ASMR MUKBANG *Salmon and Yellowtail* Sashimi Eating Sound 연어 방어 회 먹방 サーモン cá hồi แซลมอน سمك السالمون

-RealMouth- (Nice to meet you ~) Have a good time today ~ 😄I prepared two kinds of soy sauce and soy sauce! 👍 It looks so delicious?! 😋 It’s really delicious even if you dip it in oil salt 😋. Yellowtail has a different taste and texture for each part! 😲 It melts in one bite and You can also enjoy the chewy chewing fun.😋 Salmon sashimi is his favorite food! 😆 By the way, the ranking may change today😋 Yellowtail with fish roe. You can eat more fun with popping texture ~ 😆 It’s really delicious even if you pack it like this This time, together with Yellowtail and Salmon ~ ★Yummy★ This time a bit more crispy Thank you so much for watching today! 😋


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