Fix Your Exhaustion with This Drink!

– Do you ever feel overtired, overworked, or just plain exhausted? – Yeah!
Today, we’re going to give you an option to help manage your fatigue with our latest doctor shot of health, the fatigue fighter version! Woo! Key ingredients. We have apples, oranges,
bananas, and some cayenne pepper. Why? Apples deliver a boost of
energy with natural sugars, keeps you feeling full longer because of all that fiber in there. Oranges packed with Vitamin C. That just may reduce that fatigue. Bananas, we know the
carbohydrates, potassium, Vitamin B6, I love throwing
these into any juicer or smoothie and cayenne. What isn’t cayenne good for? It improves blood flow and
honestly, it wakes you up just by drinking it or smelling it. – [Dr. Ordon] Thank you. – [Travis] I love it. I absolutely love it.
– So good. Got a little kick to that cayenne. – Yeah, the cayenne
gives it a little kick. It’s pretty tasty. – [Dr. Ordon] Yeah!
(laughing) – Hey, if you want the full recipe or anything else you might’ve
missed on today’s show, head over to


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