Erkek Arı Larvası suyunu Besin Olarak Verme. (Apilarnil)

Erkek Arı Larvası suyunu Besin Olarak Verme. (Apilarnil)

These are the laths of the bucket that went to the false mother. I told you before. Look this way fluffy fluffy. She even made her own thimble. Dear friends. The larva of the drone is the best food source for a bee. So there’s no better food source than that. Look, we’re gonna do this now. You tarıyorum.görüy. Yeah, the juice comes out. I do it this way. I’m popping your eyes. Look at this. Here they tried to make their own thimble. That A very high degree of protein. I’m gonna give it to you right now. They’il suck it up. Besides, it will be a very good food by absorbing its water. And they’re gonna clean the honeycomb. I will also observe their reflexes. The juice of drone larvae is the best food for a bee. I wanted to show you this. You can give it to a weak colony or a strong colony. But don’t put it too far. In general, you can fry, after throwing it again in a way that the queen bee can throw honeycomb. Get a place. Yes thank you.


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