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  • kungpaobenji27 says:

    I thought this was a terrific movie, but the one argument against it is: "is this a movie about the violation of human rights in the mfg. world in general or clearly just fast food?" I'm going with the first even though the movie version seems to really target both. Food production, clothing manufacturing, heck even the sweat shops in China that make our Iphones are all guilty of horrendous work conditions. I just interpreted the big picture as primarily "what has our world come down to."

  • Matej / Psiloz says:

    Animals in slaughterhouses are also tortured by idiots who work there, besides the terrible conditions they grow in.

  • The US produces much of its plant produce to feed to animals who convert it inefficiently into cheap meat, driving down the price of the produce to the detriment of farmers. Production of plants, at least in the western world, probably wouldn't result in particularly worse lives for the farmers if not for this. It's not like a farm in the middle ages or a third world country in which many farmers break their backs and work for 14 hours a day, it's more like one farmer driving a tractor.

  • sugar sugar sugar sugar sugar sugar sugar is the main reason for obesity in america. Nothing wrong with the meat and it's 100% health and nature for humans and it's important to eat your meat, we our omnivores for a reason we eat both vegs and meats for a healthy human body….it becomes unhealthy when it hits the mcdonalds factory processing plant, when they grind the good healthy meat and load it with filler, salt, grease,fat, and only god knows what FDA approved frankin chemical they add.

  • No, no, no, no, NO!!! Local organic food is NOT the answer… Learn your numbers. Local farmers CANŤ and WONŤ feed the world… The answer is in cloning of animal parts, but we are far from there yet…

  • the right answer is the vegan diet man, don't be fraid, I was too, I feel blessed now, I feel good about myself and I understood alot about me and our nature, it's a metter of time and once you get used to the new diet, you'll see everything from a different angle. And you will look at animals with another… I don't know, you'll feel in armony with everything, says one that never felt close to animals before… Cheers.

  • We should all become Vegan guys, that's the future of human beings, start seeking the truth without prejudice and mostly, seek the truth and not your truth, you'll be amazed by your discoveries. Cause if you still think we should eat meat, it's not your brain speaking, but your animal istinct of conservation. There are many mechanisms involved, detect them and neutralize them. Cheers.

  • Mimi Marie Trawinski says:

    I asked my friend (who is obsessed with mcdonalds) what she thought about me hunting deer, because I've always wanted to hunt deer. She said it was cruel and that it was murder. She is absolutely obsesed with fast food.
    What do you guys think? Would you guys rather eat mcdonalds burgers or go hunting for deer?

  • venaison is way tastier than mc do shite
    you friend just need to grow up a bit. of course it s cruel to kill an animal , u see the suffering , the blood, but u have to face the fact that if u eat meat killing will b done and i prefer to be a deer free in the forrest than a cattle getting electric shok after a life enclosed. plus to convince u friend u can say that the meat used for restaurant especially fast food there s a lot of waste so bout one cow out of ten been killed just to end in a bin

  • yes there s shite in the meat, solution , cook it good so u can eat the shite and u don t risk to get ill, lol i rather eat salad the rest of my life
    the logic of people is just crazy, so they overcook meat to b safe, and they won t ever know about a real tasty bloody meat, sad people
    american can be so thick sometimes, land of freedom? i dont think so , it s more land of extremism, one side eat shite food the other wanna b vegan and free the animal
    kind of ideas i had but i was 6..

  • let me help you in your argumentation, in fact meat act like cigarette , it s addictive. it have chemical that tell your brain to eat meat . that s why meat eater consume meat almost in a daily basis. but like for nicotine the chemical is also able to drive the brain and find always good reason to eat meat . if you add the social acceptance you see it b difficult to change habit
    youth are more likely to adapt, so when u address to a meat eater always think he s like a junky and won t give up

  • For what's worth, I have spend the last years of my life without eating a single burger from either McDonald's or Burger King.

    I also don't eat fried chicken, meatballs, chicken nuggets, fish sticks or shrimp.

  • dont come hate on me because im putting religion into this but the reason why the muslims eat only 'halal' food is because they're slaughtered in a humane manner. thats why muslims dont eat just anything.

  • RedwoodTheElf says:

    you couldn't be more wrong. Halal is an offshoot of the old Hebrew dietary laws, which define certain foods (Like Pork) to be unclean and defined methods of properly butchering animals to prevent disease (properly bleeding them, for example) which are anything but painless. Most of the reasons for the Kosher/Halal laws are no longer relevant, since we now know how to properly cook pork to avoid Trichinosis and such.

  • Τάκης Μπούλογλου says:

    Being vegan means that you don t use any leather objects, including bags shoes, clothes etc.

    It is not a nutritional regime, but an ideology and a way of life.

  • "Humans who labor in fields for our veges have shotened lifespans"
    so farmers/farmhands have shortened lifespans? please do not endorse redundancy of these jobs.

  • not muslims you little shit. morons who have a messed up form of belief and they all happen to be muslims. not muslims. because if muslims are people who blow themselves up, i am sure you won't be breathing anymore. god you're such an idiot. you wake up and get some form of education.

  • Τάκης Μπούλογλου says:

    you only need to read the news daily, and you ll see that guys in middle east blow up themselves almost every day in the name of allah..

  • i know they do but they're just guys who blow themselves up because their beliefs on Islam is messed up and you dont label terrorists as muslims you get me, mister?

