Лучшие места здоровой пищи в Киеве. #VISITKYIV

-Burgers, fried potatoes – No! – Vegan yogurt. – I saw it in some kind of Indian movie. Excellent alternative to some kind of shawarma. Healthy lunch. -You are eating so appetizing! – Juicy meat steaks, burgers, fried fried potatoes – NO! My name is Anton Taranenko and you are watching Visit Kyiv. Let’s go! Today a beautiful […]

Healthy Eating, Healthy Lifestyle: Eat for Health – Australian Dietary Guidelines

Hello, I’m Norman Swan. Welcome to this program, which today is about eating, in particular, the new Australian Dietary Guidelines. Coming to you on the Rural Health Channel. I’d like to acknowledge this program’s broadcast from the land of the Wangal people of the Darug tribe, traditional custodians of the land and part of the wider Aboriginal nation […]

Philippines STRANGEST food! ETAG in Sagada | Travel Philippines Vlog

(child talking) (speaking in foreign language) (dramatic music) – Ugh. Okay, we’ve survived the Muma? Muma? – The Muma. And I feel good, I feel good now. I feel awake, ready for adventure. Hello. (speaks in foreign language) (metal banging) No wait, come back. It says blood donation but it’s for circumcision? It says, for nine years old […]

How Medieval Times Serves 1300 Chicken Dinners in 30 Minutes — How to Make It

– This is, “How to Make It”, and today we’re at Medieval Times. (bouncy medieval music) Tory? – Yes, hello. – Nice to meet you, I’m Katie. – Nice to meet you, Katie. – You are gonna be training me a little bit tonight. – [Tory] I am. – I’m basically shadowing you – [Tory] Yes. – All […]

Does the Clever Kebab Actually Help Make Skewers Faster? — The Kitchen Gadget Test Show

– Welcome back to Kitchen Gadgets. I got a call from a very special someone that you guys all miss, saying that he wants to test a kitchen gadget of his own. – Hi, Hi everyone. – Do you remember this guy? – You may remember me. Some of you missed me, some of you, really pissed to […]

3 Healthiest Foods You’re Not Eating | Healthy Food

The top three foods that you’re probably not eating enough of are leafy greens, sea vegetables, and flax seeds. Now, leafy greens are the food that’s most missing from our modern diets, and they’re super healthy and really important. Not only are they are very high in fiber, which most of us aren’t getting enough of, but those […]

Food Battle 2010

(Ian) Mmmm, oh, yeah! That’s good. That’s very good rock. SHUT UP! (Ian) Hey, Anthony. (Imitates Anthony) Hey, Ian. You wanna see me try to use my taquitos as a pool floatie? -Sure! -Okay.(Imitates Splash) Oh, no! I’m drowning because I’m so stupid and taquitos suck! -You sure do. -And I’m dead! (Suspenseful Sound) Oh, hey, Anthony. Wait, […]

Gummy Food vs. Real Food SMOOTHIE CHALLENGE!! *GIANT GUMMY DRINK* Eating Best Gross Real Worm Candy

You guys, this is gonna be so weird this is a gummy food versus real food smoothie Let’s blend it up all right three two one Aye dude I got a gummy burger. Dude I got a real burger. They are both Awesome No, that is not good Definitely at the end of this one you have to […]