Boss vs. Employee Play Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut

Boss vs. Employee Play Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut

– What’s the worse thing a
coworker has said about me? – People just call you a drunk bitch. (classical music) – I’m Dalton. – I’m Katie. – My name is Ashleen. – Ingrid. – I’m Dae. I work at “Cut.” (laughing) – I’m Chan, I also work at “Cut.” I supervise Dae. – Thank you, Master Chan. – Boss, employee. – I’m the boss. – I am her boss. (laughing) – [Producer] What do you guys do? – We work in a coffee shop. – We work for a large
(laughs) online retailer. – [Producer] Who? – We can’t tell you that. – [Producer] Why not? – HR said no. – Because, HR said no. – I still need a job after this. – [Producer] You guys
need a shot to start? – Yeah.
– Yeah, we do. I need to pace myself though, cause Lord knows I’m gonna have a drink on all of this shit. – Cheers.
– Cheers. (gulping) – [Producer] Okay, boss. – Let’s do it. (sighing) Given that we’re boss and employee, what circumstances would it take for us to sleep together? – No. (laughing) No! No, like I can’t. – All right if you can’t then
you know what you gotta do. – That’s just weird. Yeah.
– All right. – Just like.
– Yep. That’s all you.
(bottle hitting the table) – If we didn’t work together, would you sleep with me? (laughing) – Let’s just go with, no. – You’ve tried it. – With a girl? – Yeah. – No. I would. Not with– not with you, but like, that’s cause like your– I have respect for you. But like I wouldn’t (laughs). – What circumstance would it
take for us to sleep together? What– how? – Well, you can’t be my boss. – But we are boss and employee. – Yeah, but like if you were– damn, this is such a weird question. – Yeah. – Yeah. – What would it take? Some drugs, not too much though. – It’s okay if you would. (laughs) I’m just kidding! I’m just kidding! – Okay. Would you tell me in
advance if the company was going to lay me off. – Absolutely. – Yeah. – Yes. – Um… Okay, I don’t think
that would be advisable, from a human resources perspective. – I’m not– Chan. Would you have my back? – I think– – And let me know? – I think you wouldn’t– it would be communicated to you. – You just let me find out the day of. (laughs) Wow. Chan wouldn’t tell me. – What’s the worst thing a
coworker has said about me? – I don’t even think you’re gonna get mad at any of the answers. – Probably not. – People just call you a drunk bitch. – After work, I like
to have some cocktails. (laughing) They know me very well. – Do you think I could do
your job as well as you? – That’s a yes and a no. (gasping) That’s why we’re here. Because I’m like kind
of grooming you to like, takeover and like run shit. – He’s fucking grooming me. (laughing) – Do you think I could do
your job as well as you? – Yes, I think you can do my job. – You think I could be a manager? – Yeah, totally bossy. (laughing) – On the count of three,
name how much money you make! – I’m going to take a shot I’m
not answering this question. – Let’s name our salary! – I was taught that it’s
not polite to share. (laughing) – I’m gonna take a shot. – Are you serious? – Girl, what you mean?
– Oh my God. Okay so you make that much. (gasping) – I don’t know if my answer
is going to sound sad, or if people are going to go that seems like too much for what I do. – Well cheers to that. Cheers bitch!
– We swapped ’em. – Okay my turn. On a scale from one to ten, rate yourself as an employee. Take a shot if I don’t agree. – All right, I’m gonna give myself a nine. – Oh, you should take a shot I said ten. – I was gonna say ten
but I was being humble. (laughing) – Don’t–
– I believe ten. – I know I believe you’re a ten
too that’s what I would say. – So I have to take a shot? – [Producer] Yeah. – Yeah.
– What? – Yeah, that’s for undervaluing
your own potential. Cheers. – On the count of three, name the coworker you’d
most like to sleep with. – [Producer] One, two, three! – (beep) (laughing) (slamming table) Bro, stop playing. – [Producer] He didn’t say anything. – Yeah you didn’t say anything. – Bro I said your name. – You said my name? – I said your name. – Wait really? – Bro, just out of all the
girls there what do you mean? – (screaming) Oh my God! – All right.
– Wait. (laughing) – Hey.
– Oh my gosh. That’s so fucked up! – All right, boss. Do I deserve a raise? If so, why have you not given me one yet. (laughing) – So salary increases are contingent upon your performance review. – You just gave me a ten. – I– that was not an official review. (laughing) – I absolutely think you deserve a raise. You do such a beautiful job. I love you! – She’s strong. – You probably do deserve a raise, but come on time. (laughing) You’re never on time. – You know, I try to be on time, it’s just that sometimes you know, my C-P-T kicks in. – What is C-P-T? – Colored people time. (laughing) – What is that? Explain for the Swede. – Usually, you know colored
people we ain’t on time. Like people of color like–
– Hey! – I’ll work on that though. I’m working– more room for improvement! Room for improvement.
(laughing) – On the count of three name
your least favorite coworker. – [Producer] One, two, three!
– Wait, wait, wait, no, no, no, don’t say anything! Don’t say anything! – We both know who this is right? – Oh yeah.
– Okay. – [Producer] Um… First and last name, or first name? – [Producer] No, just first name. – Okay. – Just don’t let this person just see this and then know and then– – Oh my God I hope they make us. – I don’t know, like
hold it over our heads. – They bring nothing to the table. – Nothing. – And I’ve told you I wanted to fire them. – Well fucking do it. – Can we just drink to it? (laughs) I don’t hate her. She’s my least favorite employee. – She screwed over the shop, she screwed over the front desk, she screwed over me, and she doesn’t apologize for it. And it’s all of the time. – And then I’m the drunk bitch. (laughs) – Do I have to say it too? – [Producer] Yeah. – Don’t say anything, just say me. – No, Chan– – Just say me. – I’m not being fucking diplomatic. I’m saying it, it’s my time. – What if we say different people? – Great! – And we throw two people under the bus? Then there are two people that sucks! (laughing) – (beep) – That’s not part of the video. – With (beep). – An episode, that’s not– I’m not going to answer that. I mean, I agree. – That was easy for me. – [Producer] That was the game guys. – That was the game! – That was awkward! (laughing) – We did it! – Cut that shit (yelling
drowns out speaker) – Is it done, are we done? (laughing) Can I take my jacket off? – God, truth or drink? America’s past time. (scoffs) – L-O-L. (tapping on table)


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