Blindfold Survival Challenge (The Movie) |  Fire, Water, Food

Blindfold Survival Challenge (The Movie) | Fire, Water, Food

This is NOT real, I am acting. The gun is also not loaded and is completely safe, just a prop. The idea is to simulate a scenario where survival was necessary but you couldn’t see. In survival, shelter, water, and food are essential. Putting up newspaper on the windows was very difficult. I really did this authentically to find out how hard it was. I once ate a whole meal blindfolded for charity. I didn’t miss any food, plate was clean when I was done. Other dinners were much messier. All these lighters actually work, I had to make it seem like they didn’t. Drinking salmon water was gross. Eating cold salmon with nothing is also gross. I have a 100% success rate on bow drill fires using my sets. This is cedar bark. Drinking snow is fine – in a pinch. Melting it with fire is ideal though. These are actual raven sounds from this day. Getting disoriented happens quickly with no references. I actually walked in circles filming this and had to try to get lost better for the camera. Walking uphill would help to get me back to the cabin. Walking downhill helps you get to water. This is last resort water, but can be drunk if boiled. The hardest part of the bowdrill was to know when I had an ember and moving it over to the tinder bundle. I am trying to smell to see if it’s on fire. This process is all muscle memory from doing it so many times. I really have no idea if it’s working right now. Always use very slow steady breaths. I am listening for the whoosh sound of it igniting, but I have too little birch bark to make it light well. If you try a blindfold challenge, be safe. Water should be at a rolling boil to be safe.


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  • The Wooded Beardsman says:

    Youtube has DEMONETISED this video. Please remind YT that this is "art" and is being done in a controlled environment, in a safe manner. A lot of effort went into this video. Please send your feedback to the reviewer in this pinned comment to show your support. They are currently reviewing this video.


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  • if i had 1/2 of your skill set and 1/10 your drive i would make every video i could to burn YT to the ground. the fat cat gets rich because the mice are working for free! i call BS!!! love you and yours Chris!!!

  • Full stop. Absolutely loved this. It gave me as much anxiety as Bird Box did. Keep it up and thank you for sharing.

    Don't listen top the trolls, this was great. Hopefully YouTube re-monetizes this video.

  • I don't usually comment on videos but I'll tell you the folks watching on the web or YouTube haven't tried even a single second of the scenes that you've produced.

    Keep up the good work and providing the world a different perspective.

  • Wooded beardie I think your going through a mid wife crises. U need a change in direction … maybe macrame or that ancient japanese art of folding paper planes . Anyway good luck & I wish u the best .

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