Grit for canaries and exotic birds and birds. Hello fellow hobbyists,
Welcome once again to a new video. This time we will talk about the grit to
canaries, goldfinches, parakeets and other birds exotic Specifically, I will explain what the grit is
and because you have to give it to the birds, how to use it and how often, and
benefits it brings to the health of our birds Without more … let’s start! The birds released to complete and
improve their diet eat small stones or shells that serve as natural contributions
of minerals and that mainly contribute to improve their diet, because you are small
stones that birds consume according they need them helps them digest better
the foods they eat and take better advantage All its nutrients. The grit replaces the small stones
that the birds are eating freely, and it’s just a mixture of small stones,
special sands, calcium carbonate and small crushed seashells that help crush
food to digest them much better and that also gives them calcium and minerals
Very important to complete your diet. As a summary and for you to understand
better, the birds when they eat the seeds the first thing they do is peel them and separate
the husk of the grain itself, for later ingest the peeled seed that goes to the gizzard,
where the pieces of stones are housed, or the grit as it is normally known, that
The bird had previously eaten. The gizzard’s function is very simple, get
that all the food that is inside are crushed to favor later
the digestion process and that the bird can properly assimilate all nutrients
of food. For this reason, inside the gizzard is
houses the grit or the small stones that the bird is ingesting when he thinks it is necessary
and that, through involuntary contractions of the gizzard, get crush and crush
All the food inside. To give you a very simple example, the operation
of the gizzard is similar to the operation of the muscles of the mouth and functioning
of the grit is similar to that of the teeth of people. When we take a meal, the first
what we do is chew it with the help of the muscles of the mouth and teeth to
that is crushed and softened and so that we can do a good digestion, so
correctly assimilate each and every one of the nutrients of each food, hence the
importance of our birds having Always shout at your disposal. The grit can be easily found in
any pet or bird shop or if we prefer we can do it
same at home, home and economically. If you want us to do it in a video
leave it to me in the comments and later We do it without any problem. We can give the grit to our birds
in different ways: The first and most common way to provide them
the cry to our birds is directly in a trough or candy bar. Just keep it in mind.
a place away from drinking fountains and bathtubs and where they can’t get it dirty and that’s it. Another way we can give it to you is by mixing it
next to the breeding stock or the seeds that normally we use in the feeding
of our birds. That is, in the feeder with the seeds
or the pasta, you add a small amount Scream for the birds to go away
eating as they eat the pasta or the seeds The problem in this way is that some birds
they are more curious or exquisite and can search with the beak among the seeds he shouted it
that could make them throw a lot of seeds and be wasted. But well I tell you because it is another way
And if anyone wants to try it. The third most common way to provide them
the grit normally during the molting period, is along with a small spoonful of fat salt. With this we will reduce the itching in
this period and that the birds benefit of the properties that salt gives it. If you are new to the channel or have not seen that
properties have, like giving salt to birds and so on, up here and in the
comments I leave you a video where we talk of salt for canaries and exotic birds. Another way to give them the shout is together
with a small amount of active carbon, in fact, some grit that we can buy
in the market they already come with bits of coal active and we can put it directly
freely available to birds. The only thing you have to keep in mind
if you are pigmenting canaries or other of similar birds, is not to bring it together
to activated carbon since the birds do not correctly assimilate the pigment and not
they will pigment well, because so to speak of some way the activated carbon neutralizes the pigment
and the bird would eliminate it automatically. If you are interested in talking about future videos
why active carbon is used or the charcoal in the birds then leave it to me
in the comments and I take note. Finally, for those who ask me
how often to scream at the birds tell you that it depends a lot on the type of bird
that you have or raise. In my case I have canaries, goldfinches and
exotic try to always have a feeder at your disposal throughout the year, for
that they can go eating the amount that need. But it may be the case of some goldfinches
or other birds that do not control well, be very anxious and eat more shout of the
account what could affect health and cause damage to your body. In these cases, when we notice that some
of our birds abuses the scream or is constantly eating grit would be advisable
control the amount we put to avoid possible “bindings” so to speak
somehow that could cause Some kind of problems. If you ever get a case of these with
that you put the tip of a spoonful of coffee once or twice a month at some
sweetie would be more than enough. I hope that once again the video has
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