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  • venusstardustkyojin says:

    Reducing is definitely better than high consumption. Its how I (accidentally) started my path to veganism, hopefully it will lead other people there as well Dairy is horrific I don't see the difference between drinking a glass of milk and eating a piece of beef. Dairy is potentially more cruel. If people thought more about their consumption they wouldn't do it anymore.

  • Meuvel Coutinho says:

    Plants, according to professor Jack C Schultz, in the Division of Plant Sciences at the University of Missouri in Columbia, "are just very slow animals". This is not a misunderstanding of basic biology and Schultz has spent four decades investigating the life of plants using time lapse technology so we can see the processes at a time scale that is comprehensible to the human brain.
    Plants fight for territory, seek out food, evade predators, trap prey, communicate with each other, interact with other animals like bees and even plan for future events. They are as alive as any animal, and – like animals – they exhibit behaviour.

    Maybe all "VEGANS" should now starve to death..😂🤣

  • Contemplating on this vid, "personan choices" hardly exist.
    Every product you purchase, either food of non-food, has consequences for others.
    Apart from veganism, we're doing a lot of stuff we can't justify on a daily basis.

  • I have gotten the "I don't eat as much meat at I used to" speech a few times. Why in the hell is that supposed to be impressive? My entire family is meat eaters, I have learned to live with it. I don't judge them for it, and I expect them to accept my choice. I don't ever want to get into a conversation with anyone about diet. The most clever thing most of "them" can come up with is the question about protein. I don't know why nobody is capable of worrying about anything else. Maybe when they ask that, I can ask them where they get some random vitamin from. Like I'll pick K or one most people don't really think about. (unless they're on medication, of course). I just try to not talk when the subject comes up, as much as possible. If you don't contribute much, they usually find a new topic to discuss. It works for me. But I think talking at people doesn't endear them to your cause. I know right wingers think that works, because that's all they ever do, but they also have turned me against their side, almost completely. Why? Because you don't endear anyone by screaming in their face. But I'm rude to people about smoking, so I do it a little, too. But nobody's food habit inflicts on me and leaves me feeling like I've got the flu the entire rest of the day, so it's slightly different.

  • When you said diet choice is not a personal choice, the 1st thing I thought of was healthcare. In America, we spend $50 billion a year on heart surgery…imagine how much money we could save if people stopped eating meat? (And that's heart surgery alone…that doesn't account for heart meds, strokes, alzhimers, diabetes, and as you mentiobed, high blood pressure). We spend more on healthcare than we do on the military…imagine how much out of pocket costs and costs on health insurance we could save !!

  • Fruit Adventure Boris says:

    doesn't every PURCHASE you make shapes the earth at large? such as the choice of clothes you buy (cotton, made in Bangladesh, child labor…etc)
    Some decisions are also limited on things like budget and availability, I get that local made clothes might be hard but at least you can shop at thrift shop for previously purchased clothes (and other things)

  • Actually I like your videos, although I am not a vegan, but this is one of your bad videos. Since we eat animals since we exist, it has nothing to do with choice. It was a need and it is a need for survival. So pls make all the Africans vegans, the problem is that they have no choice they would not survive in they area of living.
    And in fact you would be not here if we would have chosen 100,000 years ago to be vegan. Our species would not have involved to make a choice because we would be still mammals.
    I agree that a vegan diet is the best and also have the least impact on our environment, but then all Americans should use the same amount of energy that the Europeans. Did you know that they use four times more energy than the Europeans because of their cars usage of electricity etc.? If they cut down on this, that would have a great effect on our earth.
    I have to say, the vegans have the choice to be vegan. If we would all be vegan because it would be our preferred diet, we would not have this discussion here. And why are vegans the minority then?

  • Hi! I like enjoy watching your videos and the research you do. I'm wondering where you stand on pet food. I love my pets but have an issue with feedomg them vegetables and feeding them meat and starving them. I buy them pet food, but I wish we could let them roam and eat mice and stuff. I'm so confused on this and have never heard anyone speak on this.

  • Catholic Fandom says:

    It is not a personal choice because food has such a social element. Food is connected to Culture, to family, and other people. Until vegans develop a social food culture they will not be able to be large. There needs to be vegan norms that families will just assume. Example: growing up every meal had: 1. Meat, 1 Veggie, 1 carb. The mean was: A piece of chicken, beef, pork, meat loaf, etc. We need to create culture of vegan food so this social need is fulfilled.

