Hello youtubers and welcome to
clean-living clara the best vlogger on the internet quote well from me actually today we’re doing um, a food challenge you know you eat stuff that’s awful and that’s… that’s fun I mean I don’t know God knows I need some subscribers so … Toby! Pass me the bag! I’m hoping for like a chili or something it’s it’s…it’s dog food is that is that a
thing on the internet ? every week I just humiliate myself right let’s get on
with it okay it’s going to be funny isn’t it? sorry actually that’s not bad! lucky lucky dogs! 59p I could live quite cheaply on this Do you want to try some? 2 more!!!! Yesss! whoop whoop flabbergasted! This would go very well with a chianti! number three shapes! biscuits! Dog biscuits Fish! oh! Found one! Thank you so much for joining me I’ve had a great time no an awful time! It was an awful challenge! You meanys!! is there any more? are they still selling this one in the shop? they did.. i’m just going to nip out I need some bread (to self) chicken in gravy (door slams)


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