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Drink 1 glass of this before bedtime and
say goodbye to your clogged veins and cholesterol My loves, say goodbye to your sorrows
bites just with a glass of this drink in the morning
goodbye heart attacks if you like health related topics
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Name in the comments to thank you very personally clogged arteries and veins
are a problem caused by the accumulation of fatty plaques This is very dangerous because it restricts the
blood circulation and prevents oxygen and the nutrients to arrive so
optimal to organs and tissues of the body there are different types of natural remedies
for Clean the arteries when they are
clogged Because it can be deadly, that’s why
he is important to know these natural remedy
to clean the arteries and prevent it does not recur the remedy that I will share with you
today is a celery smoothie lemon and ginger that will help you
To clean the arteries very quickly This is why I invite you to watch the
video until the end because i’ll say how you should prepare and how
you must consume this smoothie but before you go any more
far I’ll tell you why these are the best
ingredients that you can use to clean the veins and arteries First of all celery is rich in
vitamins and minerals like zinc and selenium
these components help protect arterial health also contains
a compound that relaxes muscles which surrounds the arteries and promotes
dilation of the vessels, which facilitates blood flow celery is also
one of the most purifying foods we have because it promotes elimination
unsuitable toxins and fluids from the body
have laxative properties, juice celery
It tastes delicious and combines very good with foods like apple,
pear or pineapple before continuing
I recommend that you share these information to reach more
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country follow me and accompany me , you know how happy I am, Then I will present the
benefits of ginger for arteries many studies explain and prove
the useful results of the ginger rhizome
to reduce the levels of cholesterol from our arteries its advantages is from to
high level of phenolic antioxidants contained in ginger roots It also contains other very antioxidants
powerful that are effective for treat lipid peroxidation, ginger
is also very effective for help prevent cell damage
caused by both cholesterol and the
triglycerides garlic is good for cleaning
arteries, this is one of most used herbal supplements
for both reduce the levels of
triglycerides like cholesterol allows
reduce sticky cholesterol in the arteries this is also what
gives its characteristic smell and flavor with garlic , It is an effective natural antibacterial which
It also has diuretic properties Purifying and antiseptic benefits And finally lemon to clean the arteries in the diet, consumption of vitamin
it is an effective way to prevent and treat
cholesterol as well as triglycerides natural lemon juice not only gives us
of the vitamins but also its great contribution
is very suitable for combating harmful plaques attached to the arteries How to prepare this remedy for cleaning
The arteries ingredients a stalk of celery
a cup of lemon juice a garlic
a teaspoon of fresh ginger and a teaspoon of honey Method of preparation
first we will press a lemon after that
we’re going to put it in the blender Then the
celery and garlic clove Ginger
And finally the spoonful of honey mix until the ingredients
are completely homogeneous in particular ginger it should be fine
Crushed, take this remedy full of incredible vitamins and antioxidants
morning fasting you can follow this treatment for
15 days and rest for a week week to start over depending on how
you’re feeling do this remedy must be a habit in
your diet, this will allow you to be very
far from with, heart, blood problems and other pathologies, and even degenerative diseases Tell me in the comments if you
love this smoothie and if you know any another as good as this one Consider sharing family and friends in
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