Escali Pana Baker’s Scale

The Escali Pana Baker’s Scale can measure
ingredients in cups, tablespoons or by weight for the most reliable way to make better baked
goods. Backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty, it
features a superior build quality that is designed to last. The Pana will measure weight in pounds + ounces,
ounces and grams. The tare feature will clear the weight of
a container or multiple ingredients. What makes the Pana the Baker’s Scale is
its ability to measure familiar volume units (cups and tablespoons) with the accuracy and
repeatability of measuring by weight with a digital scale, which is more reliable than
using a measuring cup. To measure multiple ingredients, first clear
the prior measurement and its food code. Now, enter the next food code and slowly begin
to add the ingredient to be measured. This can minimize clean-up by eliminating
extra measuring cups and bowls. The Escali Pana Baker’s Scale is your secret
weapon for accurate and consistent measurements to help you produce better baked goods every
time! Get yours, today!


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