[Healthy food / 다이어트 레시피] 샥슈카 / 토마토 수란요리 / 다이어트 레시피 / shak

Shakshouka is pourched eggs in tomato sauce from Israel! You can add any ingredients of your taste! These and some tomatoes are all you need! cut the onion into thin slices you can add any ingredients of your taste! usually this dish is enjoyed with bread or couscous I’ll feature couscous in a future video! This is all […]

健康饮食【4/4】炒椰菜花“饭” | Healthy Food 4/4 Pan-fry Cauliflowers

Hi friends today’s recipe is healthy food suitable for those want to lose fat / body builder main ingredient is cauliflower it has very great of nutrition value eg: protein, fiber… good for our health next will be capsicum and beans also.. some mushrooms to increase the protean, I added some chicken you can ignore it, if you […]

September Retrospectives, Healthy Food, and Mobile Tech | Toast Top 5

September was a rollercoaster ride even by the standards the restaurant industry. With these changing times restaurants need to rethink their strategies to keep the prices down, profits up, and customers coming through the door. I’m Ross and in this video we’ll be discussing some of the biggest news stories released for the restaurant industry last month and […]

Bringing healthy food to Strathcona Heights

This is your United Way Minute. MarketMobile is a rolling grocery store that comes into Strathcona Heights which is a neighbourhood in Sandy Hill. I’m a community developer with Sandy Hill Community Health Centre and I work in this neighbourhood as part of a United Way-funded project called “Taking Action Together”. We’ve built community gardens and we’ve partnered […]

How to Make McDonald’s French Fries at Home | Fast Food Dupes with Claire

(upbeat music) – Oh, there’s fries! We can make a happier meal. (guitar music) Pre 1990 I ate a lot of Happy Meals and the fries that came in those Happy Meals, were cooked in beef tallow——also known as rendered beef fat. This stuff gives fries a crispy exterior, fluffy pillowy insides and a rich decadent flavor. After […]