Churrascaria: Churrasco style Brazilian meat buffet in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

So it is our very first lunch here in Rio de Janeiro so we thought let’s go for the classic grill. We are eating at a Churrascaria. And I’m probably making that sound a little bit more Spanish than Portuguese but basically it is a grill house and you just eat steaks and meats. And the waiters are […]

Es Sarang Burung Viral || Ide Bisnis Modal Kecil

Water Nutrijell melon flavor Ice Cube Sugar Food coloring Sweetened condensed milk Enter the nutrijell powder Add water Add sugar Stir until dissolved Add food coloring Nutrijell is ready to be cooked Boil nutrijell on medium heat while continuing to stir Enter fruity acid Stir until evenly mixed Pour the hot nutrijell into the ice cube container Stir […]

Gesunde Ernährung im Triathlon | Food-Prep + wertvoller Tipp für Frauen

Prep-o-clock! Today we’ll discuss food. If you follow me on Insta, you’ll have seen that I prepare a lot of my food, so called food-prepping. I get so many questions what I’m doing, why I’m doing it and how I’m doing it. So I thought I’ll use this to make a cool video to give you some direct […]

Storm Rips Fruit Tree From Food Forest | And what we did next (2020)

Hello, it’s another windy day here at Byther Farm, but I want to show you what happened in last month’s storms. This is our old plum tree, the first storm, Ciara, sent it toppling a bit and then when storm Dennis came through which was absolutely fierce and we had a mini tornado – and our weather app […]

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