Celery is a male herb. Culinary Recipe – Celery Root. For man.

Celery is a male herb. Culinary Recipe – Celery Root. For man.

Today: Celery root with buckwheat. What do you need? Pan, Buckwheat – 5 tablespoons. Celery 250 grams, knife,
spoon, cutting board. Water 1 cup. I put a ladle to heat the water. In the meantime, I wash the cereals. I fill the groats with water. And prepare the celery. I cut the celery root finely. Now prepared 250 grams of celery.
The water is already boiling. The cereal is washed. I pour out the water. I pour it into the same pot
Celery and pour water. Hot water. I put the pan on the fire. I close the pan with a lid.
I bring the water to a boil and cook. I cook over low heat for 15 minutes. Celery root contributes
increase male strength. The root contributes to the rejuvenation of
the body of a man. 15 minutes have passed. Porridge and celery are fully prepared. Celery is cooked quite quickly. Add pepper. Red pepper to taste. Black pepper to taste. And two spoons of sour cream. Natural sour cream. Healthy and nutritious
the dish with celery is ready. Celery Promotes
increase male strength. When eating celery,
strength increases. Male power. Celery root is rich
a lot of vitamins. It has many useful components. These components enhance
the love power of a man. These components promote rejuvenation.
the body of a man. Still normalizing
pressure. Lowers blood cholesterol. Immunity increases. What happens if you add this plant
in men’s diet? The male body will produce a large amount of the hormone. Hormone androsterone. This hormone is able to push
a man for love exploits. You can still get rid of many
male problems. To do this, use celery juice. Celery is a good preventative
the remedy is for hypertension. – from atherosclerosis. Celery helps to cope with these problems. It’s good for older men to eat celery. Thanks to his ability
restore the water-salt balance. This allows the body to effectively fight obesity. This improves joint mobility. This eliminates joint problems.


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    Often, conventional foods contain ingredients that, when consumed regularly, help prevent serious health problems.

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