A large scale logistics center which is also available for food distribution.

Hello, my name is Koma from Global Logistic Properties. So am I, my name is Kusahara. Today we would like to explain about our company profile and distinctive properties. We are a real estate company which specialized in development and management of logistic facilities. We are building approximately 4 logistic facilities per year. Currently, we have developed and […]

[Healthy food/다이어트 레시피] No오븐 통밀빵 / 오징어 먹물 통밀빵 / 100%통밀빵 / 먹물빵 / Squid link whole wheat bread

I’m back with another whole wheat bread recipe! Today, I’m gonna make nutty quid ink bread with oven and without oven! The whole wheat flour I’m using is from “Bob’s Red Mill” Make two small wells and add salt in one of them and dry yeast in the other. Coat the salt and yeast with flour carefully. Making […]

Physical Activity Games for Kids: Healthy Food Hunting

Healthy Food Hunting – For this activity, you will need matching sets of homemade picture cards of fruits and vegetables. You can use clip art, drawings or pictures found on the internet for free. Before beginning, show children the fruit and vegetable cards. Just like in Zobey’s barn dance party, ask them if they have a favorite fruit […]