  • ganda jarda oh maninho says:

    We have been eating meat for thousands of years, and you want us to just stop eating it? , we could change how they treat these armless animals, but stop eating it? hell no!

  • How do you change the way these animals are treated if you keep on buying meat produced like this? How do you think these people would stop massacres in slaughterhouses if they still earn huge amounts of money from it? Please, be realistic or at least honest and say that no matter how the meat is produced, you still cannot give up you juicy steak.

  • BitterSweet Planet says:

    fuck this mass production everyone should at least have a home garden and eat meat once or twice a week max ! the human digesting system is designed to process alot of different foods. And meat shouldn't be eaten that often that it is nowdays. Especially hamburgers and sausages where you just don't know what shit do they mix in with them. Buy the meat from a local farmer and make a homemade hamburger where you at least know whats in there.

  • This movie any good? I'm talking from a critical viewpoint…the subject's interesting enough but I've been on a Linklater kick lately. Is this worth watching?

  • BitterSweet Planet, actually the humans are designed to be herbivores, all this abuse is so-deep set now, that we are addicted to it, and mistake it for "need". The meat industry has invented this "need" to sell us crap. And it's involving millions of humans whose lives are getting impoverished, violent, and degraded – look up "Making the Link", a study posted on Occupy For Animals. 

  • Fast food back in the 70s used to be a treat. We all knew it was bad for you. You might get it to go for a drive in movie, or maybe bring it home one night to give Mom a break from cooking. They used to be walk up windows and drive thru's, then by the 1980s they were becoming sit down restaurants. Maybe thats why people started thinking it was OK to start eating there on a regular basis. Just awful. .

  • Magicprincess9000 says:

    I'm trying to become a vegetarian bit by bit….I want to be a full blown vegan but at this time that might be too challenging but definitely going towards the vegetarian route..

  • The most disturbing scene in this movie FOR ME was NOT when Raul had his legs cut off by the meatcutting machine (I saw that coming from a mile away). It was not when the lazy fast food employees, Brian and Andrew, spit on the burger or drop a patty on the floor to recook it (I was expecting that) – I personally witnessed these things myself working in fast food. So, neither the legs cutting or burger-spitting was a shocker to me; I expected that to be in this movie. What disturbed me most was seeing a young innocent newlywed, Sylvia, having to spread her bottom for Mike, the sadistic Hispanic supervisor at the processing plant. Sylvia had warned her sister not to mess with him because she knew he was trouble, and he discarded woman-by-woman like trash once he had enough of them. Sylvia seemed like a sweet, intuitive, hardworking wife. When her husband was on life support in the hospital, she knew she was in extremely desperate. She needed to now support both her and Raul solely on her income and the hotel cleaning job hours would not cut it. She never imagined herself to have sex with Raul, allowing him to spread her doggystle…feeding into his sadistic desires. I almost kinda lost respect for Sylvia, that scene disturbed me tremendously. Of course, Mike would not help her out despite her husband losing his legs at his plant and then fabricating a life with management that Raul was on meth. Mike is as empathetic as the meanest rich Republican. Sylvia was the very one trying desperately to deter her sister, Coco from Mike's oppressive grasp…just to be her exactly precarious situation. She tried to live a respectable, drug-free lifestyle as a loyal newlywed wife. Mike knew in that very instance, how desperate she really was and he was testing her.

  • Sylvia really needed the job. I can't understand why even illegal immigrants like Sylvia would cater to such low standards for a terrible shitty job. In that case, she should prostitute; it's far more rewarding than sleeping with Mike for no money but a shitty job. It was appalling seeing a good girl go bad. Maybe, I've overanalyzing the scene, but I hate seeing good people get taken advantage of sexually in very desperate times. Had Mike just raped her, I would've been more comforted. But, the fact that she willingly succumbed to him broke my heart. I know this movie is fictional, but so much of this movie is based on real events and real people. I had this Hispanic supervisor working at a parking garage who did the exact same thing to all his female subordinates. So, yes that was the most disturbing scene for me.

  • IgbertandStarr LiveLonger says:

    Thank you for your love and care for peeps and all the hard work y'all've done to EDUCATE good folks about what is REAL and what is a LIE! You are a precious bunch of folks 🙂

  • Well, since that fast food hamburger is going to be cooked well-done immediately prior to serving, it won't make anyone sick if it's infected with E. coli or momentarily dropped on the floor. I'm sure this movie shows all kinds of other reasons, some valid, not to eat fast food (junk food), but the "shock" examples in the trailer are more perceived but nonexistent danger than real danger. However, I agree that if everything was on the up-and-up your meat would have a very low risk of being infected (even if any infection is killed by thorough cooking), and a cheap hamburger patty dropped on the floor wouldn't be served to customers even though it's honestly safe to eat if the floor is clean. The fast food chain can handle the occasional loss of a hamburger patty in order to not serve customers food from the floor. In the case of McDonald's, that patty is probably worth around 20 cents, being 2oz and half filler, half the cheapest beef on the market. So for less than a dollar a day (in a restaurant grossing thousands daily), you can proudly say you don't serve floor food. Worth it. But my point still stands, as long as it's fully cooked afterward and served with proper food handling it poses no danger. It's probably more symbolically unclean than actually dirty, so long as it didn't pick up visible grime.

  • Extraterrestrial Composition 👽 🎶

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