Chicago’s Best Gluten Free: LaShuk Street Food

(jazzy instrumental music) – We take our quest to
find Chicago’s Best food very seriously. That’s why when two viewers
approached me at the nail salon and said that Lashuk had the
most authentic Israeli food in the city, we
knew we had to come. And lucky for us, hummus
is naturally gluten free so it’s a perfect
fit for this episode. (jazzy instrumental music) – [Yosi] La Shuk Street
Food, this is us! – How did you get here
we’re obviously in Politan Row Food Hall. – I started in the weekend
park farmer’s market. Six months later I’m here. (melodic instrumental music) – So your wife–
– She’s the boss. – Wife the boss,
as all wives are. You guys did this all
together from the start? – Yeah, from the beginning. – There you go, enjoy!
– Thank you! – The hummus was
that good that– – I assume. – Well people are still
coming for it, right? – We got the amazing
feedbacks, the whole concept is to make everything
as fresh as possible. We grind the hummus
like, almost to order, to make food the way that
you would eat it in Israel. – It’s fresh, it’s authentic,
it’s what you’d expect if you were walking down
the street in Tel Aviv. – It’s really, really good. Seems really fresh. – It tastes like
it was homemade. – It’s the closest thing
I’ve had in Chicago to the food I’ve had in Israel. – I would say I am somewhat
of a hummus aficionado. This is really good hummus. – I have clear one thing up. I say hummus.
– Oh my God. Hoo-mus, hoo-mus.
– Hoomus. – Cha, like you have popcorn stuck in the throat. It’s a cha.
– [Yosi] Hummus. – So all Americans, we’re
all saying it wrong? – All of them.
– Yes. – We’re at 99% besides
those that came from Israel. (upbeat instrumental music) – A lot of your food, almost
everything but the pita, it’s gluten free. – Absolutely. – And what are we eating today? – The Hummus Bowl with
Baharat Spiced Beef. Baharat, it’s a seasoning blend, about 8 different spices
together, very aromatic. Delicious, besides
that we’re gonna have the Roasted Cauliflower,
one of my favorites. (jazzy instrumental music) Let’s add the onions, yeah. – Ooh oil! – [Yosi] We’re gonna saute
them for about eight, nine minutes, add the garlic. – [Marley] That’s
some good color going. – This is all for you. – Oh this is all for
me, I’ll trade ya. – And it’s to break it apart. – Okay I can do that,
I do tacos a lot. (jazzy instrumental music) All right, how am I doin’ Yosi? – Ah, amazing, hmm, hmm. But going very well. – Here.
– Please. – Take over.
– Thank you. – Just like I was
doing, exactly the same. – [Yosi] Yeah, Yeah. – It already smells good
and we haven’t even added my favorite spices. – Uh huh, you know
what, let’s add it, what are we waiting for? – It’s time? – Yeah, come on! (jazzy instrumental music) – It smells like
falafel Christmas. And then we let this cook for– – About ten, fifteen
minutes I would say? – Should we make cauliflower? – Yeah we can absolutely
start to make the cauliflower. – First we salt the water. Woo, woo! (alarm ringing) – Are you sure it was salt? – Who’s the amateur?
– What did you do? One of the chefs you did. (laughing) – Thank you very
much, thank you. – I’ll leave adding the
cauliflower to the pros. – Stir?
– Yeah. – Promise it’s not gonna
explode on me again? – [Yosi] Gosh I hope so. You gonna take them out, you
gonna put them in an ice bath. – We’re cooling
it down obviously. – [Yosi] So we
won’t overcook it. We gonna drain it and
then we’re gonna toss it, with the olive oil,
black pepper and salt. And it will be ready
to go into the oven. – It’s time to
build our beef bowl! We start with the hummus. – Scoop of hummus.
– Hoo-mus. – Cha, cha! – Hoomus!
– It’s a cha. – Now we’re gonna–
– Oh there’s a style. – Yeah! – Okay a little press and twirl. – That’s gonna be
the first layer. – Is that a little
basket for my beef? – A bath. – A bath.
– Yeah. – It’s a bathtub
for our chickpeas. We add tahini paste,
the spiced beef, baba ganoush and hot sauce. – I’m gonna eat this one. You make a perfect
one for Aviva. – This for Aviva. – And we’ll have a side of
the charred cauliflower. – Okay sounds great. – And I’m gonna go
eat with your wife. – Okay, now you’re gonna
see how it should be done. – See it should be done. I’m gonna leave so I
don’t have to watch this. I’m taking my food. – Please! (funky instrumental music) – All right so we’ve
kicked Yosi out. – Perfect. – Because it’s time
for the ladies to eat. The fun begins. – Do you just dig in or
do you like mix it around? – It’s totally up to you. The good part about the
layering is if do it, you get all the layers in one. – [Marley] Ooh like a
good scoop and pull, okay. The Baharat seasoning
on this beef is amazing! It has such a punch,
but hummus is so light that is just gives you
that perfect blend. It’s like the best
protein to add in. (jazzy instrumental music) – Hey Yosi, we need
that cauliflower too! – [Yosi] There you go ladies! – Woo, thanks sir! Ooh that’s pretty! – The cauliflower it’s an
awesome gluten free option and vegan, vegetarian,
so, we feed them all. – This is the best
cauliflower I’ve ever eaten! Nothing is overwhelming
but everything’s delicious. – [Aviva] Good, well
that’s the goal, so. – [Marley] Cheers to that! – [Aviva] I’m happy you enjoy. (jazzy instrumental music) (upbeat rock music)


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