Benefits of eating an Aloe Vera plant and how to

We’re going to talk about the health benefits of eating the aloe vera plant and how to extract it. Many people know about the incredible benefit aloe has when
it’s applied topically but not many people know you can actually eat is as well who so we’re going to show you how to do that. To begin with this is our plant here. We bought this at a nurcery for about twenty
dollars and unfortunately the wind just knocked
it over so we have to cut some leaves off right
away what health stores also sell just the leaves so you can just get the leaves by themselves but what you wanna pick when you’re
picking just the leaves when you buy this plant is one that is convex. Concave meaning the leaf goes inward is going to be even
more bitter than it actually tastes the others don’t have that much of a taste. So if
you look at this one here its curving outward as opposed to say this one, where its actually curving inward so those are the ones you want a pick,
we’re gonna pick this one because unfortunately it’s broken so you want to cut it as close to to it’s vine as you can. and one of the things to know is that this
part is a powerful laxative so if you don’t
want to deal with that you not gonna eat that part. Or you
could save it for a time that you might need it I am going to wash a bit of the dirt off now the first thing you want to do when cutting these leaves is is take off these spikes and it’s an easy thing to do with peeler – carrot peeler or you could just cut them off with a knife, either one. just make a little bit easier we’ll cut
it in half just make a little bit easier well cut
it in half and essentially what you want to do is is split the two ends and you do that by filleting it up the middle. and there is this meat on the inside. this one is damaged because it fell. but that is what you are left with. there’s so many benefits to eating this
part that is what I”m going to show you this you can wipe all over your skin kinda gooey substance for the benefits are anything from eating it – you look here can see the meat coming off – anyway so the benefits are everything
from your skin with acne, eczema, and other
skin issues; but also helps with your immunity and helps to purify organs like your
liver is also so many vitamins and minerals
in this like vitamin C, E and B-12 but it also
increases the anti-oxidants of other healthy foods and helps your body
to absorb vitamins and nutrients from them as well. It’s also an
antibiotic coagulating agent and a strindgent, it helps with all stages of digestion, like your with ulcers, acid conditions and Candida. It also helps produce white blood
cells and protect against the effects of rapidly aging, lowers cholesterol, reduces inflammation, reduces blood pressure and helps with diabetes. it speeds the recovery from physical exertion as well. So if you’re working out or something like that this
will be really helpful for recovery. Now you could put this in a blender with a healthy protein shake or any kind of shame that you’re making in a juicer or something like that and you can also just wipe this all over your skin usually what I’ll do is cut this into pieces and put it in the refridgerator. So I have little squares like this that I wipe on my face every day and then put a little coconut oil on top of that and that’s all the moisturizer you’re ever going to need and I’ll eat about 2 tablespoons this today put these in containers and freeze them
so that’s all that I eat when I’m having my
vitamins and my shake in the morning or stuff like that and that’s it. The other
thing that this does for you is create a more alkaline environment in your body
overall so what that is gonna do is not only help with your
immunity but help to avoid and to help with the effects against so many diseases like cancer because cancer cannot live in an alkaline environment so this is going to be one of the things that helps with that. well I hope this is helpful for you. Good luck! now we have all these pieces cut up and I will save them refrigerator and wipe them every day on your face


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