Eat This Not That | Healthy Food Swaps To Be Healthier!

Eat This Not That | Healthy Food Swaps To Be Healthier!

so in today’s video I’m sharing with you
some healthy swaps that you can make in your life in your kitchen that are gonna
help you be just that little bit healthier so let’s just go ahead and I
get right into them instead of eating rice opt for something like cauliflower
rice not only will this up your veggie intake and provide you with tons of
fiber but it’s also grain free so it’s gonna be better for your blood sugar
next instead of drinking cow milk or dairy milk opt for a nut version such as
almond milk or cashew milk dairy can be very inflammatory to our gut to our
joints and cloud our brain as well instead of drinking pop up for a
carbonated sparkling water this is great because they also have a lot of fruit
flavors that are freely offered with natural fruits and you can still get
that carbonation instead of candy opt for a brand that makes it out of natural
ingredients such as smart sweets or use dried fruit you still get that sweetness
and that chewiness but no artificial colors or flavors or dyes which is
really important next inside of eating a normal white pasta opt for one either
made of veggies or konjac root which is a root vegetable or one that’s made with
cauliflower beans or chickpeas these ones have a better macronutrient profile
they aren’t as carb heavy and have more protein next instead of using white
flour opt for almond flour this is better because it has vitamin E protein
fiber and it’s also less refined and it’s gonna be really good for your blood
sugar and the same goes for white crackers so these really spike your
blood sugar they don’t fill you up in your hungry five minutes later by
including gluten free fiber crackers they help fill you up and fiber and
fullness also helps get health too next instead of using your store bought fake
dressings with additives and colors and just fake things you can just make your
own really easily and store it in the fridge and I will leave my homemade
dressing video down in the description box below too
next instead of using your normal table salt use Himalayan salt instead by using
this it has 84 essential minerals you get calcium phosphorus potassium all
that in your normal cooking instead of using soy sauce use something like
coconut aminos this is made from the coconut SAP it tastes delicious it’s
better for you and has things like inositol which is really good for blood
sugar regulation and it’s naturally gluten free instead of milk chocolate
which a has dairy but also has a lot of added sugar opt for a dark chocolate of
70% or higher dark chocolate is full of antioxidants and it has less sugar
instead of using a white button opt for using lettuce to make buns and
sandwiches I do this all the time and you actually get so much flavor out of
whatever is in the middle of it because you’re just wrapping it in lettuce next
instead of using canola oil which is a very processed fake oil opt for avocado
oil it has a higher smoke point and it isn’t as damaging as canola oil because
it isn’t inflammatory next instead of using sour cream opt for a plant-based
coconut yogurt they make them really good nowadays they’re thick they have
low sugar and because they are a neutral flavor you can use them in both sweet
and savory recipes instead of consuming at your normal sports drink which has
blue dyes and a lot of chemicals coconut water is naturally hydrating it’s got
tons of electrolytes perfect for the summer or for pre or post workout
instead of consuming Doritos which actually light on fire and are full of
chemicals opt for a baked grain free tortilla chip this way you’re still
getting your crunch and you’re still hot choosing like a healthier chip option
that isn’t necessary kale chips but they taste delicious still next instead of
using a white sugar opt for coconut sugar coconut sugar is an unrefined
sugar and is lower on the glycemic index than white sugar and it’s a more natural
option in baking so I hope you guys enjoyed these healthy
swaps if you have any more that I didn’t mention be sure to leave those in a
comment so that I can learn them and others can learn them too and I will see
you guys in my next video bye guys


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