Are Taco Bell’s Reaper Fries The Hottest Ever?

Are Taco Bell’s Reaper Fries The Hottest Ever?

All right, so before anything else I just wanted to apologize Real quick as I was going over the video and I was ready to upload it. I Realized I made a pretty serious mistake , now doesn’t sacrifice the quality of the review so I’m still going to go ahead with it, but unfortunately The information I used to do this video was incorrect and the name of the pepper Was of course the Carolina Reaper pepper, not the California Reaper pepper And that was I was kind of thinking to myself filming I was thinking that’s kind of weird You know, I was familiar with the Carolina Reaper and sure enough. There was a misprint that I was going off of and Confusion an issue there. So I just wanted to apologize for that but do know that the review itself is factually, correct Have fun with it, you know say that the heat or something gave me delirium or something like that Have fun with it and enjoy the review. Thank you. And I do apologize again. Hello, everyone. This is running on empty Food review. Well, hello ladies and gentlemen and everyone watching. This is running on empty food review I am your host review brah Changing it up big time there and we’re back at it. We’re trying out a new item for you on a very hot afternoon I would wager that it is actually I see the thermometer over there reads a bit over 100 Degrees and it is it’s a very very warm day today I’m going with the long sleeves and I was feeling you know what I want to punish myself today I want to start off this week on the rockiest note possible. So what can I do? To achieve such a thing and the idea popped into my head You know go out and on hottest time of day Wearing long sleeves and then to add insult to injury and go and get these cheese fries from Taco Bell with the hottest pepper Imaginable on them and that’s exactly what I did because I’m just that mad of a lad ladies and gentlemen Yes, indeed Taco Bell has a new item out and it is a spicy one. Needless to say it is called the steak Reaper ranch fries supreme Oh boy, it’s a it’s a mouthful indeed, but it’s gonna have you on the floor projectile vomiting ladies and gentlemen Because here’s what it has right it has the hottest pepper in the world Okay, and they aren’t kidding here What this is is it has their nacho fries the infamous nacho fries You know good old nacho fries The cheese fries needless to say with their nacho fries though as the the fries, right So it’s not like they’re just going to go and steal the fries from McDonald’s right? They’re using their own Right, so that that’s where it comes from. For those of you curious. Then it comes with high quality steak There there a steak right there sour cream nacho cheese tomatoes and reaper ranch sauce And this is why they called him the steak Reaper ranch fries supreme, right? We’ve got the steak in there Rumor has it that it’s filet mignon that they prepare with the highest quality in the back there I can’t even say that with a straight face. I Needless to say I kind of say that as an inside joke, I have not had a good experience Over the years with their steak I could I couldn’t help but I had to get that out the fries of course for the nacho fries supreme mics It’s got that sour cream nacho cheese and those tomatoes to quench the flames right there. And then it’s got the Reaper ranch sauce Now just a thought of it kind of it’s a little spooky right when you really think about it because These originated from the California Reaper pepper Now, let’s put it into perspective a jalapeno pepper. And that’s look it’s pretty spicy. Jalapeno right is 2500 Scoville units and that’s some spicy stuff The California Reaper pepper not to be confused of the Long Island Reaper peppers. That’s a whole different thing entirely two million Scoville units right there two million if you thought That stuff that they have on hot ones or whatever is spicy. This is in a whole nother ballpark right there it’s gonna probably make your tongue curl up and just fall off and I mean rumor has it that you you really can’t even swallow these it’s just that hot So chances are I’m gonna keel over on the camera This might never even get uploaded and if that’s the case, then you know, you know that this is not false advertising whatsoever Now likewise, I they did not give me a fork. So this is my own fork. I can promise you though This review is not rigged and there is no sort of anti spice Neutralizing agent and that’s kind of smattered on the end of this See I didn’t I didn’t get a fork right there’s nothing in there just some extra sauce packets There they are You can see This was an explosion of flavor. You ever hear the expression they say as an explosion of flavor That’s what it looks like right there. So take that into account Let’s open it up Here the other day in the news, right Let’s let’s do this. Well Did you see I? don’t know why okay, because I’m just excited over this lets us do this what we can Alright, you