Bright Line Eating in Europe

Bright Line Eating in Europe

hey everyone at the Susan Peirce
Thompson and welcome to the weekly vlog I’m here with Irina Lee hi-hi-hi Irina Lee
lives in Norway and we are in Oslo right now my husband David and I and we have
spent the last few days walking around Oslo I will tell you that we love Oslo
my husband is Norwegian in background and when we land in the Oslo Airport we
feel completely at home there’s something about this country is like
made in an Ikea mold or something there’s something very organized and
well-run and well functioning and beautiful about it and there’s sculpture
everywhere and the people are good weather thank you for arranging that for
us this is our second time in Norway we came two years ago for the release of
the book Spis Deg Fri so Spis Deg Fri is the Norwegian edition the Norwegian
version of the translation of the Bright Line Eating book which I published in my own publishing company two years ago so Irina has a publishing
company herself and she does Bright Line Eating and she’s a Bright Lifer how much
weight have you lost you’ve lost some weight I’ve lost 40 pounds 40 pounds and kept that off for how long kept it off it’s my fourth year four years so I I
started October 15 lost all the weight 40 pounds in 200 days I was amazed you
were you’re right I became happy thin and free and since April of 16 I’ve kept it off yeah
now Irina is a pioneer she because she had a publishing company she was able to
buy the rights to the Bright Line Eating book and publish it in Norwegian what’s
the translation of Spis Deg Fri what is that so it means literally means
Eat Yourself Free eat yourself free yourself free from being
overweight eat yourself free from having cravings and eat yourself free from
having all those terrible health conditions that a lot of people struggle
with right yeah that’s something to do with their eating habits yeah so lots of
people have approached me over the years to ask I want to spread Bright Line
Eating in my country and I’ve said no the reason that Irina
has gotten to do this is because she owned a publishing company and bought
the rights to the book she didn’t buy them for me she bought them from Hay
House and then all the work she’s done to spread Bright Line Eating in Norway
has been in service of spreading the book in the book came out as number two
on the Norwegian national bestsellers list two years ago yeah it was the first
country the first language that Bright Line Eating the book was translated into
was Norwegian the very first one I haven’t really told you this but I
hadn’t really read the book before I bought the rights that’s funny I just
knew that if Susan is writing a book it’s going to be so amazing so I just
reached out to Hay House and they said yep yep it’s not really finished yet
but you will have it once it’s finished that’s awesome that’s awesome I love
that that just just be positive and just assume good things so because of what
she did early on she’s become a pioneer also offering courses in Norwegian and
starting a community of people who don’t speak English and offering them a way to
do Bright Line Eating in a way that’s culturally relevant in Norway what are
some things that you changed about Bright Line Eating or maybe modified to
be more culturally relevant in Norway so in like some of like the Norwegian
traditional foods they’re like so heavily into the nmf side right there
right not my food sugar and flour yeah sugar and flour so what do you would
send to whatever you take for work it would be like slices of bread you would
not eat a warm lunch typically in Norway so your slices of bread with like
sweet cheese and jam on it for example yeah and that’s lunch that that would be
lunch right and that would also be your breakfast and that would also be your late
supper meal awesome sugar flour and fat all three meals awesome and
so just having like Norwegians understand that there are options yeah
it is possible to have a lunch and you can pack your lunch and bring it to work
without having bread in it yeah just like those cultural differences and we
don’t go out to eat normally doing lunch breaks that you wouldn’t go to
restaurants aha so and also what you will order in
restaurants also differ a little bit from the US aha
so it was all those tweaks that yeah daily routines you would need you
know yeah succeed and weighing food and grams instead of ounces right your
people weigh in grams primarily yeah that was one of my main concerns when I
started myself yeah I don’t even know how much is an ounce yeah
and then when I started on I remember someone telling me you can just switch
the flip on your digital food scale and they will actually show you in ounces
yeah I miss grams ounces grams right and just press back and forth units right
yeah and then when I found out it was so much easier to do it in ounces I know I
always tell people that and then and even my translator who helped me with
the book she said you can’t put a the the food plan in ounces
as I said it has to be in ounces and here are the reasons yeah do you mind if
I just say no I don’t mind I’m always the one who says this it’s great for someone who
lives and thinks in grams to actually explain it why is it better in ounces
first of all I have some things about 28 grams doesn’t sound like a lot of food
so just having a quantity that I don’t know how much is like one ounce it was
like I it made it like the distance to how much or little I’m eating it made it
like got it you know so the equivalent would be if in if you think in pounds
like you think your weight is 200 pounds or 250 pounds you feel overweight just
convert that to kilos if you don’t think in kilos and all of a sudden you don’t care what you weigh you only weigh 97 kilos right and also if you look at the food plan it’s like four ounces of meat that’s a protein yeah six
ounces of food that is like a fruit so the servings are so much easy to
automatize once you get into the habits of half an ounce 1 ounce 2
ounce 4 ounce 6 ounce right instead of having to like think 28 grams 113 grams
of protein 4 ounces is 113 grams yeah and also the last thing of course is
