Gesunde Ernährung im Triathlon | Food-Prep + wertvoller Tipp für Frauen

Gesunde Ernährung im Triathlon | Food-Prep + wertvoller Tipp für Frauen

Today we’ll discuss food. If you follow me on Insta, you’ll have seen
that I prepare a lot of my food,
so called food-prepping. I get so many questions
what I’m doing, why I’m doing it
and how I’m doing it. So I thought I’ll use this to make a cool video
to give you some direct insights what it’s like for me. A little warning: It’s going to be chaotic,
nothing is extremely clean and structured,
cooking for me is usually free-styling. First I’ll go shopping,
usually just where the moment leads to,
getting inspired by what looks good. I try to avoid packaging for what I buy,
if you’ve tried that yourself
you’ll know how tricky that is. But especially in organics stores
it usually works much better. Because of that I eat a lot of vegetables.
For those who don’t know: I am a vegetarian,
since I was a young kid. Sometimes even vegan –
with the food preps it often happens
accidentally to be vegan. Then I get a lot of questions if I’m vegan.
My answer is “not consciously”
I could do, it wouldn’t be a problem for me. But there a few reasons
why I don’t completely forgo animal products. But now I’ll show you what I have planned,
the things I’ve already bought.
Let the chaos commence! Maybe a quick comment why I’m doing this,
why I’m not cooking every day. .. or maybe have someone cook for me
.. or eat out. For me I have realized that I’m performing best
when I’m doing most of the cooking myself or with Philipp. Not buying so much ready-made food.
Of course it’s also healthier. And because I often have a lot of full days
with lots of training and other appointments,
lots of travel. I’m out and about a lot,
and especially when I’m on the road
it’s really hard to get good food. Good food for me means to have a meal
that gives me all the nutrients I need,
that gives me energy. And that helps me get ready for the next session. As a triathlete and a Professional athlete
I’m doing multiple sessions a day. Often it’s not that easy to eat the right things,
so you don’t have GI issues in the second session. I realized that when I prepare food on my own,
I feel best, I am fittest. Food prep .. when I know I have an easy day,
I use this day to be one or two hours in the kitchen. and prepare for three days two big main meals
that I know supply me with what I need and after which I’ll feel good.
I’ll save a lot of time on these days
while still having a really good meal. Today .. that’s what I always do:
I’ll go shopping before and have very fresh things. One main part of my food prep:
a giant sheet of oven vegetables where I mix everything of what’s available. Today we have: mushrooms, carrots, zucchini, bell pepper, eggplant, pumpkin, fennel, sweet potato. You can see it’s a giant pile
that will shrink a bit in the oven. But it’s already mouth-watering
because it know it’s going to be awesome. That’s going to be one core element
of the boxes I’m preparing. You can mix all kinds of vegetables
that you can get, not much you can do wrong. In addition I’m going to have
additional carbohydrate and protein Today it’ll be quinoa, lots of protein
but also a source of good carbs. and some lentils – same thing: protein and carbs. To me these are the best carbs
when they also have protein because I need a lot. This is how I manage to satisfy my demands. Here is something else I prepared: buckwheat
which I’ve sprouted for two or just one day. Just a bowl, soak overnight with some water,
and then small sprouts start to grow .. tails. That’s because I get extra protein ..
it’ll just be more nutritious. The nutrients are bound with phytic acid or so,
and by sprouting they are freed,
and extra minerals and nutrients are available. It also tastes really well! Then I have some rabbit food. For rabbit power!
You’ll see later on what I’m doing with that. Then some tofu and sheep cheese. You can see I have protein, carbohydrates
and lots of fiber. What’s missing for now is fat, we’ll get to that:
On one hand I’ll prepare the oven vegetables with some .. lots of olive oil on the other hand there’s a point that’s especially helpful for us women, again about fats. Now we’ll start cutting. The bowl with the vegetables is full now. That’s always my rule of thumb:
