Enlevez jusqu’à 11 Kg de KAKA Collé et Épinglé sur Votre Ventre avec 1 Tasse de ce Remède Naturel.

Enlevez jusqu’à 11 Kg de KAKA Collé et Épinglé sur Votre Ventre avec 1 Tasse de ce Remède Naturel.

Remove up to 11 kg of KaKa Stuck and pinned
on your belly with 1 cup of this remedy natural.
Hello my loves I hope you start the week in very good conditions
and especially in health because without health we can not, on my side it’s okay if I
can you talk to this morning, so that’s that I’m going, Well this morning I’ll show you
how to eliminate up to 11 kg of waste trapped in your belly and this in all
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So if you have trouble going to the saddle, you must
that constipation is uncomfortable and affects millions of people around you and
even in the world, so if you’re holding a time is little to take care of your health
on every plane and in the most natural possible then it’s not complicated
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, whether you have trouble or difficulty to go to the bathroom.
especially in situations of stress or trip
the curious thing is that constipation is responsible for many situations that
put very uncomfortable, including back pain,
gas, bloating, fatigue and even anxiety,
some of the causes of constipation can prove to be physical inactivity (I
explained it to a subscriber who told me am on Instagram than me when I finish of
to do an hour of running on the treadmill I have every desire to go to the saddle,
this is not a joke when I say that physical inactivity can be
one of the causes of constipation) but it’s by far the worst of all because
if you find that this is the case then the practice of physical exercises will be able
helps increase blood flow by strengthening the muscles of the tract
digestive and even help control stress Then if you have a poor diet
in nutrients if you eat too much food processed into sugars and refined carbohydrates,
if you consume alcohol then it will become difficult
For you to produce stool regularly. besides 3 stress a big
amount of stress changes the production of hormones and
neurotransmitters that directly influence the production of muscle tension and
bowel function in general Constipation also has other causes
related to lack of magnesium Has an imbalance related to consumption
drugs in the intestinal flora, lack of sleep,
Of course natural remedies help to remedy
To this including drinking liquids and taking probiotics
but today I have a prescription for you, it is a natural remedy of a
value of gold bullion for you help to eliminate all the waste stored in
your belly and you feel much better This remedy will leave you with a belly a lot
flatter and envied of all so let’s find out now how to do
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Well the prescription that I prescribe you this morning contains only natural ingredients
as always then, this is a tablespoon of aloe vera, then
the juice of a whole lemon, then of a large glass of water that equals approximately
to 250 ml of water and finally a tablespoon of honey, the honey being
optional So how to prepare and drink this remedy
it will be question To beat in a blender the aloe vera, the
lemon juice with water, then to transfer the contents of the mixer
In a big cup or a glass and then add honey for the one who do not mind
So take this juice preferably in the morning to
fast and wait 30 minutes before eating something and the
same day it would be a very good option to take the same amount
again but this time 30 minutes after your dinner reminding you that aloe gel
can not overdose, so if you consume
this two days in a row it will be necessary to make a break for at least a week to
to drink again this remedy; That’s my love it was all for this
morning, do you have problems to go to the saddle? If so tell me
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