Comment fermenter épices et plantes aromatiques | Probiotiques

Hello everyone. Here is how to ferment spices and aromatic herbs. This method can be used with Boswellia as well. I fermented rosemary, mint, lemon, bay leaf, ginger and boswellia… …for 2 years, filtered it and this is the result. These liquids are filled with probiotics with several health benefits. It is a very easy procedure. You only need water, sugar and a spice of your choice. Add sugar in a jar (1 cup). A spice (3 cups of black cumin in this case). Water (5 cups). Stir thoroughly. Make sure you either use a glass or a plastic jar. Do not fill it to the brim. Cover the jar without closing the lid. Store the jar in the shade. From time to time, during the first month… …make sure the spices are not floating. Stir a little bit. Store it for 4 months before consumption. You can filter it after about 1 year. Then, you can properly close the jar. Let’s try the same thing with an aromatic herb (sage). Fill half of the jar as much as possible. Sugar (1 cup). Water (5 cups). Again, during the first month make sure the leaves are not floating. Cover the jar like this. Alternatively you can cover it with a cloth and a rubber band. Add a few drops to your meal to take advantage of probiotics. These probiotics become more efficient over time. You are welcome to support my project on Tipeee. Until next time!


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