Drs. Rx: Nuts that Can Pay Off On the Scale

Drs. Rx: Nuts that Can Pay Off On the Scale

Today’s Doctors’ prescription could pay off on the scale if you keep them in the kitchen. What are they? Pistachios. Woo. (audience applauding) These green nuts, superfoods, high in protein and healthy. And I love it because it’s conscientious eating. You know, you’re de-shelling them, you’re- Here you go, buddy, let me have a few. I really like pistachios. You like pistachios. I really, really, really like pistachios. Okay, if I tell you that I’ve never tried a pistachio. What?
What? Okay, so, I’ve tried plenty of pistachios. (laughter) And what I love about pistachios also, is, to me, as far as nuts go… Isn’t that nice? Unsalted, unroasted, they’re really good. I like them. But you see how they’re a little bit of work, right? They are. So, for that reason, have a tendency to eat less. Yes. So don’t buy the ones already peeled. The thing is, getting back to the prescription, I feel so decant, I’m just reaching in, but… Look how close he’s gotten, he wants in on there pistachios. I think so! You did kinda just… We’re supposed to end this show right now, but if we end this show then they take the pistachios backstage and I don’t see them again. So you’re just drawing it out? Yeah, a little bit. It’s a solid plan. Not a bad idea, right?


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  • celestialcircledance says:

    Nuts are a very concentrated form of calories which is why trail mix is favoured by hikers looking for an energy boost . Shelled nuts like pistachios may slow you down a little but aren't a free pass to chomp aways mindlessly without regard for portion size .

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