Healthy Food Hacks to Indulge Without the Bulge

Healthy Food Hacks to Indulge Without the Bulge

Before the break we were talking about eating healthy. Well, that can often mean going without some of your favorite foods. Well, that all ends today. We’ve got a few healthy hacks to help you indulge without the bulge. (audience cheers and claps) Poetry, Dr. Nita you are up, start us off. Alright, so the first thing in your kitchen that may be causing problems with your waistline will be your coffee creamer. If you look at coffee creamer, main ingredients include things like sugar, oil and water, and one tablespoon of coffee creamer is 35 calories. So a healthy alternative is going to be unsweetened cashew milk. You only have about two to three calories per tablespoon. Wanna give it a try? Yeah! Sure, and I have made the switch to unsweetened soy milk, which I’ve been doing for a while now. Now if I try one of those creamers it’s like, It’s like a glucose tolerance test. It’s like your body is going what is that? It’s so sweet. Well, cheers to everyone. And I just did what most people probably do. That’s a good batch of brew. I didn’t measure it. So I said that, one tablespoon of the normal creamer is 35 cal. Who really measures their creamer? Anybody? We have one person. (laughing) I go by the color. Yeah right. Don’t you? Total color. Color and I think consistency too. I add creamer just cause I like it to be a little richer and a little thicker. A little heavier yeah. When I drink it. Yeah consistency color. That doesn’t taste bad. I like it. It actually really tastes fine. So I think when you hear about unsweetened cashew milk you get a little nervous, Yeah. As to whether it’s gonna taste normal. It actually tastes great. You know what goes great really well with coffee? Tell us. Cupcakes. (audience cheers) And I want to know why you have four cupcakes Jorge and we have none? (laughing) So Dr. Jorge hoarding all the cupcakes over there. There has to be a reason. Yeah well everything goes good with cupcakes but the best part of the cupcake for a lot of us is the frosting. And people say nobody eats frosting alone. I eat frosting alone. Of course you do. Right? After you make it scoop the bowl. So you know the frosting that you get in the supermarket is great but it’s hydrogenated oils and fats, which are probably the worst part, lots of preservatives alright, and then just lots of fat and sugar lots and lots of sugar. So there is a healthier way of making your own frosting. So bear with me cause at first it sounds a little unusual. But if you take sweet potato puree, and there’s a reason they call it sweet potato cause it’s sweet. Right? And just mix it with bittersweet chocolate and turn it into your own frosting you got a pretty delicious frosting. So wanna try it? Yeah probably delicious. So you are gonna try it You are gonna share those cupcakes. I am gonna share my cupcakes, but I wanna try the frosting as well I think that’s the key. You’re just gonna dive right in there huh? Why not? Yes. Right? May I have a spoon? Thank you. Don’t insult me I have to like try it. Gee, He’s just eating his frosting alone. (everyone laughing) Weren’t we just talking about… Moderation is key. Fatty liver. This is actually pretty good, it tastes almost like brown sugar. You know, listen… That’s real good! It is very good, I could I could get into this. Not to sweet but it’s really tasty and chocolatey. Sweet potato and, And chocolate. And chocolate wow. Actually that is really good. Yeah. Nita? What d’ya think? It’s cool. It’s not that good like… (audience laughs) Could we make it better with a little whipped cream or what? Or something. I mean I feel I feel as though, you’re being a little exaggerated. I am not. It’s not bad though. I could live on that, You could live on that? I could, I could. You could live on that? Alright I couldn’t live on it but I could subside. Oh I could make that switch easily. And you can fine tune it. Some of the tweaks on this is if just the sweet potato and the dark chocolate enough are not going to be sufficient for you you can add some vanilla extract, you can add… Nice. Now we’re talking. Agave you can, you can, you can kind of tailor it to your taste. Yeah. I think this would be really great for somebody who likes a less sweet more dark chocolate, but I think if you like a little sweeter, more similar to a store bought you could add a little bit. She’s from Louisiana she likes her flavors to pop! I know! You have a very particular palate. That’s not the way they cook down in Louisiana. No. Guess what? It’s cocktail time! (audience cheering) Dr. B what are you serving? So I think a lot of us after a really busy day like maybe one cocktail at the end of the day I know I do. I know we’ve been talking about the liver we will say in moderation for sure, as an LA girl I love a good margarita. One of the things that adds a lot of calories to margaritas is actually the mixers. So if you buy a pre mixed margarita mix it’s going to be about 230 calories just for the margarita mix. And so sometimes people say well I’ll do juice instead I’ll try this. One serving of pineapple juice is 133 calories. So, so quite a lot of extra sugar extra calories in there. So one really healthy do it yourself margarita is actually just to take lime juice. So you take three tablespoons of lime juice, one and a half tablespoons of orange juice, you mix it in with a little bit of honey or agave and then one and a half ounces of your favorite silver tequila that’s 100 percent agave. And that makes a pretty excellent margarita that’s a lot less sugar, a lot less calories. The whole thing including the alcohol it’s 145 calories. That’s that’s that’s a, That’s a big difference. So less than the mixer alone. That’s a good drink. Yeah so just back to basics. Alright salud. Cheers.


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