Easy@Home Bluetooth Body Fat Scale (Smart Scale) and iOS/Android App Demo

[email protected] Bluetooth Body Fat Scale (Smart Scale) and iOS/Android App Demo

Now this is what the scale looks like outside of that lovely box. The scale has a sleek design. Features a glass top with a 4.3 LCD back blue lighted display. Contains 4 AAA batteries which are already in the unit just pull the tab when your ready to use it. Comes with this convenient user manual. Here’s the other thing for frequently asked questions to uploading the app to the parameters of what it does. Now I’ll show you the apps, there actually included in the back of the device. You have two ways to doing, to download. You can download for free by searching “easyhomescale” on either iTunes or GooglePlay. Or simply scan the following QR codes located as such. For iOS for apple compatible devices and for Android for android compatible devices. I’m just going to show you a simple demonstration on how to upload the [email protected] scale app Simply click on the Play Store, open that up and then your going to search “easyhomescale” type it in and mines already in there. Tap on it. The little icon will show up. Press on that. And install. And when you ready to weigh, just simply open up the app you can even save it on your main menu of your phone however you like or your device. And this will pop up. Body Fat Scale, which is what you’ll need, to click on in order to utilize all the parameters for weighing and bathroom scale. So were going to hit body fat scale. You just click on the little icon there and hit done. And then it will open up to this screen. You’ll have a little lovely picture up here if you tap on it. It’ll give you the option to take a photo or take it from your photo album or cancel. I’m going to hit cancel. Next choose your name. We have a lovely gentlemen going to be demonstrating for us today, so I’m going to enter his name. Next, your going to select gender. A little male icon or female icon and below that is unit. Now that’s the unit that’ll show weight parameters in for your weight, so it’s either kilograms if you liked it viewed in stone or pounds. Next you select your birthday. If you tap on birthday, it should pop up on this little scroll here and just enter your birthday. Now its very important to enter your birthday because it also picks up the parameters on that and will adjust as needed. The next one is height. Now if you pick pounds that’ll be in feet and inches. Hit next. And lastly, your level of fitness. We have ordinary, amateur or professional. I’m going to pick ordinary. And I will save that for future use. You have your weight on all of your seven parameters outside of that. On the bottom it will show you your weight compared to the last time and where you fall on the spectrum of BMI. There’s thin, healthy, fat or overweight. Info will also give you all of the spectrum’s that should be included in the user manual. Now you are ready to weigh. Have the scale on a flat even surface, step on the scale with bare feet, stand straight ahead and wait. The scale will countdown to eights and display your weight. You will be able to view your weight, body water, body fat, bone, BMI, visceral fat, BMR, and muscle mass. Every time you weigh it will keep a record as long as you save the data. You can share the data via social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or you can save the data as a text file and email it to yourself which is located in the settings main menu. Thank you for joining us today and if you have any further questions please contact our dedicated customer service staff at one of the two located below that’s also on the back of the box when you receive your scale. Happy tracking.


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