all right good afternoon everybody my
name in the glass milk and a state I want to make my case visually and
verbally you’re only the 11th class to see what I’m about to show this just
went down a few months ago in Queen City Ohio mom ha dairy fun this is not an isolated incident don’t
for one minute think that this is an isolated incident this is how slaves are
treated you don’t really think that slaves get treated nicely do you
you really think white people were nice when they ship black people over here on
ships you don’t think Nazis were nice when they walk Jews and gypsies into the
gas chambers do you and this happens because you want to buy those products
yeah that guy’s a scumbag for doing that but he’s doing that because you want to
eat what comes out of her body and enough already you’re not a caveman and
you’re not a cavewoman anymore stop acting like Neanderthals this is 2010
give it up it’s not cute and it’s not funny because animals are being abused
it is not you’re right it is not your freedom to do this to them you don’t get
to have freedom when somebody else doesn’t that’s a violation and if you
wonder why vegans get so upset sometimes like I am right now you just saw some of
it every time we show up at a farm someone is punching chicken and stabbing
somebody and something else and I’m curious about
how come when I show videos like this of people punching and kicking animals
people are more upset with that then when they shove a knife in their throat
so even if you find a farm when they’re not punching and kicking when they shove
a knife from the throat of put a bullet between their eyes how is that not
cruelty did you know that 90% of hamburger meat in America comes from the
dairy industry when cows no longer give huge amounts of milk after three to
seven years slaughterhouse no exceptions if ever given a chance
cows will live to be 18:25 and cows are like all female
mammals I am NOT trying to talk down to you when I speak about animal issues
it’s just that people don’t think that animals go through the same things the
same emotions that you go through that we all go through in order for a female
mammal to give to give milk she has to be pregnant every year every cow and
every dairy farm is raped a long steel device shoving their vaginas to inject
them with bull semen or sometimes they use a bare hand this forces the milk
flow and after she gives birth babies are stolen let me tell you something the
worst scream I have ever heard and I’ve heard them all firsthand when I started
finding out about this stuff little over 15 years ago I was like everybody else I
didn’t believe it was that bad I thought everybody was exaggerating but unlike
everybody else who just blows it aside brushes it off I actually went to see
what was going on I spent six weeks at Thornapple battling pig slaughterhouse
in Detroit in 1993 I broke into animal research laboratories I broke into fur
farms I went behind the scenes of every circus and every rodeo that ever came
through Michigan worst scream I’ve ever heard a mother cow in a dairy farm as
she screams and bellows her lungs out day after day for her stolen baby to be
given back to her and I can only imagine the same scream every woman in this room
would make somebody held you down after birth the stove’s your newborn baby from
you and why don’t we take babies away from their mom well the dairy is we
can’t have little babies sucking up all that milk that was meant for them when
they’d rather sell it to you instead every time you have a glass of cow milk
some calf is not and mother cows make milk for one reason anyways during Q&A
we’re about to have you can ask me whatever you want I’m no politician
bring up anything you went online before I got here saw my
ride blessings and got me kicked out of countries bring them up there is one
question I will not entertain them you cannot ask me why cows make milk thus if
it’s good for us should we be feeding it to our kids Gary should we be having it
nature took care of this one at the beginning of time cows make milk for
their babies and for their babies alone case is closed forever permanently no
debate no discussion they don’t make milk for baby elephants
maybe orangutangs baby hedgehogs baby rabbits baby rats baby humans adolescent
humans or adult humans this body of ours has absolutely no need for cow milk like
it has absolutely no need for giraffe milk in zebra milk and rhinoceros milk
in the Potamus milk camel milk deer milk antelope milk horse milk Pig milk dog
milk or cat milk the only milk that we ever need is our own mother’s breast
milk boomer born that’s it and when we’re done we we never need one drop of
milk ever again no species on this planet needs milk they’re done weaning
but if you want to include some kind of milk in your diet like I do let me
reiterate the good news soy milk rice milk almond milk hemp milk coconut milk
oat milk hazelnuts I promise you will like one of those
seven vegan milks remember when you go veg you don’t give up anything you got
the vegan version of stuff or eat things that are truly natural like fruits and
vegetables beans and lentils and seeds I want to thank everybody for listening
with an open mind and you appreciate that


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