The Egg Diet: Does It Work? | UCLA Center for Clinical Nutrition

Hi there! This is Dr. Dave Heber, founding director of the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition. I’m talking to you today about diets that don’t work, and here’s another one called the egg diet. Now, the idea about eggs is pretty good in terms of the fact that egg white has a very high-quality protein in it and […]

Pourquoi ce nutritionniste déteste parler des nutriments | Bernard Lavallée | TEDxUmontreal

Translator: PATRICK ROWLAND Reviewer: Hélène Vernet Good evening. My name is Bernard Lavallée; I’m a nutritionist; and I hate talking about nutrients and calories. These days, we talk more about nutrients than about food as such. For example, someone might say, “A balanced meal must contain at least 15 g of protein” or for example, “Omega 3 is […]

Extreme Arabian Street Food – FALAFEL JACUZZI + Best Ever Ful in Saida, Lebanon!

– Good morning, hope you’re having an amazing day. It’s Mark Wiens. I’m in Sidon, Lebanon, in the south of Lebanon. But locally it’s known as Saida, the Arabic name. Today we are gonna go on a food tour of Sidon. We’re gonna eat a lot of the local foods that are unique to Sidon. It’s an ancient […]

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