  • Also, how can you make a choice when you are not informed about the consequences of that choice? It's not really a 'choice,' it's just mind control. If you can't even watch how the 'products' are made, then you shouldn't be allowed to consume them. I have decided that if I ever wish to go back to meat I'll first have to watch Earthlings from start to finish (I would rather have all my fingernails extracted one by one.)

  • 1:30 oh my gosh i feel so smart i said the same thing when someone told me not eating meat just leads to more eat for everyone else!!!!

  • Next you'll say abortion IS a personal choice, I will eat steaks until the ozone layer completely disappears as long as vegans apply this double standard.

  • I have found that the justifications/reasoning comments have been incessant from my family and others. It's something that has not diminished over time.

    Look "I could be, I only eat a little" doesn't really matter to me.

  • MsAgnostica Goes Quantum says:

    I'm a vegetarian borderline vegan. Blue Diamond Almond milk is the best tasting. I eat the same cheese from a manifacturer that claims they practice human farming practices using various small farms for theirp products. They say the cows are grass fed. I want to become a 100% vegan though and am working my way towards that goal.

  • maybe we should just start respecting each other as human beings before asking others to respect the labels we attach to ourselves.

  • 1:53 fuckme. Not respecting a person's choices is the same as not respecting the person, because what are you without your choices?

  • 2:09 trivial vs meaningful. "You're ugly" vs "you're a sociopath child abuser who's deluding themselves into thinking they're a good human". Funniest part: that last thing, I just pulled it from your videos. Lol.

  • 2:43 I assume you're going to say something about just serving the vegan a different thing or them asking for a different thing, so what I will say is that's a gross (in both ways) simplification.

  • The thing is (that I find most annoying) that some fanatical meat eaters do in fact look at you like you killed their mother if you say your vegetarian/vegan… Btw, for me eating dogs wouldn't be a problem, I actually have little to no sympathy for dogs or cats, dogs often maul their owners or others while cats kill for sport (at least this is in their nature but still). I don't like meat either way, waiting for the day I can call myself (at least) a vegetarian – family makes it impossible because they apparently know everything…

  • Ellis tar Ceansa says:

    One of your best videos! Punchy; lots of bite-size parts; and a tick more passionate than your other videos (as if that could be possible).

  • Also there’s another way it affects humans world hunger. We have bred so many animals that in order to feed them we take away food from the poor that’s why so many people are poor and starving because people demand so much meat aka breeding more farmed animals that need to be fed.

  • Not all Vegans feel this way. Some Vegans are just Dietary Vegans for the Health Benefits and could care less about the Animals…. They still wear Animal Products and Health/Beauty Products that were tested on Animals.

  • Usually I like the leaves, but here they sometimes made it look like you had cat ears. Good points tho Mike! 😀

  • It's funny how people immediately say "I only eat very little meat and if I do it's organic" as soon as they find out you are vegan. It literally happens to me every time! I think they know it's wrong but they still do it smh. And I know that none of them just eats organic grass fed beef or "free range" eggs. They wanna make themselves feel better about eating animals but are just pure ignorant to the fact how many animals they kill… How do I cope with such people? I find it really frustrating…

  • Creative Dutchess says:

    I tell my family and friends that they have to get off my back and I will stay off off theirs… it's not so much about respect but more a way of preventing the inevitable discussion that will ruin every dinner party.

  • Stupid argument from the start. It is a personal choice. The animal may not think so but it is the person who chooses to kill the animal so personal choice plain and simple.

  • I've always felt this way, but I didn't have enough intelligence to articulate it like you, Mic. Way to go, your channel needs to be more popular!

  • Russell Booth says:

    That can extend to what pet food that you feed your dog or cat,there is vegan pet food available !

    In my case,it sort of will or won't be a personal choice, meaning that if I didn't meet a nice vegan woman I may not go vegan,it is,what influences a person to go vegan in the first place !

    I mean,she respected me more for giving that Big Mac meal a miss 2 Wednesdays ago & just making myself up a salad for lunch.

    When in a marriage with a Vegan, she will want to be by your side a bit more than if you were an omnivore.

  • there are personal choices that do and don't affect lives around you,in this country you have the right to offend and be offended,I became vegan for health choices,not politics.