If the bowl is full it’s a good sign
it’s going to be a big meal. I’ll add a whole lot of olive oil
and mix everything up. Then I’ll put it into the oven. I’ll have a look at how long it’ll be in the oven
I’m not sure right now. I’ll check it once in a while
but I guess it’ll be 20 to 25 minutes. Quick time check:
I’ve been prepping for 10 minutes. And think that’s not too long.
The other things will be ready soon. Very important for the oven vegetables
that I still have to do: A taste highlight: I’ll add some onions
that I’m quickly going to peel. They’ll be added,
it’s just very tasty! As you can see I’m doing big chunks
not because I’m lazy (well maybe) But the main reason is because I like it a lot when you still can take a bite
and have something to chew on. I add some more oil .. because it soaks up a lot. And you can’t have enough oil! It already looks awesome ..
and now we’ll put it into the oven! About ten minutes before I take it out the veggies
I’ll add the sheep cheese in small chunks. That’s super awesome, you’ll see! I’m doing different boxes
otherwise I’d be eating the same twice a day that’s why I’m preparing tofu. I’m not always preparing everything
if I want to eat pasta
– they are much tastier when they’re fresh. Maybe on one day I’ll cook some pasta
and add that. I’m flavoring the tofu with asian spices so I can do one box that’s more Asia style flavor. At the end I’m adding to each box different toppings. We can add the rabbit food,
this is purselane, some kind of salad. also with lots of nutrients
and the sprouted buckwheat. I … do a lot of sprouts,
this is a glass with mung beans. and some strange “fitness mix” These will need a few more days to be ready,
then you can also add them. Finally .. also an important ingredient
I have with almost every meal .. .. so called seeds. Sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, flaxseed and pumpkin seeds. But – and this is the message to all the girls –
I don’t have all of them at the same time. But I follow the principle of “seed cycling”
maybe you’ve heard it before. So depending on the female cycle
you combine different seeds and support the production of female hormones. That’s really good and
I’ve had some great results with it. In the first two weeks of the cycle
the estrogen rises. To support that production you need
pumpkin seeds and flaxseed. And in the second half you mix sunflower and sesame. I’m in the second half
so I’ll prepare sunflower and sesame seeds. which I’ll just scatter over everything. The major part of the work is done,
and I’m surprised myself it took only 31 minutes to prepare everything.
The oven vegetables is still baking. Quinoa and lentils are ready,
tofu is in the oven, sheep cheese will be added
all the toppings have been prepared. I’ve upgraded my boxes to glass
after my community told me that my plastic boxes didn’t cut it any more. You’re completely right but
I had bought them so why throw them away? But I’m slowly switching over,
and it’s cool and also tastes better. So they just have to be filled and then
we’ll have a look at the results. The food is ready!
I took the veggies out of the oven, added the sheep cheese. I’ve seasoned with salt, pepper and a bit of tumeric. I don’t use a lot of salt since my salt poisoning on Hawaii. Quinoa is ready, lentils are ready,
tofu is ready, as said I’ve used Asian spices. I also have some red beets,
and a bunch of toppings. And now I’ll just prepare one box
as I would for a nice meal. That’s how I’ll do the other boxes as well. Just use different mixes, maybe I’ll add more quinoa,
when I need more carbs for a session. Maybe I’ll do one with a bit less
to eat when I don’t need as much. Add … some … sprouts. Add some of this on top. Some of the green stuff. And some hummus. E voila!
Done! Following the same principle I’ll fill the other ones. I hope that was interesting for you
to see what I combine please write in the comments below
what you are doing
and if it was interesting or not. I’d also like to do a sweet food prep soon
because you’ll know that I really like sweet things. And I often prep sweet meals
that I like to eat during the day. And if you like this video, I’ll show some more. I’m going to enjoy one box now,
because I’ve gotten real hungry while cooking! Thanks for watching and see you next time!