that if you put a scale into grams you will never be able to precisely weigh a
blueberry it’s too precise yeah like one blueberry throws
you over or under and then you’re like now you’re into cutting blueberries into quarters
which is ridiculous yeah yeah I don’t have that much willpower
yeah totally so if you’re human translate go over to ounces so you convinced your people
to actually weigh in ounces yeah and they go along with it once you
explain and once they read the book they understand and then just follow the advice there you go so let’s back up a little bit I want to talk
about Bright Line Eating in Europe in general now I know Norway is one country
in Europe it’s an amazing country but it’s just one country in Europe what do
you think are what’s one of the first things that maybe someone in America
might not realize about you know about about overweight obesity about Bright
Line Eating in Europe what do you think is going on here in Europe so the first
thing people often ask me is like but Norway you don’t have obesity I mean
people you are healthy well you’re sane yeah
no we’re not yeah seven out of ten Norwegians are overweight or obese okay
seven out of ten yep Norwegians that’s the same number as in America seven out
of ten where we differ if you don’t know the current stats we’re right now at 71%
of Americans are overweight or obese today 71% seven out of ten for you too
seven out of ten yeah and this was the latest research that came out last year
yeah and when it comes to obesity I think the numbers for men and women are
around twenty-two twenty-three percent of the population like one out of five are
obese okay so twenty-two twenty-three
percent obese okay so there’s the difference in America we’re now at 40
percent obese so that means that that you have seven out of ten overweight or
obese but more are overweight still you haven’t quite caught up right with
obesity you’re 23 percent obese we’re 40 percent obese but I think it’s
interesting that you say caught up because I think that we’re heading in
your direction you’re trending definitely yeah just a few years behind
right and if we look at the food trends and what is being offered in the in the
stores here it’s yeah so similar to what was yeah like the advertisements are the
same like I look at the billboards and it’s all nmf sugar and flour everywhere
and actually like you say your cultural food is very heavy and sugar and flour
it’s just maybe in the past maybe there were what better boundaries around meals
and quantity that are now what’s what’s changing I
think that like if you go back two generations we were so poor that we
didn’t have any options then – yeah like fast food no I mean no before like
before the fast food was yeah it came to this country in the beginning of the
eighties we didn’t really have an obesity problem right how come what was
different no I was you were poor yeah we were
we ate normal foods we didn’t eat all of the industrial processed food right we
had like more like a traditional kitchen and then after the I think McDonald’s
was established in Norway in 81 okay and that you can see this
that’s where it starts yeah like where the shift starts so for the
last 40 years people have just become fatter and fatter and bigger and bigger so you
think more processed foods more processed foods is the reason I mean you talk about
historically the traditionally Norwegian foods were actually sugar flour like you
know bread with sweet whatever right but yeah I think it would be easier to
handle all of that if you like had like a proper of course the the access to
food wasn’t asked available as it is today right right now you would like
stop on your way to work get something on your way home from work you’ll get
something when the sugar crash happens at 3:00 p.m. you get something right so
eating more often during yeah totally so one of the things that you’re doing like
I said is you’re offering your you’re offering a translation of the Bright
Line Eating book and you’re offering a course that people can take but it’s
different than the bootcamp yeah right so yeah because like I I’m a yoga
teacher myself I included yoga which I found is a perfect fit to
everything we learn in Bright Line Eating okay let me
also add this if you are fluent in English if you can understand what Susan
and I are talking about go to her boot camp I mean that’s what I did in 2015 right
yeah so but there are so many people who reached out to me whereas the book came
out like saying I don’t speak English how can I do this so of course there’s a
language barrier also the cultural thing and including other beneficial stuff
that I found helpful in my own journey yeah and we have different journeys
and I also think that your experience is unique are you seven on the scale do I
remember that right we had yeah it’s a little different there’s time I actually did
your test I was a five oh but then you changed it yes and then I came out as a
six okay and I’ve tried to do it as bad as I possibly can even like exaggerating
a little bit and then I came out as an eight okay so we’re somewhere between a five and an eight okay but I treat myself as if I am and ten plus
plus ah so you’re very I’m very surrendered I I don’t even I when you
say like some of you who are lower on the Susceptibility Scale might get away with
this I’m like I’m not listening I’m listening
yeah because I know that’s what can trip me up yeah you value your freedom
yeah much so I really like conservative right good for you because I feel that I
have had the consequences as a ten plus plus mmm you know the consequences like
what what consequence so feeling so bad about myself shame really low self-esteem low self-esteem
a lot of shame that like like desperate search for solution like why can’t I
just nail this I get in so much else done in my life I have a career I am
successful yeah so why do I fail over and over again yeah and there’s nothing
I want that I could risk me taking me back to that place yeah yeah Oh
sweetheart so what I think is coming in Bright Line Eating land is that over
the next few years we will see more and more people representing different