  • This really becomes an issue when it comes to dating… It's quite painful I'd say when that person thinks you're against them as a whole because you choose to do better? It hurts to see someone you believe in, just refuses to do the right thing, even though you could even cook for them and know so much there's no more health related doubt in their minds. You feel like it doesn't have a future then, honestly.

  • So I don't agree with this, but hear me out: I'm an American living in Egypt semi-longterm. In Islam, eating meat is seen as a sacred duty of man, as "God put animals on this Earth for humans to use and consume" (not a direct quote). When I tell people that I don't eat meat, they do get offended, like I'm not fulfilling my duty as a human by not consuming meat. In their eyes, it's not only ethical, but mandatory by their religion to eat meat. Some believe this more than others (probably as a justification for their own meat consumption), and vegetarianism and veganism does exist here, but it is highly opposite to the majority view.

    Not to mention that holiday where each family is supposed to slaughter a lamb in sacrifice, as Abraham was going to do with his son all those years ago. (Eid Al-Adha)

  • The visual vegans against 'fat' meat eaters/ body shaming in your title slides are pathetic and typical of vegan bs propaganda

  • Agreed by what you say about Vegan people not respecting meat diet. But why should meat eaters respect vegan diet? If you agree that nobody needs to respect other diets than their own, then it's just. But otherwise, it's hypocrisy.

  • Personal choices can have a victim.

    Example: If I were to point a gun at someone and shoot them in the face, that would still be my personal choice. No matter how wrong it is. I personally choose to shoot said person.

    Take this back to eating meat. While it is most definitely wrong to eat meat that is not to say it is not a personal choice. A person goes to the shop and they personally choose to buy said meat thus personally choosing to support the killing of animals.

  • Do not subscribe to Me says:

    Hmmmmm, I’d like to go vegan, 2/3 out of my meals are vegan, but my parents make meals with meat, and I don’t want to hurt my relationship with my mom because I won’t eat what she serves.

  • Another delusional proclamation of "choice" is the oh so common " I am eating what works for me" in terms of weight loss and health. This is so resoundingly stupid I have to count to ten before responding. We have all evolved to be frugivore/herbivore/ starchivore. If you eat a WFPB diet you are going to react the same way as 99.9999 % of us. The 0.00001 % that are allergic to grains or any vegetable or tuber may excuse themselves. The rest of us are IDENTICAL in the way our body reacts to these foods we've evolved to live on. The " I thrive in beef, bacon , eggs and coconut oil" are so far gone I just bite my lip and move on. So stupid you just hope they don't procreate.

  • Nicole Marie PR says:

    It's like respecting someone's choice of being a serial killer, a rapist, an abuser, corrupt, you name it. It's just wrong. People are too selfish.

  • Nicole Marie PR says:

    I was told the other day "god made animals for us to eat" "animals eat other animals". Needless to say, I lost my shit.

  • Great video. I can relate to the frustration of people trying to minimize their consumption and seeking a seal of approval from a vegan. It's irritating because their seeking approval is in itself an admission of the fact that going vegan is the ethical choice. Their guilt and insecurity speaks volumes and they expect us to coddle them and tell them there 'still okay' when really they are and always have been accountable to their choices

  • This reminds me of ants. One ant will start to move into someplace and another may follow, if enough ants follow soon the whole colony has moved in. Some ants don't want to move in so they start to take food out and bring it back to the original home if enough ants bring food back the other ants will follow and the place will be abandoned.

  • Effects of Dietary "Personal Choice":
    1) Killing of Animals
    2) Treatment of Animals
    3) Over use and destruction of the environment–our only place to live.
    4) Societal impact of health care costs.

  • I disagree on not supporting people who consume animal products only occasionally. Any reduction will ripple to less animals exploited in the future. And who knows, flexitarian is a testing phase many people need to adjust to being fully vegan.

  • Ohhh, my mother does that to me "I only eat meat when I go out, which isn't often" and then she's confused when I say that she really can't if she wants to be vegan, because a part-time vegan doesn't exist.

  • Yes. I think this same argument could be made for a pro-life stance too. It's not a personal choice if somebody else dies when you make it.

  • xxpowwowbluexx says:

    It’s “for all intents and purposes,” not “for all intensive purposes,” despite the fact that all your purposes may be intensive. 😉

  • Annie Carbonneau says:

    I wrote this before, but I am asking you if you could respond to this video:


  • Very well said. Excellent presentation. In Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP,) the behavioral and identity levels (logical levels) are completely separate. Many people confuse them. Judging a behavior is not judging a person.

