Healthy Food Tips : How to Manage Food Portions

One of the leading causes of obesity in this
country is that portions have grown way out of control. Most people don’t even know what
a real portion is. What I’m going to do, is I’m going to draw on this plate for you what
your portions should be when you’re at home. If you’re out at a restaurant, you may want
to immediately cut your food in half and ask for a to-go box for the other half. We are
going to first divide the plate in half. This top part is going to be a cup of your vegetables.
Then we are going to divide the bottom half into two more halves. This will be your 3
ounces of meat or grilled chicken or fish. This will be a1/2 cup of your grains, whether
it’s pasta or rice or beans. Those are the portions you should really be concerned with.
Just to let you know, an average apple or orange should be the size of a tennis ball.
A potato should be the size of a computer mouse. Three ounces of grilled meat is the
size of a deck of cards, three ounces of grilled fish is the size of a checkbook. So, remember
your portions.


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