sup peepswhat’s up my lads and ladys Oh, this does not look good! (Of course it doesn’t) – Ugh; are you ready? – Three, two, one. (Collins and Devan trying Flaming Hot Cheetos and Milk because they need the ad revenue) (moaning in pain) I thought the milk was supposed to make it not spicy. It’s still spicy. […]

Recette : ce délicieux petit déjeuner au chocolat aide à perdre 9 Kg en 3 mois

Recette : ce délicieux petit déjeuner au chocolat aide à perdre 9 Kg en 3 mois Vous débarrasser de vos kilos en trop peut très vite devenir une obsession et un sentiment désagréable, surtout lorsque que vous multipliez les régimes et que les résultats escomptés tardent à se manifester. Vous êtes alors tentés de sauter des repas ou […]

12 signes indiquant que votre corps se dégrade lentement et que vous avez besoin d’aide

12 signs that show that your body is in the process of slowly deteriorate to live the beautiful life is something of very funny , do not take care of your body eat what you want, to sleep when we can drink alcohol and other excess and you spend your life like this, but it comes a a […]

Stop Fearing Scales & Calorie Counting | WellFit 365 Day #7

In Day #7 of WellFit 365, Brendon talks about 2 things that many personal training clients seem to shy away from. These are: Weighing yourself by Scales and Calorie Counting. Scales aren’t a bad thing. Sure, there are other ways to measure progress when it comes to weight loss or body composition goals, such as clothes sizes, […]

Is this man’s cheese Russia’s greatest hope?

NOWNESS präsentiert Ein Film von Ben Garfield Ich habe einen Traum und Gott hilft mir, ihn zu verwirklichen Es war schwierig, den ersten Schritt zu machen es ist immer schwierig zu wagen aber ich hörte den Ruf des Schicksal Wir haben eine historische Möglichkeit endlich das Land unserer Träume zu werden Niemand sonst braucht uns, niemand liebt uns […]

7 Days to Die Wellness Tutorial | How to increase wellness faster | Fast Wellness Gaining Tutorial

What is up guys? 2HandGaming here and welcome back another 7 Days to Die Tutorial. This time i am going to show you how you can increase your wellness much faster. For this you are gonna need a few basic things. You’re gonna need: Grilled Meat, Golden Rod Tea, Pain Killers, and some First Aid Bandages, Campfire and […]

Eggs and Diabetes

“Eggs and Diabetes” Type 2 diabetes is becoming a world pandemic. We know the consumption of eggs is related to the development of some other chronic diseases… what about diabetes? Researchers found a stepwise increase in risk the more and more eggs people ate. Eating just a single egg a week appeared to increase the odds of diabetes […]

John Robbins: “Diet for a New America” | Talks at Google

RACHEL O’MARA: Thanks everyone for joining today. Thanks for coming during lunch in San Francisco, and welcome to Authors at Google. My name is Rachel O’Mara, and I’m really excited today to host our author, John Robbins. So John Robbins is the author of nine best-sellers that have collectively sold more than 3 million copies, and been translated […]

Le meilleur aliment au monde pour prévenir les accidents vasculaires cérébraux, l’hypertension ..

Les dattes sont le fruit du palmier dattier et sont un régal doux et délectable souvent désigné comme bonbon de la nature. Excellents substituts du sucre, les dattes sont des fruits capables de fournir d’importantes quantités de nutriments à l’organisme. Ils contiennent de grandes quantités de potassium, de fibres, de magnésium et de vitamine B6. Les dattes sont […]