  • lo the jupiter moon says:

    Your diet is indeed solely your choice, but if you literally choose over someone's life or death, it's not a personal one.

  • Amazing video!!!! Thank you for talking about the impact on the health industry. I would love to see more people talking about that.

  • You know what people in the south sudan (africa) eat? A goat meat. 3 times a day. Because they have no choice. If all Europe and America would turn vegan it still wouldn't be enough. It's China who is responsible for most of the plastic in the ocean. Do you think that's going to change?

  • Richard Thomas says:

    I confess that I became a vegan for health reasons primarily but also realized that the environment would benefit greatly if more people became vegans. The ethical implications were not of the greatest concern to me, although I wasn't blind to them. However, Mic's videos, particularly this one, have made this aspect much clearer.

  • Dlonra Reggenzrawhcs says:

    i just wish there was a ban on dairy, as a lacto intolerant vegan i cant go in certain cities without getting Dairy smuggled in my food.
    fucking ass holes giving me cramps!

  • Melissa .Garrett says:

    Honestly, a carnist asking us to respect their dietary choices is like a serial killer asking people to respect their murder sprees.

  • Wenceslao Futanaki says:

    Asking to vegans respect from meat eaters, is like nazis asking respect from humanity for killing people. same thing. yes. No, i am not saying a group of humans is inferior to animals, i am saying we all share this planet, and violence cannot be tolerated. We are all equal, animals, trees, humans. When that simple thing gets through our head, another planet we will end up having.

  • Mairi Quejada says:

    Me screaming to my phone: YES! YES I COULD! AND I LOVE DOGS!!
    Tbh I'm completely ok with people being vegan and everything else. Do what you want. We humans don't have to take it personal and getting angry over the CHOICES of others is going to harm more than help. It's exactly this, that makes me not want to become vegan. Everything I know about the vegan community so far is horrible. Partially because of how you guys talk about others. I just think it's really rude and as much as I would like to help I don't really want to be a part of a group that seemingly hates on everyone else. I mean, there are so many people I know of different religions and they too respect the choice of others' to believe in other things. Athiests and Christians can get along no problemo and respect the choice of the other to think in a different way. So why can't you?

  • You know, Mic, at 52 I started on a plant based diet because of health. Not moral or ethical reasons. BP, sugar and cholesterol all high with a one in three chance of having a heart attack or stroke. I lost 25 lbs, and nothing changed. WTF? My doctor actually stated "I think we should start blaming your parents". So diet vs. genetics is my last option before turning to pharmaceuticals and finding out what else could be wrong. Three weeks so far on my whole food diet (no SOS) and I feel I've made the adjustment very well. No aches, no pains and I'm peeing like I'm 20 again! Next checkup in a month and a half. We'll see then the true effects, and I'll post the changes. Now, although health concerns were the catalyst, the facts/arguments you present have swayed my beliefs and made me question my morals when it comes to an omnivorous diet. Even if my tests come back unchanged, I truly believe I cannot go back to the way I was eating. You've taught me to embrace my own actions and consider how the choices I make affect the planet as a whole. It's still early in my journey, but I cannot ignore your validations of a vegan lifestyle, and have gained much clarity towards exactly why people do not eat animals or their byproducts. Although I am still reconciling what I have been taught vs. what I have now learned, I truly thank you for the enlightenment and forcing me to gauge my actions as a responsible, compassionate human being. Again, thank you. Cheers!

  • How can you respect people who, knowing you are vegan STILL discuss cooking and eating meat in front of you. They have totally just disrespected you!!

  • Brudasso Prostacci says:

    clothing isn't a personal choice either (as it will cause an immediate reaction in all viewing you): if you wear short shorts with your banana pointing towards the pocket or wear a gaping cleavage revealing top it's not innocuous.

    Joker suit for a business meeting or a toga in your work is generally only good for halloween.

    You can not only attract attention to yourself but also tangibly affect other people with your clothes. Like wear a bulletproof vest and a face mask in a public building – good luck convincing others that it's just your personal choice.

  • Yes! Thank you Mic! We SHOULD be eating our pets! Finally, they'll get to do something useful besides lay around all day using up my A/C. And we should be able to make slippers out of their fur. I'd have a closet full of slippers by now.

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