Churrascaria: Churrasco style Brazilian meat buffet in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Churrascaria: Churrasco style Brazilian meat buffet in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

So it is our very first lunch here in Rio
de Janeiro so we thought let’s go for the classic grill. We are eating at a Churrascaria.
And I’m probably making that sound a little bit more Spanish than Portuguese but basically
it is a grill house and you just eat steaks and meats. And the waiters are going to be
coming around to the table with like these giant rotisserie sticks and they just basically
slice the meat on to your plate. So pretty cool, we’re paying a fixed few. A flat rate
and that also gives us access to a salad bar and we get sides. And free non-alcoholic drinks.
So we’re going to be eating lots of food today basically. Sounds good to me. So aside from the salad bar and all of the
meat you can get here we are also able to choose a few sides. So we can try. What are
we going to pick? Good question. How about fried manioc flour? Yeah. Do you want a bit
of that? I’m up for anything. And you like fried bananas? Yes. So let’s go for some of
that. Okay, so first up the salads. Yeah, take a
look at my plate. And you’ll see that I’ve got a whole bunch of different assorted salads.
A lot of them have mango which is really exciting. Some of them have cheese. I see some it looks
like quinoa, brown rice. So super healthy and I’m trying not to load up on to much of
those because the star of the meal will be arriving soon and that is the shaved meat. What did you just get served? So the meat
has already arrived and I think we’re starting with chicken. So let’s take a look at this
one. And I can tell already that this has been a sweet glaze or something over top of
it. That looks so good. I can smell. It smells a bit like honey. The aromas. If only we had
smell-o-vision. If only we had smell-o-vision. Sorry guys. You’re missing out here. Future
technology. Wow. Wow. Wow. Super tender meat. Yeah. And
it has been, it kind of has a honey glaze coating over top of it. It seems a little
bit marinated. I tried it too. It is so good. And you also got sausage on your plate. Little
bit of chorizo. Super tasty. Wanna go for that? Yeah, why not? Cut us a piece. A mini chorizo. Look at that.
Nice and pink. Mmmmm. He’s in heaven. Wow. That’s almost as good as the Argentinian
stuff. Ho ho. Almost. So I think this is quite clever. At the table
they leave these little cards and basically you can flip it if you’re full and you no
longer want any meat. You just show the red side and then if you do want more meat you
show the green side. And you just leave it like that and the waiter comes around and
he just keeps bringing you different cuts. So we are nowhere close to tapping out yet.
We just started. This has just begun. Alright, time to try the meat. The star of the meal. Oh, that is good. Yeah?
Yeah. It is really tender. Nice and tender and also
really salty. You can tell they’ve added a lot of salt but not a lot of other seasonings
or anything else. It is very simple. Very simple. They’re keeping it salty, nicely cooked
too. It is a little bit pink in the middle. That is cool. That way the flavor of the meat
can really shine through. Exactly. And let’s talk about our sides that have arrived.
We have our fried plantain which you are a huge fan of. And we also the farofa which
is the fried manioc flour. So do you want to try that for the first time? Yeah, so you just bite into it? Is that how
you eat it? Well, try not to choke on it. I think you’re supposed to mix it in with
like your rice or your beans. On its own it is probably not that spectacular. Yeah, it
definitely needs to be added to something. Yeah. Yeah. Look at that golden plantain. I know, I’m
so excited to try this. I really got hooked on these when we were in the Peruvian jungle
nearby Iquitos. And so to have it again here in Brazil is a real treat. Yeah. And actually fried banana or fried plantain
is a popular dessert in Asia so we ate it quite a bit over there as well. And this is awesome. This is the way I like
it. Really really sweet. Really ripe and it is almost a bit syrupy on the outside. It
is wonderful. Hahahaha. They have come around with meat probably five
or six times. Give us a status update. How are you feeling? Status update is I’m feeling
very satisfied in terms of the taste and man am I ever getting stuffed. I think I’ve hit
my quota. It is time to flip over to the red card. Is this Picanha? Si. Okay, Sam get one. Si. Ah, obrigado. So this one is Picanha. So let’s just dig
in to that. Oh my gosh, I already said I was full and the food just keeps coming. It is
amazing though. It is too good not to eat it. That is so juicy inside. Wow, look at
that. Look how red that is. Woah! Oh, that is the best one yet. Yeah, best cut
so far? Oh yeah. Alright guys try the Picanha when it comes around. And the filet mignon. There it is. Because
we don’t get enough meat. Major meat sweats happening right now? I swear
by the time I’m done this. This will probably be the last meal of the day. And I’m thinking
I made need to fast tomorrow. This is getting to the very advanced stages of a pig out. So I believe that is a meal you’re going to
remember for a long time. Yes, wouldn’t you say? Very long time. Yeah, it was like fantastic.
The quality of the meat was so good. And the service was so attentive. They kept checking
up on us to see if we had enough meat, to see if we had enough of our mains and also
the salad bar was really cool. There is a lot of really inventive salads so this overall
was like just an absolute fantastic meal. And let’s talk about the price now. And the
price was also really reasonable. So it came to 79 Reals. So you’re looking at just roughly
over 20 US dollars. I think 22 US dollars for that meal and that included all of the
meat, all of the salad and drinks as well. So really good meal. I mean that was the equivalent,
I probably ate the equivalent of four meals just here now. So it is time for a rest. I’m
just beyond stuffed. And here is a tip. Have a small breakfast. Yeah. If you’re planning
to come here. Or even skip it.


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