know, I just had to get it done now we go on with things you ever read in the news recently They were talking about area 51 And there is that plan To gather all these people around and go ahead and kind of just, you know storm the place and see what secrets are inside And you know people were hypothesizing about UFOs and aliens and all that stuff. I guarantee you There is no such thing You know, it’s not there. It’s not a testing ground. It’s no aliens there None of that if you’re wondering what’s in area 51 all that’s there behind many many Blast doors and vaults and security checkpoints is a bottle of this sauce right there So I’m just saying the secrets out now and if the van shows up here, you know what happened, but that’s where it stands Right. Well, I see everything that’s supposed to be on this right you can see the Reaper So as you can see the stake, you can see the sour cream the nacho cheese the fries and the tomatoes we’re just gonna try it out and If I start convulsing then you know, you know, what’s going on. All right, here it is Here’s a full load of it right there. It’s going in The steak reaper ranch supreme fries from Taco Bell going in Looks like a couple more bites And we’ll get this fry And just in case tomato for good measure Price for this $3 79 cents, I Was sitting here I was trying to say, you know, should I like pretend like I’m gagging this up or what should I do? because I think I Kind of already knew what was gonna happen because I tried out those like back in early 2018 Popeyes ahem. That was had these Ghost Pepper wings out and I was kind of doing the same thing You get these marketing gimmicks and they saying well, it’s gotta be super hot and it never is It’s spicy don’t get me wrong These are some spicy cheese fries That’s how I would describe it, you know very succinctly but I feel truthfully they’re spicy cheese fries They are not California reaper fries Unless this was so hot that it already just like killed my nervous system And right now it’s like destroying my insides and I can’t even talk. Some nerve endings are all dead I mean, I guess that is a slim possibility but I am by some some odds doubtful of that It’s spicy It’s spicier than their fire sauce. Maybe on par kind of like the Diablo sauce, but different it’s spicy it definitely I Would recommend having a drink with it I mean I can go without one, but it’s a good Accompaniment to have I can feel that spice kind of on my lips and tongue but definitely it’s not like it’s overbearing It’s like I’m saying I can’t I can’t breathe. It’s all good. Otherwise And surprisingly, you know, I really can’t complain about the taste of it I’m not a big. I’m not a big cheese fries person myself I just they’re too messy for my liking but for what they are I think if you like cheese fries are gonna be satisfied with them. They get messy, but they’re still easy to eat It’s still like a self-contained type of thing This really did not turn into like a feeding trough of slop or anything Like they sometimes do the structural integrity of the nacho fries is still good. They taste like the nacho fries. That’s all good The steak is actually it’s better than it was the last time last time. I tried out that steak in these fries It was like it was it was disgusting. It was like dog food. It was so bad and this is better This was actually tender pretty juicy Look, it’s not any filet mignon, but it’s me, right and that’s what we’re hoping for. I supposed to me order this I Don’t really think the sour cream or the tomatoes really do much to cool it off or anything I think it’s kind of like an after a little effect But otherwise, they’re cheesy. They’re pretty good and the reaper ranch sauce. The ranch doesn’t really do much though It does give it like more of a creamy texture to it, which is what I really noticed But overall I mean for a snack they’re okay, just but you have to notice or you have to take into account It’s a marketing gimmick. They are nowhere near as spicy as a California Reaper pepper would be looks if that’s the case They would not be able to do this without so many lawsuits and waiver isn’t forget about that But it’s spicy you like the good little spicy cheese fries and that’s where that stands price for this three dollars and 79 cents It was well, you know what? Kind of as advertised, They’re spicy had the spice I don’t really think anyone in their right mind would actually think could have the two million Scoville units 5 out of 10 Rating is what this product has received. All right new podcast is coming up this Thursday Make sure you check it out We’re gonna be sharing your paranormal experiences in it. Check it out if you can thank you for watching and do take care I’m your host the report of the week Try not the steak Reaper Ranch fries supreme from Taco Bell And I had to just take these notes down because otherwise, I’d forget the name so many times. Thank you and take care I’m your host for the week


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