Am I Eating Dog Food or Healthy Food?

Am I Eating Dog Food or Healthy Food?

WAY-FM, this is the Wally Show, and Bekah
loves her dog. And she pampers her dog. Spoils it a little bit with some fancy dog
treats. And you came up with an idea that I’m not
sure I’m in love with. Yeah, so I get these fancy dog treats, and
the people at the dog bakery say they’re so good that humans can eat ’em. So I thought we could do a little taste test
today. I have the fancy dog treats and then super
healthy, vegan, organic, blablabla food from Whole Foods. And I wanna see if Wally and Betty can tell
the difference between the two. Yeah, I bet I’ll hate the healthy, Whole Foods
stuff even more. You’ll think that that’s dog treats. For sure! That’s what I’m curious about! I know. We’ll see. I I have a gag reflex. I need to tell you that and warn you about
this for listening or watching like, I just…. I have a gag reflex, so I actually have a
trash can here should things go awry. Ok, so for the first one, here you go if you
wanna pass that to Wally. Thank you! You’re gonna taste test it, and then I have
white boards down below. You’ll write down what you think it is.
-Ooh, I smell it! And then reveal your answer. Yeah, don’t smell it. I think that’s bad. It smells really strong. Alright. You ready? 3….2…1…go. Mm. How’s it taste? It tastes vegan-y. Um, it tastes like….mmm. Don’t give too much away! You don’t want to spoil it for Betty if you
think you know what it is. Ok. Write down your answer, Rock. I’m gonna go…. The gag reflex so far has not been bad! No! A little scrunch of the nose? But not much. I wasn’t too bad on that. Write down your answer. H or D.
-Ok. Wally, what’d you say? I said human. I went human on this one. I also said human. You are both…. Incorrect!
-No! We just ate a dog treat! Those are the Peanut “Mutter” Cookies from
the dog bakery! Mutter? I see what they did there. There’s like….it’s like a peanut butter
cookie but with not any sugar. Here, try more. No! No. Would you have kept eating it if you didn’t
know it was a dog treat? I just took another bite to see. It’s not bad. I’m surprised. Like, I could see a dog being like, “Oh, this
is good!” Alright. It’s not great, but…. If you don’t know any better, yeah.
-I need to cleanse your palate. Ok, number 2! What do you think? What does it look like to you? It looks like a sugar cookie! It looks like it’s got frosting! In a sugar cookie! Mine doesn’t have frosting! Well, I got frosting. I’m all in. Mm. Mmhmm. (Wimpering) That’s not good. Not as good as it smells, huh? No. Mm. I don’t like it. I don’t like it at all. Um, ok. Alright, write down your guesses. I will say this: if that’s a dog treat, a
dog is lucky, cuz that’s not a bad dog treat. But I don’t like that for a human treat at
all. So Wally went human. Betty, what did you say? I also said human Both of you are…. Correct! Yeah! Those are gluten free shortbread cookies. Yeah, I could see that. It tastes like….I was like, “What’s missing?” And it dawned on me. Gluten. Yeah. Ok, number 3. Not bad! It’s alright. I’ve had worse. You got me on a good day! I’m hungry. Ooh, Betty Rock. This is right up your alley. Oh, this looks suspicious. It’s got chocolate on it! It’s like a cylinder….it looks like a pretzel
cookie. With some chocolate icing on it, but I don’t
know if that’s chocolate. Alright. Ready? 3, 2, 1, eat. Ow! OW! (unintelligible) Someone’s dramatic! Wow! No. NO! No. Ok, it’s not bad. How is it not bad? That’s horrible! It’s just very bland. It’s crunchy. It jabbed me, too, and it’s disgusting. That is 100%….I have to go….dog on that
-I’m saying dog. 100%. Yeah. Both of you would be…. Correct! Those are the Springer Spaniel Sprinkles! We’ve done fairly well, I think, right? Yeah, you’ve done well. You’re all tied up right now. You’ve only missed one each, so that’s good
news. Ok. I did, by the way, I got you the dog treats
that the bakery people said, “Yeah, we eat these on our own!” So.
-Really? Yeah, that’s the good news. Well that’s a problem. Ok. So, we have the thing that looks like beef
jerky, here, is what it kind of looks like. 1, 2, 3, go. Wally, put it in your mouth. I saw that. Put it in your mouth, now. Sorry! Do it. Put it in. Come on. Final round. Be a team player. It’s not bad! I think….I think….
-Yeah, for sure. Hold it together! Gag reflex is coming back. It’s not that bad! I think I might go in for a second! My mind gets me, too. I got you a tiny, tiny little bite. I know, but my mind gets me, and I start thinking
of my dog or whatever eating this, and then it’s gross to me. Um. (Dramatic gag) It’s got a smoky flavor to
it. (More dramatic gagging) Oh my gosh. You’re so ridiculous. I’m so sorry! (….really?) I’m so sorry. Ew! He spit all over the table. I’m sorry. Again, I have a wicked bad gag reflex, and
then when I start thinking about it, it gets absolutely worse. Dog! Dog! Human! Ok, you are…. Both correct! What? Betty got some free range Turkey Jerky. Aw, come on! Wally got a straight up Beggin’ Strip! Gotta get that bacon! Baconbaconbaconbaconbacon.


7 thoughts on “Am I Eating Dog Food or Healthy Food?”

  • Samuel Fitdawg18 says:

    I feel so bad for you Wally!!!!!!!! A 50 year old should never ever have to eat that stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!

  • Stormy Phillips says:

    Guys omg stop with the attention grabbing videos. I’m supposed to be doing homework for drama class. 😂😂 You guys are willing to try anything, I swear. Way braver than I would be!

  • Betty and Wally were such troopers. Wally, my man, I completely understand the gag reflex. I feel your pain, brother. During the last bit where Wally got the Beggin' Strip and Betty got the Turkey jerky……Bekah must have been rolling with laughter on the inside and Betty's smile lit up the whole room with the reveal. Absolutely glorious.

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