Ginger Adrak How To Plant And Grow in Pots at home

Ginger is said to be healthiest food in world If you are also fond of ginger then….. Stay with this video till end Soon you will know How you can also easily grow ginger In pots at your home I will also tell a tip for preparing soil mix for ginger After watching this video You can also easily grow ginger in pots After watching this video comment and tell about your experience Which season is best for growing ginger? If you live in tropical reason then…. Month of May or June is best for growing ginger If you are growing in cooler region then… Spring season is best for growing ginger You can harvest ginger after 8 to 10 months When you grow ginger just remember growing season So that you can harvest maximum gingers from pots As you are watching on your screen This fertilizer is necessary for growing ginger You have to use balanced compost of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium You can also use neem cake For taking good harvest use seaweed extract Give this fertilizer after every 6 – 8 weeks in pots If you also use fish emulsion then You can get good harvest of ginger As you are noticing these are rhizomes of ginger You can see sprouting has already started in it When you grow ginger in pot Select good quality of rhizome which has sprouted Ginger plant will grow fast by using this Pot is ready with soil mix I have dig soil You can check video related to making soil mix Special type of soil mix is prepared for growing ginger Engrave rhizome two inches deep in pot soil and cover it Spacing of rhizome depends upon size of pot This pot is circular in shape Diameter of this pot is 24 inches I will engrave rhizome at spacing of 4 inches If you want to take more harvest For use at your home Then grow ginger in few more pots By growing in many pots you will get regular supply You can use it fresh or…. If you have large harvest then you can dry it and make powder for using in future I have grown rhizome in few more pots I will show update how this will grow in pots After few days you will see leaves growing After few more months ginger will be ready for consumption After growing rhizome you can also keep pot in shade May be your home have such place? And you wish to grow some thing there If there is no proper sunlight at your house Then nothing to worry You can keep pot in shade after growing ginger As ginger is among those plant which thrives well in shade When you select pot for growing ginger Take a good size pot As I have taken circular pot of 24 inch diameter And height or depth of this pot is 12 inches Whenever you select pot for growing ginger Give care for selecting pot; specially depth select a pot which has depth of 12 inches minimum If you select more depth then it is good Ginger plant will get more depth for spreading And you will get good production of ginger in pot After 10 days of engraving ginger rhizomes As you are noticing leaves have started growing You are watching on screen I have grown 6 rhizomes in pot Each ginger rhizome has grown Center one has also started developing leaves As you may notice leaves are growing nicely Ginger plant will grow more There is some more time for maturing I will show how it grows You can also grow ginger easily in pots at home There is one more specialty of ginger plant You can grow ginger in low sunshine or in shade too Even at place where sunlight reaches less Many people are interested in gardening But they do not start gardening as… ample sunlight does not reaches in their home For good growth of plant 6 to 7 hour sunlight is needed But ginger is among that plant which can be harvested in low sunlight or in shade Your house may have many regions where there is not ample sunlight May be location or orientation of your house is such that No continues sunlight reaches for 5 to 6 hours Ginger is a plant which can be grown in low sunlight or in shade Ginger grows nicely in indirect sunlight too You can easily take harvest of ginger in pots too at home Now it is more than 45 days As you are watching ginger is growing nicely Ginger plant has attained a height of 18 inches There is some more time to take production It nearly takes more than 8 months to take harvest After that duration you can harvest and use it It is very simple to grow ginger in pots You can also easily grow in pots at your home And use world healthiest organic food at home in many recipes I hope you will like this method of growing ginger in pot After watching this video you will grow ginger easily in pots Before that subscribe and share this video with other gardening enthusiastic Do not forget to hit like Thanks for staying till last Always be happy and enjoy gardening


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