Fast Food Freakouts!

here in a minute there was what we drive
and by the way look like the sheet day nine-one-one man I should’ve on my slushy you take us
everything working can I turn up yeah I asked him hi like a chicken that was
it no money thank you thank you you’re prime definition of a person
going out to trouble me I will pay for a big establish this but I gotta do it
three four years old you talk to a beach Oh dumbass none of the a oh my su was
roughly the half dollars for six inch and I was right now to sell away again
but this bet you I never did fit I never did I’m 39 years old I got my own shop
see for yourself I just think no kids to make a water
camo that’s the true definition first go ham
I was in Turkey all day hi babe hi
I finally suggest you leave right now where’s the money now a lot more now not
a one booth look down fucking booty huh wait but wait my food your clock we’re just gonna keep this rolling in
for a little while it’s a good thing they had a cellphone
mr. reporter she must have made that Louisville she
did someone to me yeah I want to meet everyone it’s crazy
you know yeah yo pal you just whistling set this in the time Gary customer’s
always right what I think
not either actually closing right now I’m not record I just want to refill my
green thank you for making my pleasant
experience here a memorable one yes I have a very bad what would you like to
repeat what you just said what are we doing just eating dinner you know why we’re recording thank you very much yeah being aggressive for my cashier and I
just wanna get a place for this garden is I’m not really having it the story is
in front of me on my face no he just in front of me recording me
with his cell phone California I can get you the plate right now can I ask you
why you’re like making us leave can I ask you what the problem is can I ask you why you’re upset no I
don’t see yes correct
yeah just to make sure I’m not making up any
lies it I can tell you that
as it begins park manager they can’t get out
when I get done as you take refuge after everything and so the contract as well exactly yeah
I am recording this whole thing it is all they reported I want this man to
fire them she said I tried to quit resigned they
were not fired this manager does not deserve a manger I our manager Denton I’ll get about me and you’re a disgruntled retarded person
she’s following an employer funny because he will not leave my store
can you guys be a while first you is gonna steal the kids after we paid no no I can wait it
I can’t wait to fight off the red card right I call it you actually because they
won’t leave my store thank you there’s like four people here been playing in my
hair I call this lady step outside Hey what is it


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