countries being pioneers like Irina and but not everybody who wants to do that
owns a publishing company so the road will be a little bit different we don’t
we don’t yet have an on-ramp for people who want to represent their nationality
or their language to become a representative of Bright Line Eating but
I think it’s coming we’ve been talking about this for many years and I feel it
closer than ever so if you’re in another country or speak another
language and you want to be a representative of Bright Line Eating I
will say we don’t have that mechanism yet unless you own a publishing company
but I think it’s coming and what’s exciting is to look at the future so
speak a little bit about Norway in particular how big is Norway first of
all so we have 5 million people five million people like the size of not even
that big of a US city right half of New York right yeah less right yeah so half
of Manhattan right half of yeah a third of LA and we are one of the longest
countries in Europe yeah so what’s interesting even though the health what
you call it the health care system is we are conservative in terms of the golden
standard they would tell you if you if you want to lose weight they will tell
you exercise more and eat less does that sound familiar eat less exercise
more yeah raise your hand if that ever worked oh whoops since we are so few people you can actually make like me last time you here we were on public
television so many people change their diet after seeing Susan yeah on TV two
years ago when the book came out I was in Norway and we were on morning
television live and they still go refer back to that right yeah so like one TV program
and a lot of people I’ve met like they’ve read an article a magazine
article yeah I was featured in 2017 right and right after this I’ll be
interviewed again on some sort and it’ll be some sort of what is an article I got
a magazine a magazine article that’s going to come out right so I know that
just like because we’re so few write one article like that can make a huge shift
right so even though we’re a conservative country new ideas have the
possibility to be spread to take off it and spread widely and really to cover
the whole country so right now today let me just tell you what’s happening two
days ago two days ago we had an event with about a hundred and fifty attendees
most of whom were people in Norway who already do Bright Line Eating thanks to
Irina and thanks to the Bright Line Eating Boot Camp also a lot of Bright
Lifers coming from all over Europe Latvia Belgium Switzerland Sweden
and today we’re doing an event right here in this hall with about 80
healthcare professionals from all over Norway including for example the one
psychologist who works in the one bariatric surgery clinic so all of
Norway has one bariatric surgery we have us do it yeah I was wrong about no but
she’s like one in Oslo the one in Oslo okay so and she does Bright Line Eating
so now the person who consults with people before they get bariatric surgery
actually starts to tell them about Bright Line Eating so it’s interesting
again it doesn’t take that much these 70 or 80 healthcare practitioners are going
to you know blanket Norway and carry a different message so yeah because also
like I’ve shared this with you and I it’s kind of embarrassing to say it out
loud but I got this vision that by spreading this world and I am a
journalist as my profession as a journalist so I have like a duty to
share this wisdom and this knowledge because people need it right and then in
my morning meditation saying like we will need to change health Norway the health care
system right yeah so that’s why I was so like even though I love helping
individuals sound like sharing the book and it’s available in the library for
free if you can’t afford it so and the knowledge is out there but still I need
to talk to the professionals as well yeah cuz they are the ones who are
sitting with the key to change and then I’m thinking if we can just change
Norway first then you can like look at Norway you can tell everyone like
look to Norway yeah and then we will have like this global shift yeah totally
so there’s the possibility of doing that you can actually change an entire
country if you live in Norway you can have an impact really over an entire
country and then that country serving as an example can spread throughout Europe
so what I’m going to do is I’m going to have my team put a link below to the
talk that I’m going to give here in just a few minutes just the slides of it so
you can see for yourself and some of the publications that have come out so
something that’s different now as I talk to these health care professionals
compared to two years ago is that Bright Line Eating’s
been busy busy collecting data and publishing that data so again of course
when you present to healthcare practitioners if you have published
findings it means a lot more so this stuff just takes time right and from two
years ago to now we’ve done a lot more work and so it’s sort of like a it’s a
movement that just takes time to get off the ground but we’re maybe on the
precipice of a tipping point that’s going to be pretty exciting here in
Norway you feel it yeah happening and also one thing one
last thing because a lot of people have also reached out to me like how can we
do this in France Sweden you know Switzerland and I’m thinking the most important
thing I have done is to take care of my own lines I think no one would have been
attracted to this if I hadn’t been doing it myself your own Bright Line Eating
program yeah doing the program myself that is what I’m thinking like when
Susan was talking she was a professor she was a psychologist thought like
doctor in psychology all of that but the credentials that I was listening to that
she’s doing you’re doing this yourself right that’s what can I’d been thin at that
point for over a decade after – obese yeah so like even though we don’t own a
publishing company just that by doing it yourself you will become what Susan
calls us a walking billboard a walking billboard Irina thank you so much
thank you so much and that’s the weekly vlog I’ll see you next week


