DSNY: Why Should I Separate My Food Scraps?

DSNY: Why Should I Separate My Food Scraps?

Hi I’m Kathryn Garcia, New York City
Department of Sanitation Commissioner and we’re here today talking about
organic recycling and composting black gold I’m with my mother Ann McIver and
we’re going to talk about how she composts, she’s in our organics pilot
program in Park Slope in Brooklyn. Mom, can you tell me how you participate
in the program? So I have a bin that I keep this white actually it’s a canister that I keep on the counter very conveniently and I use these compostable bags that you can buy at almost all stores and I put them directly into a bin
which I keep on the counter then when I when it gets pretty full I put it like
this and I tie it up and I take it and I put it out in my brown bin. So what do you do after I cut this and
put this in here goes out in the bin the men pick it up, what happens to it then? So after the sanitation workers collect it, it gets taken to a transfer station and pre-processed where we remove any of the contaminants. It then goes up to McEnroe
farms in upstate New York. They mix the scraps and yard waste with wood chips or
hay for example. The mixture is set into rows which rest for several months. The
material is regularly turned for perfect balance of air, moisture, carbon
and nitrogen. That’s what transforms scraps into compost. Then the compost is sifted and it’s ready for bagging. So mom, counter to compost to counter.
Beautiful tomatoes beautiful. Join us, get with the program, visit nyc.gov/organics


2 thoughts on “DSNY: Why Should I Separate My Food Scraps?”

  • monsteratemehcookie says:

    ARE YOU PEOPLE INSANE?! It's already proven your pilot project isn't working:  http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2015/07/17/greenpoint-compost-problems/ and you still want to push it to my neighborhood?! The brown bin only get collected once a week, do you know how bad it's going to be in the summer? AND WTF, there's $100 fine for not keeping the bin clean. ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?!  Composting releases CO2 instead of methane, but that's only if you do everything right. It's too much of a risk! This is the worst idea you people can come up with. We pay for the food, we pay for the leftover, now we pay for garbage that turn into food that we still pay for. Stop using rich neighborhood to pilot your shitty programs!Assuming you did everything right, the amount of garbage from NYC alone will produce enough CO2 to harm our environment. If anything, the environmental protection agency should be shutting down this dumb program! This is yet another "good intention, bad execution" example. Grow some brains!

  • You shouldn't …..nor should you listen to someone who has no clue what they're doing just because they're commissioner of something .

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