Crave-Worthy Fried Egg Sandwich | Food Network

Crave-Worthy Fried Egg Sandwich | Food Network

If you’re a bacon
and egg fan, you’ve probably heard of the
popular LA eatery Eggslut. It’s got lines of people wrapped
around Grand Central Market. The fried eggs, the
perfectly crispy bacon, the brioche bun, all
of it makes for an egg sandwich that is to die for. But I don’t always have
time to wait in line, so I’ve created an
Eggslut-inspired sandwich that you can make at
home in just minutes. And it all starts
with what else? Bacon. Perfect bacon is actually
a lower temperature. So I keep it at medium low. While that’s
happening, I’m actually going to basically make a
grilled cheese sandwich, and then insert
fried eggs into it. What I’m going to do is combine
the chipotle and the ketchup. And we’re putting it
onto one piece of bread. And then, I have my
two pieces of cheese. I think it looks really cool
when you put them in diamond shapes like this because
I actually love it when the cheese
melts out and it gets really crusty on the edges. I love that texture. You seal it up. Just use some softened butter. Butter the entire thing. And one of my favorite places
I visited as a kid was Prague. Every morning, my family
ordered Bohemian eggs. Bohemian eggs sounds fancy. All it is, is you fry
the bacon and crack the egg directly on top of it. So I like to actually crack
my egg into a bowl first, and then pour that
on top of the bacon. It just means I
have more control. I want to try to land
the yolk in the middle. You want to go slowly
because the yolk is going to want to run away. I’m just going to scooch it. That’s pretty good. OK. I’m just going to crack a
little bit of fresh pepper on top of this. Beautiful. So this is going to keep
cooking until the bacon is nice and crisp and the
egg is fully cooked. This is the Italian way
of frying eggs, which is you baste it in the fat. If you’re going to do a
fried egg, fry an egg. You know the eggs are ready
when the whites are just opaque and not runny anymore. You can always cook it a
little bit longer if you like the yolk to be a
little more set, but I think it’s
perfect like this. The perfect, little
sandwich unit. I immediately go in to making
my grilled cheese sandwich. And I want to do this right
away because that yolk is a ticking time bomb. I want it to still be runny
and hot and so delicious. So our grilled cheese
sandwich is going on directly into that bacon fat. And same thing, medium low,
because I want the bread to be completely golden brown. I don’t want it to get burnt. Grilled cheese sandwich
is thoroughly grilled. And we have to open it to put
the eggs and bacon inside. I’m going to use a spoon
to help me with this. It looks so good. Oh my gosh, all that cheese. Then, we’re going to
take our fried egg and put it right in the middle. All right, the top goes on. And slice it through. Oh my gosh. I’ve got yolk. I’ve got cheese. What’s not to love about that? This is going to
be just glorious. All right. Here goes. I mean, I’m kind of mad
I didn’t think of this until like going to Eggslut. I’m thinking of all
the years I could have been eating the sandwich. So hopefully, this
means that you guys get to enjoy this bacon,
egg, and cheese wonder.


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