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  • Milica Marsha Stefanovich says:

    What an amazing story… talk about changing a country and its food paradigm one person at a time! Irena is a Saint for Norway 💗

  • Susan!! THANK YOU so much for joining us at the 2 Year Anniversary Celebration for «Spis deg fri» in Oslo this week – and for inviting me to your vlog!

    Let’s Change The World. One Country At A Time.

    Love you!

  • Coumbalaye NDOYE says:

    Really looking forward to having BLE in France ! Many of my friends want to read the book but dont speak english ! 😕 crossing my fingers to have a publishing company pick up your book ! ❤❤ thanks Susan for changing my life !!!

  • How wonderful. My mom has a cousin that lives in Norway. When he was visiting her in Minnesota from Norway he made my mother and other family members a meal and my mother told me about it. I said wasn't there anything with color in the meal like green, red, orange, etc. She said no and it was all white or brown. Meat mashed potatoes etc. I'm glad to hear that many Norwegians are eating better now because of Bright Line Eating.

  • Canadian here. I just round off to 1 oz = 30 g. Protein, 120 g. Fruit, 180 g. Easy peasy. 55 lbs later I"m in my right-size body x 5 months. It's all good!

  • One of the most amazing sessions…I thoroughly enjoyed it! Thanks to you both for showing up and spreading the news.

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