27 thoughts on “Gesunde Ernährung im Triathlon | Food-Prep + wertvoller Tipp für Frauen”

  • Nach vielen Jahren, in denen ich mich für meinen Bürojob morgens beim Bäcker mit Allerlei Weißmehlprodukten versorgt habe, bin ich auf Foodprep umgestigen. Resultat: Kochen gerlent, pflanzenbasierte Ernährung angewöhnt (6/7 Tagen die Woche vegetarisch/vegan), viel mehr Energie, reine Haut bekommen. War ein voller Erfolg. Und auf Glasbehälter steige ich auch noch um…

  • Felix C. E. Vogel says:

    Hi Laura, cooles Video! Kleiner Tipp: Du hattest ja kurz Nudeln angesprochen. Frisch gekocht sind sie vielleicht leckerer, von den Inhaltsstoffen bilden sich jedoch beim Abkühlen und erneut Aufwärmen sogenannte resistente Stärkemoleküle. Wenn mich nicht alles täuscht haben diese dann ein erhöhtes Energielevel und halten länger satt. Da gibt es auch schon Gutes in der Fachliteratur drüber zu lesen 🙂

  • Holger Brinkermann says:

    Sieht echt total lecker aus 👁️👁️☝️👍☀️💯🥗🌺Last es euch schmecken liebe Grüsse Holger 💯 Kaft

  • Heute Abend bei mir Zuhause. Meine Freundin kommt ins Wohnzimmer und fragt ob ich morgen Quinoa mit gebratenen Gemüse machen kann. 3Min später Oh Laura Philipp hat ein neues Video hochgeladen. 😂

  • Sascha Döbler says:

    Super Coole Idee, da ich in Schichtdienst arbeite und nebenbei dann auch viel Trainiere.Hab dann auch immer häufig nicht genug Zeit um mein Essen jeden Abend oder morgens vorzubereiten.Das teste ich gleich mal aus.

  • Hi Laura! Ich fand das Video super interessant und würde mich freuen mehr davon zu sehen. Von seed cycling have ich tatsächlich noch nie gehört. Werde ich mir gleich näher anschauen! Danke!

  • Henning Gröffel says:

    Hey Laura! Danke für das tolle Video! Besonders den Tipp mit dem Buchweizen fand ich super interessant. Ich benutze Buchweizen sonst nur für mein Granola. Gern mehr davon 🙂

  • Sonja Banf-Bromm says:

    Liebe Laura! Ich freue mich auf jedes Video von dir! Das war klasse, ich übe mich auch in meal pro, versuche aber mehr einzelne Sachen vorzubereiten und dann noch frisches dazu zu nehmen. Ganz ähnlich wie bei dir, nur mische ich es al Gusto 😄
    Ich hoffe, es geht dir gut!
    Du wirkst ungewöhnlich gestresst.
    Kein Wunder, vielleicht trainieren wir in diesem Jahr alle umsonst. 😄( was bei meinen Zeiten irrelevant ist 😄)
    Alles Liebe und Gute!
    Hoffentlich nicht

  • Hannes Niederbrunner says:

    Hallo,sie sind ja profi sportlerin,müssen sie selbst kochen oder würde ihnen auch ein koch zur seite gestellt werden

  • Sehr cooles Video. Danke! Das Züchten der Sprossen ist ja ein bisschen tricky, wegen der Hygiene. Wie gehst du da vor, wenn ich fragen darf? Wie oft spülst du die Kulturen?

  • Super!!! Genial!!! Sehr gesund und gibt Power!!
    Und bitte Umwelt ist der eine Punkt, aber wichtiger ist, dass Plastik Weichmacher hat und durch Wärme, Sonnenlicht und andere Situationen wieder freigesetzt werden… Die ja bekanntlich Krebserregend, Hormonhaushaltstörent und allgemein Gesundheitsschädlich sind.. Gut das Du auf Glas wechselst!!! LG an alle Deine Lieben

  • Katrin Kroschinski says:

    SUPER VIDEO. Vielen lieben Dank fürs posten. Ganz besonders interessant die Geschichte für uns Ladies, kann man das irgendwo nachlesen? LG

  • Alle 90 Tage sind drei Namensänderungen zulässig. says:

    Finde das mega toll das du uns so ein guten Einblick in deine Ernährung gibst.
    Solche Videos sind echt Sehenswert .

    Vielen Dank!

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