re trying to leave a good impression. Number four, Foie gras. Why Foie gras? One of the things that I personally
think is absolutely inappropriate is to eat something that has been prepared
in a very very extremely cruel way. I know the meat industry today is horrible
and so is the dairy and egg industry as well. So I’m not not acknowledging those things
but I do really want to make a stance for Foie gras because I feel like
a lot of you are really not aware. And many times people go to sophisticated
restaurants and they order foie gras because it’s this kind of affluent dish
that you are so sophisticated if you eat it.; And they just want to impress other people
and for me, that’s just pure stupid. Because in reality, you’re supporting
horrible animal cruelty. When these poor ducks are
raised to be a force-fed you, you have no idea, like I’m not really gonna go that far. but I really want you to know that Foie gras is extremely animal cruel.
so don’t order foie gras, you will not be sophisticated,
you will just look uneducated. And today, everybody’s taking responsibility
for our planet, for being animal-friendly and the way we treat our planet. That is now the new level of being chic,
so make sure you are that educator person who is responsible with their actions. Number five, spaghetti Do you know how to eat spaghetti elegantly? And no, you’re not supposed to east
spaghetti with spoon and fork. That is wrong. Spaghetti is eaten with fork only
and there is a very particular trick to how you can make that work. But ladies, I can tell you one thing. Unless you are a pro at eating spaghetti,
unless you have been practicing this for years or you are Italian,
do not eat spaghetti. Because there is a big chance,
you’re going to make a big mess and the worst is when you are wearing a light-colored outfit. Maybe you’re wearing a white beautiful dress
and then you’re eating spaghetti with tomato sauce and you were twisting it
and you’re trying to eat it and splash tomato sauce on your white beautiful dress, horrible! And then your date feels almost ruined. So don’t take that risk, it’s not worth it. Spaghetti is truly more of an advanced food, so save it for when you are alone. Number six, fast food, the type of food that is often eaten with fingers
such as burger, nachos, club sandwich. These type of foods are first of all,
they’re not very elegant to eat. They are like I said, a little bit fast-food type of food. Can you imagine yourself,
a sophisticated woman, eating a burger? I’m not saying you are not allowed
to eat this type of foods. But I would say that this is the
type of food you would perhaps eat more in private, when you are with close
friends or family members, comfort food basically. You don’t order this type
of things in fine restaurants and especially not if you are there on the date. They are very messy to eat. You could eat a burger with cutlery
but it is going to be tricky. And your elbows are going to be up in the air and you will be having to use a very strong, probably steak knife
to be able to cut through those thick layers. Or for instance, nachos is something
that you cannot eat with utensils. You have to eat that with hands and with all the cheeses and sauces and guacamole and tomatoes
and this and that, good luck really, good luck! And then we have the famous club sandwich,
now how on earth are you supposed to eat that thing without
everything is just like sliding out to the side? It’s really really hard,
so save yourself a headache. Don’t order this type of food,
it’s just not worth it now. Now lastly, number seven I think we live in a society today
where a lot of people or maybe I would say more and more people are getting
sensitive stomachs, they get IBS and they get bloated for every single thing, regardless if it’s because of gluten or something else. This is unfortunate but I do want to spell it out that you are aware of when you go on dates
or when you know if for instance, you are going to be intimate with the man and so on,
that you don’t eat things that are hard to digest. I want you to think about
that you don’t eat these things when you are going on dates or maybe when
you’re going out to party and you’re wearing a beautiful tight dress. Eating things that are hard to digest and
that will really make you bloated, these things can be different
for different types of people. Though my list is not of course set in stone
but I know for sure there are many types of vegetables that can make you
feel very bloated especially if you’re not used to eating vegetables, like broccoli, cauliflower as an example. I remember once, I went to a raw vegan restaurant
for the first time many many years ago and I did not have a great experience after. Because my stomach was not prepared,
not ready for that type of high fiber food, so I really had to cancel my plans after. So you really have to take these things into account. Other things would be for instance,
if you are sensitive to bread or pasta or worst of all lentils and beans. I don’t know many people
who can process lentils and beans in a very good smooth way. Avoid anything like that. Maybe it’s not worth having lentils
and the same goes for any heavy food, anything that makes you feel
like you gained 5 kilos. It’s just not worth it. So save that for days when
you are more comfortable with a person or for casual days with your family or friends, not when you want to be elegant and not when you want to be on top of your game,
like us, elegant ladies always are. If you want to learn more about
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