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We are a Gazegill Organic farm in Rimington. My family’s been farming here
for nearly five hundred years. We have our own organic raw milk
and a range of organic meats. We believe there’s a
strong link between the happiness of animals and the food that they produce. Our wildflower meadow’s are biological heritage sites and contain a whole range of different
species of plant and grass We believe that feeding our animals from
these meadows produces not only nutritionally better quality meat and
milk but also better tasting meat and milk. We do believe that people have
forgotten how milk used to taste. We go to farmers markets and give samples out and people ‘wow’, that takes me back to how milk used to be. So here we are producing
milk as our grandparents would have done it’s unpasteurised, it’s raw, it’s un-homogenised,
we take it straight from the cow, chill it down, put it in a bottle Our organic raw milk is as nature intended nothing added, nothing taken away.
The benefits of raw milk are becoming more apparent and studies are actually
showing that the probiotic nature of it is used for a healthy gut, the omega-3
the higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids from the grass feeding of these cows & again you know there are benefits to the immune system as well The farm is licensed
by the Food Standards Agency and again it’s important that this happens to keep
the milk safe, clean and compliant. Here at Gazegill we keep rare breeds
they’re good converters of grass and as a phrase my dad always said it’s not
what’s in it it’s what’s not that’s important. With this quality of meat it’s
important we don’t mess it up in the butcher’s shop so sausages, burgers, bacon
all these are, preservative free and the bacon is also nitrate free We think it’s important that these traditional breeds are kept going because the meat they produce,
the marbling the fat layers and slowly grown is it’s absolutely exceptional With a vast range of meats but in
addition to that we also have a lot of stock bones, marrow bones, chicken feet, all the things you know they’re important for your
really good nutritional bone broth. We are really, really passionate about
our nature, our habitats and our high animal welfare. Yeah happy animals making better food… whether you’re ordering online
or come to the farm shop, come and visit us, it’s great place!


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